Evum celebrates series start of the versatile E-transporter ACAR

Evum celebrates series start of the versatile E-transporter ACAR-evum

Since the end of last year, the production of the electric transporter ACAR is running in series. The manufacturer Evum Motors is highly satisfied with the development and gives a small overview of the state of affection in a current message. According to this, the team in Bayerbach is working near the Lower Bavarian Landshut in full swing to bring the ordered vehicles to the street. With the purchase of an ACARs acquire each customer a sustainable green figurehead for his company.

A very emotional event is the delivery to prof. Dr. Lienkamp of the Technical University of Munich have been. His two then doctoral students Dr. Martin Soltes and Sascha Koberstaedt, the two founders of Evum Motors, handed him the key for the vehicle designed by his chair personally in the hand. “Of course I’m proud and look forward to my former doctoral students and founders of Evum that they managed to bring the ACAR into series. It took a few years to develop and prepare it. The success is in my opinion already huge now, “says prof. Dr. Lienkamp.

The Bavarian manufacturer of the Green Electric Engine vehicle works in addition to the production of vehicles continuously in the expansion of a Germany-wide dealer and service network. In January 2021 Evum won Baywa AG as the first partner. Since then, the company has been expanding the network with currently more than 90 locations in Germany as well as Switzerland, and wants to be represented in the future throughout Europe. Other dealer partners include Agravis Technik Raiffeisen, EMOBER Oberschwaben GmbH, Glatthaar EMB GmbH, KOGOTEC GmbH, Robert Aebi AG, Stematz GmbH, Udo ROck GmbH, W. Doormann + Kopplin GmbH & Co. Kg, becausemann AG and Weimer GmbH.

“We are overjoyed and proud to see the first ACARS at the customer and our trading partners after the development phase and production startup,” says Sascha Koberstaedt, founder and managing director of Evum Motors GmbH. “We take this extra momentum as an opportunity to further live and advance our quality promise and our values,” says Dr. Martin Soltes, also founder and managing director of Evum Motors. Evum Motors GmbH, which is founded from the research project of the Technical University of Munich, has its headquarters in Munich.

Evum celebrates series start of the versatile E-transporter ACAR-evumEvum
Thanks to its modular design, the robust and agile ACAR for transport tasks in commercial and industry, in agriculture and forestry or in municipal use is an equally environmentally friendly as well as economic solution. This is targeted to low complexity and maximum benefit developed concept is the crucial reason for the economy of the ACARS. So the ACAR requires only 48 volts voltage, on expensive high-voltage technique is omitted. Two motors with a total of 20 kW (27 hp) power are the basis for a permanent four-wheel drive drive. The ACAR can be loaded on each outlet and thus offers easy entry into the electromobility.

Since the ACAR does not produce any exhaust gases, it is also good for use in logistics. With a payload of up to 1000 kg and its attachment clutch it also handles larger loads. Approved in class N1, it is mobile with the normal car driver’s license. For the Agriculture and Forst, the permanent four-wheel drive offers a great advantage, especially the permanent four-wheel drive. The battery of the First Mover Edition with a capacity of 16.5 kWh allows ranges of up to 100 km. Optionally, the ACAR can also be equipped with the double range.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the ACAR can also support municipal tasks on sidewalks and parks very well. An integrated 230 Volt socket with up to 3 KW output power serves as a power source for electrical work tools such as hedge trimmer or saw. With a top speed of up to 70 km / h, the ACAR is optimally suitable for inner-city traffic.

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  1. Small e-trucks beautiful and good, but almost every trader needs more space on the loading area.

    Here the big manufacturer must have their 3.5-tonner (flatbed, suitcase, planes, etc.) With battery electrical drives, then this is a good thing for traders and environmental protection.

    Some manufacturers already offer battery electrical 3.5-tonner. With falling battery prices and weights, they are also cheaper and the payload increases. There are also lower maintenance costs compared to the diesel variant, so the sales figures are likely to increase vigorously in the future.


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