Exchange driver’s license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes

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Exchange driver’s license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes

Exchange driver's license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes-exchange

Site/Wochit They face a fine if you disregard the 01 information on your driver’s license

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The EU has prevailed: our driver’s licenses only apply for 15 years. What has been valid for the new ones will also be for the old ones "Rag" duty. That means: now old driver’s licenses have to be exchanged.

Driver’s licenses have had a best before date since March 2019. the "cardboard" will only be valid for 15 years in the future and then have to be extended at its own expense – this is how the EU pushed it through.

43 million driver’s licenses must be exchanged

Important: that "Expiry date" only applies to the document – the driver’s license itself does not fall. And: only driver’s licenses are affected that Before 19. January 2013 were exhibited.Despite the restriction, a total of 43 million people have to exchange their driver’s license. This has been known since 2016. But only with the publication in the Federal Law Gazette on 18. March 2019 the procedure was officially entered into force in Germany.

Who is affected by the exchange of driving license

The federal and state governments have decided to graduate. This is followed by the idea of the transport committee in the Federal Council. Two distinctions are made:

  • Driver’s licenses that Up to and including 31. December 1998 were exhibited – the year of birth of the driver’s license holder is decisive for the exchange date.
  • Driver’s licenses that From the 1. January 1999 (But before the 19. January 2013) were issued – here the year of the exhibition is relevant.
  • Driver’s licenses that After the 19. January 2013 have not been issued by the new regulation. You are only valid for 15 years.

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Very old drivers don’t have to exchange their driver’s license

By the way: People with born before 1953 are excluded from the early exchange. "This should save you to have to exchange your driver’s license, although due to age it is not certain whether you. January 2033 would like to make use of your driver’s license and need a further valid driver’s license", So the committee.

The list: Whoever is in 2022 with the tour of the driver’s license

The earliest exchanging date for driver’s licenses in Germany is 2022 – here it hits older drivers. Because up to 19. January 2022, all drivers who were born between 1953 and 1958 must have exchanged their driver’s license. At the beginning, the transport committee recommended that you start exchanging as early as 2021. In 2019 it was off the table.You can leave the most time if you have acquired the appearance in 2012 to 2013 – the key date will only be in 2033. When they are the exchange of exchange according to the current plans of the authorities, you can see in the following tables.

Driver’s licenses that up to and including 31. December 1998 have been issued

Exchange driver's license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes-license
Source: ADAC Exchange periods for driver’s licenses

Driver’s licenses that from 1. January 1999 have been issued

Exchange driver's license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes-exchange
Source: ADAC Exchange periods for driver’s licenses

Equalization in exchanges urgently needed

The reason for the peculiar staggering is that millions of drivers suddenly cut the door to the registration offices. "The division is based on estimates for the distribution of age. With the approximately 30 million from the 1. Card license issued in January 1999 is then switched to the exhibition year, since the exchange can then be made according to the age of the documents.By 2028 as many old leader certificates as possible should have been exchanged, since from this point on the driving licenses issued in 2013 must also lose their validity and be extended", the traffic committee in the Federal Council explains.Also interesting: Stumbling block for beginners – diarrhea rates are concerned: Driver of the drivers rattle in rows by testing

Which papers you need to exchange a driver’s license

You need only a few documents to exchange your driver’s license:

  • Biometric photo in size 35 x 45 mm, which corresponds to the current provisions of the pass regulation
  • the old driver’s license
  • ID card or passport
  • Costs: around 25 euros

It is important: If you have moved since the first driver’s license exhibition, you need a copy of the original driver’s license office. Here you can also obtain proof of your driving authorizations via a index card inscription.

They keep their driver’s license classes

After all: A new test or another aptitude test are not necessary for driving license for car or motorcycle. In addition, the classes are also transferred to the EU driver’s license – or translated into the new classes.

Some driving rights are only available with health examination

Driving authorizations that are available by application are not simply overwritten by the old to the new driver’s license: here drivers need a separate application and from the 50th. A health examination also.

Expert tips on traffic law

The experts from Site tell you what’s going on on the street – viewed by the glasses of the lawyers and supported by years of experience in traffic law practice. May I make calls at the wheel? How do I defend myself against speed camera tickets? What are my rights and duties as drivers? Read all of this here.

Immediate aid for drivers

So they defend themselves against fines

Flashed with distance measurement? You need to know that now!

Driver’s determination? You have to pay attention to this

Traffic sins abroad – that applies

Driving ban? So you can avoid it

Everything to make calls at the wheel

Site’s fine counters

You have to expect these punishments if you drive too fast or drive up too tightly:

drive up (in % of the speedometer value)
drive up (in meters)

Speed violation:
Measured speed


Speed ​​Limit



Outside a closed town

Too little distance from a
Speed of
Up to 80 km/h
over 80 km/h
over 100 km/h
over 130 km/h

Distance was less than

half the speedometer value

Too little distance




Calculate now

Exchange driver's license: It starts in 2022! Date of expiry for old rags comes-license

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  1. Always like this with Perso and Pass
    This has always been the case with a Perso and passport, it has to be re -exhibited during the extension … become, especially with a current photo. Why shouldn’t that also apply to the driver’s license? In the picture of my appearance exhibited in 1977 you can no longer see that I should be. We know God other problems than to get upset about such peanuts.

  2. hmm..
    …..would have to be checked again….issued documents without a registered expiry date the validity and thus the permission to be discussed on driving vehicles is not easily possible in my opinion. You can just bend right until it breaks.

  3. State price driver number one
    The new driver’s license is definitely not free. If otherwise no money comes into the coffers, I just come up with something. Soon the driver’s license will only be valid for a year. That brings money to the coffers

  4. Such an EU is practical.
    Everything that is not majority in your own country or that would mean the political end of those who demand this is an EU requirement.

  5. Uniform EU driver’s license makes sense!
    The exchange for a uniform EU driver’s license makes sense. When I look at my gray rag after 45 years, you need a little imagination to recognize myself on the passport photo. The diversity of the national driving licenses due to a uniform document. I exchanged my rag 8 months ago and now have a check card -sized ID card. This is more functional. What I do not support would be that seniors should do an additional driver’s license test. You drive i.D.R. more careful and also build less accidents. A family doctor could best assess when it comes to health aspects. This could look at it and if necessary, report this to the authorities in consultation with the patient. So the control would be there!

  6. I exchange .
    at all, I have never had to show him, if I should, I will have to do it, and the € 10 punishment don’t make me poor.As long as I keep him, basta. Perhaps the driving will come to ban driving much earlier that only rich can afford a car. Everything so wanted. as chosen as delivered.

  7. Well dear commentators,
    I voluntarily exchanged my old gray for the new card driver’s license two years ago, purely for convenience. Can be stowed away better. The exchange went without any problems, without a copy and health check. So I can continue to drive up to 7.49to. Most of the comments testify to ignorance or. stupidity.

  8. Well, dear people……
    The acquisition regulation according to which light trucks that were still allowed to be driven with the old class 3, and originally, should also apply indefinitely without a health check without replacement without replacement. However, drivers who have acquired their driver’s license before 1953 only have to be exchanged in 2033. So they can still continue to drive light trucks. That would actually apply to everyone if you hadn’t preferred the exchange.

  9. The EU
    For the death of thousands of failed vaccination policy, directly responsible for the fact that I have to renew my driver’s license again and again. How about putting all the Commission on in court because of mass murder would be more appropriate.

  10. Blame
    Why didn’t you sell masks to the Spahn against commission either? Then you could easily afford a chauffeur if necessary. 🙂


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