EVBox Group and Covestro make charging stations more sustainable

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EVBox Group and Covestro make charging stations more sustainable-group

EVBox, a well-known provider of flexible and scalable charging solutions for electric cars, and Covestro, a pioneer in polymer solutions, are working on a pilot project to ensure that more sustainable plastics are used in the production of electric car charging stations. Covestro’s innovative material solutions are designed to help the EVBox Group achieve its environmental goals while complying with industry regulations.

The EVBox Group and Covestro can already look back on a ten-year partnership in the manufacture of charging stations. This relationship has continued to strengthen over the past few years as the EVBox Group has always worked to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Covestro has proven to be a trustworthy partner, providing not only reliable material solutions but also testing and validation support.

In the early stages of the polycarbonate value chain, ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified hydrocarbons from renewable sources are now used. With this process, Covestro can switch the starting material for the production of polycarbonates from purely fossil resources to renewable alternatives.

The EVBox Group now wants to use these more sustainable plastics in production. Tests and pilot projects are currently being carried out with the more sustainable polycarbonate material Makrolon RE to determine the extent to which it can be used in production. The new polycarbonate could hold the key to producing charging stations for electric cars made from more sustainable plastics.

Sustainable mission, sustainable products

Plastics are still synonymous with fossil raw materials and have to meet strict standards when manufacturing charging stations for electric cars. Sustainable materials used in the charging industry are now required to meet UL certifications. With Covestro’s new production process, which replaces fossil raw materials with renewable ISCC Plus-certified sources (such as residual fats and vegetable oils), the EVBox Group can produce charging stations with less impact on the environment.

The plastics used in the pilot production of the charging station follow a mass-compatible approach to ensure that the sustainable proportion of Makrolon-based plastic parts accounts for at least 50 percent of all plastic used. The entire process will continue to comply with the strict regulations of the charging industry.

“The EVBox Group develops charging solutions for electric vehicles with the future of our planet in mind and I am pleased that we can take sustainability a step further,” says Wijnand Diemer, Senior Director in Product Management at EVBox Group. “Not only do we provide charging infrastructure for electric cars, we can now also manufacture this infrastructure with next-generation plastics, which are predominantly made from renewable sources and reduce the carbon footprint of our products.”

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