Evergrande plans with five million electric cars within ten years

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Evergrande plans with five million electric cars within ten years-years

As is known, the Chinese real estate reaper Evergrande in the future mixes the world market for electric cars. The lead subsidiary Evergrande New Energy Automobile Group has now clearly presented this by signing strategic agreements with the FEV Group, EDAG and IAV Group as well as Austria’s AVL and Canada Magna. The aim is to bring five million electric cars to the street within ten years.

It has not been made less than within the next three to five years to become the world’s largest electric car company. Long term, within the next ten years you want to produce and sell five million electric cars. There should be 8.000 experts and specialists are set. As early as June, the company announced the massive investment of $ 23 billion in the production of a million electric cars and 500 GWh batteries per year.

Planned are 15 electric car models, which should be newly developed. According to its own statement, these are ranging from ultra-luxury, over luxury to the middle class. Evergrande calls the cooperation itself a “milestone”. To sign the strategic agreements, the pending persons of the respective companies were headquarters in the Group in South China Shenzhen.

Evergrande: Step by step to e-auto giant

In mid-January 2019, Evergrande seemed to have a little change and made the next investment in an electric car start-up. Evergrande has taken over the majority of NEVs, the fully electric successor of Saab at this time. Furthermore, you entered Cenat New Energy at the beginning of February.

There Evergrande pages to increase the annual production capacities over the next ten years to increase 60 GWh. The entry into Cenat New Energy has been decided because you want to have the entire value chain of the E-car in hand.

In addition, Evergrande has established a new company in January, which is the name Evergrande Smart Charging Technology and will be active in the field of charging infrastructure.

The future partners of the emerging automotive giant comes from all conceivable areas of the automotive industry. For this you can count automotive research, technology and construction, including the areas of suspension, powertrain, electrical electronic architecture, vehicle integration and interior.

They also have experience from building vehicles, components and parts for manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota and Ford.

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  1. I wonder where the raw materials should come in the long term. Where they come from now, tremendous environmental damage has been recorded. Of child labor is also the speech. How environmentally conscious are these vehicle buyers actually. Rather sinners for me.


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