EVBox: On the cutting edge – Focus on charging trends

EVBox: On the cutting edge - Focus on charging trends-evbox

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EVBox, a manufacturer of charging solutions for e-cars, has been dedicated to charging solutions for electric vehicles since 2010. Since then, thousands of companies around the world have been helped to introduce electromobility. But above all the statement that one million charging points are to be provided by 2025 makes one sit up and take notice. Reason enough for electric car news.net Hermann Winkler, Regional Director DACH of EVBox, to our podcast.

In the current episode, we spent a good 25 minutes discussing the topic of charging with Mr. Winkler. The main focus here was on the topic of home charging, which, driven by the KfW funding in recent years, has significantly shaped the business of EVBox in the DACH region. Despite the end of funding for wall boxes, business is going well. This may be due to the fact that they not only specialize in AC charging stations (wall boxes), but also DC chargers (quick charging points) and the appropriate software solutions. And yet Mr. Winkler makes it clear that the home shop is of particular importance.

So strong that he can well imagine that wallbox manufacturers, the automotive industry, OEMs and, above all, end customers would benefit from renewed funding for wallboxes. Simply to give further impetus to the growth of e-mobility. It is particularly important for e-drivers to start with a little more budget and buy a future-proof wall box. Keywords: Communicative, own electricity meter, updateable. The Regional Director DACH of EVBox elaborates on all these thoughts in a joint discussion. The topic of software is also not neglected. For good reason!

Towards the end, Mr. Winkler also explains why sockets are not a good solution in the long run if you want to charge your own electric car. At least if you don’t have a serious interest in having negative effects on your own house, garage, etc. has. We also touched on bidirectional charging, although it quickly becomes clear here that the wall box manufacturers can and want to. However, the basis for bidirectional charging must first be created by European or German law.

The topic of charging hubs in urban areas was also an issue. Because not everyone has the opportunity to charge at home. With the EVBox Troniq Modular fast charging station, the company also offers the right charging solution in this area. This can be used to charge from 90 kW to 240 kW. The fact that you can start at the lower end and then scale up with increasing interest in your own charging park was exciting. Within a few minutes, a technician can increase the charging capacity from 90 kW to a peak of up to 240 kW.

But to be honest, in this episode, too, you should listen and experience first-hand what EVBox has planned for the coming years. So much can be revealed, the targeted one million charging points are within reach. as of 31.12.In 2021, it finally reached over 300.000 installed charging points.

You are also welcome to e-mail me with questions about e-mobility that concern you in everyday life. The answer to this may also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, about criticism, comments and Co. I’m happy of course. So feel free to contact us, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And of course I’m also very happy about a positive rating from the podcast provider of your choice! thank you.

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