EVBox commits to 1 million charging stations for electric cars up to 2025

EVBox commits to 1 million charging stations for electric cars up to 2025-commits

EvBox announced on Friday yesterday that one of the globally leading manufacturers of charging stations for electric cars and associated software, it is obliged to deliver 1 million charging stations for electric cars by 2025. This alignment was proclaimed by Kristof Vereenooghe, Ceo of Evbox, as part of the Global Climate Action Summit, which of 12. Until 14. September in San Francisco (USA) took place. The Global Climate Action Summit brought over 5.000 Global thinkers, nations, cities and companies together. As a goal, it has been set to produce a deeper obligation to result in even more global measures against climate change.

“… but there is still hope, because many countries, cities, and companies reinforce their efforts through bans of vehicles with internal combustion engines and investment in electrical mobility. At Evbox, we are ready and capable of accelerating electrical mobility in global proportions – about it as a company, we commit to 1 million charging stations until 2025. An ambitious goal, but high ambitions are essential if we want to turn the leaf.”- Kristof Vereenooghe, Ceo of Evbox

Stand today, the Evbox now has over 60.000 installed charging stations – including 700 fast charging stations. Increasing up to a million charging stations in 2025 appears excessively ambitious – this corresponds to an increase of more than 1500% in seven years. However, there are several reasons why Evbox is not only committed, but also confident this goal is to be able to achieve:

  • The worldwide sales of electric cars increases continuously and exponentially. BNEF predictions show sales of electric cars, which rise from a record of 1.1 million worldwide in 2017 to 11 million in 2025, which will be over 30 million electric cars on the streets.
  • Demand for charging stations will increase together with the sales for electric cars. California alone will be up to 279.000 charging stations until 2025 need to comply with state goals, according to the California Energy Commission. Global is expected to demand at least 20 million charging stations in private, commercial and commercial sectors by 2025, according to inquiries from BNEF and GTM.
  • Scale effects show their effects as electric cars and associated accessories (Z.B. Charging accessories) are becoming increasingly affordable (due to decreasing battery prices). This reduces the cost of charging stations at home, companies and cities.
  • Evbox continues to expand its portfolio (now the full range of 3,7-350 kW is offered with AC and DC loading) and is growing rapidly through new partnerships to develop millions of competitive charging stations up to 2025 efficiently and cost-effectively, and to produce as standard.

From the point of view of Evbox, you would like to work together with any country, every company, every city or even private individuals who have the same values and want to reduce CO2 emissions. The company undertakes to promote electrical mobility in the global scale, as is visible in collaboration with leading cities and states in the field of emission reduction such as California, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

“All citizens of Rotterdam earn a healthy and green city. Part of these are clean means of transport. To achieve this, we need the help of companies from the mobility industry. A good example of this is Evbox, which, along with Engie, provide charging stations for people to load their electric cars. Evbox also had the idea for the AED integration with their charging stations. This makes our city not only green, but also safer.”- Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam and delegate at the Global Climate Action Summit

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  1. I have not in my numbers to the charging station projects in Germany not yet in it. My investigation result in a secure stock of over 120.000 charging points up to 2021 – these are more than today gives tap taps for burners. (Ca. 110.000 at 14.782 Public. Petrol stations)

    Now there are significant numbers.

    There are certainly driving bans and there are certainly damages judgments and there is no combustion technology in the market, which guarantees compliance with today’s and future exhaust limits among all driving conditions.

    And the fixed limits are gross mischief from a medical point of view, as there is no study that identifies a harmless exhaust gas limit from combustion engines. Another dramatic tightening (even lower limit values) are already in view. And in the end is the regulation: 0 gr. CO2 and fine dust / km.


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