Every third vehicle delivered by Toyota is a hybrid car

Every third vehicle delivered by Toyota is a hybrid car-delivered

When it comes to partially electric hybrid cars, Toyota is at the forefront, but the company is currently holding back when it comes to purely electric vehicles and relies on hydrogen cars for long-distance use. Looking at the European market in 2016, deliveries of Toyota hybrid cars increased by 45 percent compared to the previous year – which, by the way, was a record year for the company in terms of hybrid cars.

In 2016, the company now controls almost 300.000 hybrid vehicles sold per year or 821 vehicles per day. Pretty sporty. If this number is reached, then every third car that Toyota sells would be equipped with an alternative drive.

At its own premium subsidiary Lexus, sales of hybrid vehicles are even higher. Since the beginning of the year, more than 28.700 vehicles delivered, which equates to 61% of total sales. Especially for Western Europe, this sales rate is even 98%. By 2020, every second Toyota or Lexus sold will be a part-time electric vehicle with a combustion engine and an electric motor. Wouldn’t be surprised if Toyota and Lexus easily match those numbers.

“I’m happy that hybrid propulsion is catching on if customers have the opportunity to experience it in comparison to diesel and petrol. Especially in Germany, there are very car-intended and well informed customers who will also inspire the reliability of our hybrid engines in addition to driving dynamics and efficiency.– Tom Fux, Germany boss Toyota

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