Even regional charging tariffs can convince

Even regional charging tariffs can convince-regional

Regional tariff offers of municipal utilities and energy suppliers offer advantageous charging conditions for little driver. These showed the top tariffs of the comparative analysis of mobile charging current tariffs 2021, reports the MartSearch company EupD Research. The leading riders therefore convince with favorable charging prices, despite high charging network coverage, green electricity warranty at the self-operated charging columns and additional charging comfort. In the variety of the offer includes tariffs of Enviam, Lichtblick, Stadtwerke Duren and Energy Supply Mittelrhein to the top charging current rates 2021.

As a test vehicle for the profile of “little drivers” EUPD Research served the Renault Zoe. He is one of the most popular purely electrically powered cars (BEV) in Germany. In the first half of 2021, 9322 copies were admitted to Germany’s streets. For the investigation, an annual driving performance of 5000 kilometers was adopted. This type driver should therefore be mostly regionally on the road and often locally local.

Exact 383 mobile charging current rates were analyzed in this year’s issue of the “Comparative Analysis of Mobile Charging Tropes 2021” study, says in a message from the Bonn consulting house. In this year’s tariff comparison for little driver sting, among other tariffs of the energy supply Mittelrhein, Enviam, Lichtblick and Stadtwerke Duren.

The energy supply Mittelrhein (EVM) issues a monthly terminable emamp card, which bills the amount of electricity per loading process. In addition, a monthly basic fee will be charged. In addition to the EVM charging columns, more than 5200 charging points and over 30.000 stations throughout Europe quickly and always loaded at the same price. The loading with green electricity is guaranteed at the EVM charging columns in and around Koblenz.

With the “driving stream” Tariff of LiCliftblick can be done at over 100.000 public partner charges in Europe-free climate-neutral, at uniform prices and as electricity to be particularly advantageous kWh conditions are loaded. However, additional blocking fees fall from a certain parking time. The contract can be terminated with a notice period of four weeks to the end of the month. The charging columns are activated by means of a light spot driving current charging card or driving current app.

The tariff “My Autostrom” by Enviam offers the possibility to load over 2500 charging stations nationwide on the road. The customer is available to the entire shop network of Enviam, Innogy and the associated eroaming partners. Accounted at AC Laden after kilowatt hour and at the DC load with a flat rate. The first contract period is six months. Then a monthly extension takes place. Enviam guarantees power to 100 percent of renewable energies at the self-operated charging columns.

With the “SWD-EMobilfan A” tariff of Stadtwerke Duren, fast shop is enabled at all E-charging columns in Duren and over 4000 Innogy charging columns nationwide. Ecostrom is guaranteed at the SWD charging columns in Duren. Transparent charged the charged amounts of electricity at AC loading with a cheap kWh price and the DC load settled as a flat rate. The first contract period is six months and is then continued monthly.

The comparison analysis of mobile charging current rates 2021 is the third edition of the study of EUPD Research. Conclusion of project manager Christine Koch: “Regional tariff offers are mainly worthwhile when it is mainly regional, in their own catchment area, charged and a warranty for the relation of green electricity, because in roaming this is not guaranteed.”

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  1. I find the loading chaos deterrent and I understand that too, just because I have been traveling with a BEV for almost 5 years. With bright spot it will not be better, not even with the post of advertising texts.

    Why does nobody manage to make the loading of e-cars just as easy to refuel on the petroleum: without load card, without contract, without any preparation?
    Just drove, load and pay, for my sake with EC or credit card. Technically, this would have long been possible, because almost all charging columns can read cards. However, the Tesla solution would be even easier: infect the charging column recognizes the car and it is deducted.

    And why are the prices not excellent? At each gas station hang great panels with the fuel price. At the charging column I can not even find the prices with the magnifying glass. They appear only with the debit.
    Is the price distinguishing ordinance be paid out for charging columns?
    Nobody needs to be surprised that many burners of e-mobility are still skeptical.
    Mr. Altmaier and Mr. Scheuer: Finally bring order to this charging chaos about that for years talked and written, but not really what is being done! The energy industry does not manage that.


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