“Everybody in”: GM starts introduction of EV component kits

Following its vision of a world without accidents, without emissions and without congestion, General Motors has announced its strategy to make its electric car technologies and components such as electric motors and batteries available for a wide range of different applications – for example for the electrification of classic cars , construction machinery and boats.

This approach should enable the automaker to expand its reach to a larger, more diverse group of commercial customers and help other companies meet the growing demand for zero-emission technology – while meeting their own sustainability goals.

“GM has a strategy and network of integrators and co-development agreements to apply a wide range of components and solutions to a wide range of customers and applications,” said Travis Hester, GM vice president of Electric Vehicle Growth operations. GM is reflected from the undertaking additional revenue potential: the company estimates that the addressable overall market for electrification components could be in the range of $ 20 billion (about 18 billion euros), as a growing number of industries introduces their own emission reduction targets or. have to introduce.

Which e-auto component sets GM wants to introduce:

Chevy Performance and Aftermarket: The Coming Electric Connect and Cruise Ecrate Package is an opportunity for GM to expand its e-auto technology on the aftermarket and enable customers to work with qualified installers through the ESDM program (electrical special vehicle modifiers). These replace the program’s traditional internal combustion engine through a fully electric drive system. GM’s proven proof-of-concept electric conversions include the E-10 pickup, the K-5 Blazer-E SUV, the eCOPO Camaro sports car, and the Project X electric hot-rod, developed in collaboration with the eCrate Solutions Group developed by Cagnazzi Racing. GM also offers an eCrate package for the 1972 El Camino SS, shown in the article image. Customers should be able to approach the manufacturer with conversion requests as early as 2022.

GM Powered Solutions: GM Powered Solutions will be in the industry with the introduction of tailor-made electrical component kits for construction machinery, on- and off-highway vehicles and special vehicles. Under the catchphrase Ground support equipment In a strategic cooperation with Textron Ground Support Equipment, GM wants to electrify airport and apron vehicles in the aviation sector, such as baggage and cargo tractors. In addition, GM has with marine propulsion Keeping an eye on boat and marine traffic: In addition to supporting existing GM Marine customers, the strategic investment in Seattle-based electric watercraft company Pure Watercraft represents an opportunity to bring EV technology to the marine industry. Together, the two companies aim to develop and commercialize battery-powered electric watercraft to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

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1 thought on ““Everybody in”: GM starts introduction of EV component kits”

  1. Perhaps the old OEMs over here should concentrate on their old core competencies:
    to produce high-volume, affordable models again.

    Where is the Beetle or the Golf, which has unchallengedly led the list of registrations in Germany for years?

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, VW lost almost 1/3 of its former production figures between 2019 and 2021 – the iD3 could not replace the Golf as planned.

    In China, VW once again had to correct its forecast downwards!

    – In the 3 most important automotive markets, German manufacturers in the BEV sector are increasingly losing market share to China and the USA.

    We can all look forward to the annual sales figures for 2021 !!!

    Just 1 example;
    According to Mr. Bloch, the BMW iX announced last year is a really great car – but the problem is that the iX 50, i.e. the 111kWh battery, will not be available until 2023.

    With the small battery I can pull the really good trailer load of 2500kg but hardly 150km – stupid if the horse has to go to a tournament.

    Why doesn’t the German finally get his e-Kombi?

    When will service providers such as welfare centers and pizza delivery people get the e-Up or something similar back??

    When will people finally wake up in this country and start wondering that the demand is greater than expected?

    Instead, we always hear how many great models will be launched by 2025 or 2030 should!

    And on top of all the inability to finally deliver the vehicles they wanted, the old OEMs got bogged down by wanting to electrify an old pickup or a Camaro or even want to enter the construction machinery or boat market – really now??

    Finally give ELECTRICITY !!!

    otherwise the e-motor will unfortunately continue to turn without you in the future!


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