Evergrande Hengchi 5 starts production despite the crisis

Evergrande Hengchi 5 starts production despite the crisis-crisis

Evergrande Auto, the e-car division of the heavily indebted Evergrande Group, is known to intend to continue with its plans to produce electric cars. Despite the undeniable massive liquidity crisis of its own parent company. On the contrary, Evergrande‘s focus on the e-mobility division will be strengthened. The start of production of the Hengchi 5, an electric SUV, gives impetus to the brand’s plans.

Evergrande Auto announced the start of production of the e-SUV on the short message service Weibo. A short video clip gives a glimpse into the factory in Tianjin where the e-SUV is being built. The color of the first model 00001 in turquoise is the same as the Stromer from the title photo of this article. It was not foreseeable that Evergrande Auto would succeed in sticking to its own plans, even overtaking them a little in terms of time. Because not only the financial situation of the Evergrande Group was not good.

Also the Hengchi 5. After the e-vehicle was able to complete its registration process in November, it disappeared from the list again in December. Not a good omen at first glance. But now the electric SUV with a length of 4.73 meters has made it into production. However, technical data has so far been sparsely scattered. It is only known that the power should be 150 kW. It is priced from the equivalent of 27.400 euros off.

Now we can wait and see how sales and further production of the Stromer will develop. The original plan was for Evergrande Auto to become the world’s leading electric car group in terms of size and competitiveness within the next three to five years. We remember August 2020, when the Chinese company, known to some as the owner of the Saab successor NEVS and the main shareholder of the electric car start-up Faraday Future, presented six new electric car models of its Hengchi brand. In 2020, it was also announced that the company is developing 14 electric cars under the Hengchi brand, covering major passenger car segments including sedans, sport utility vehicles and MPVs. There is also an update for this.

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