Exchange driver’s license: You have to know that

Exchange driver’s license

When is my driver’s license invalid? You need to know that about the new rules

Exchange driver's license: You have to know that-driver

Site/Wochit New rule: You will probably have to exchange driving licenses earlier

Due to an EU regulation, driving licenses may no longer be valid unlimited in the future, drivers must have the "cardboard" extend. But what does that mean for the driving license? The most important answers.

Since 2013, driving licenses have only been valid for 15 years. All driving license issued up to that point should actually keep their validity until 2033. Incidentally, an EU provision is responsible for this.

EU puts pressure

But now this exchange period should be significantly shortened . Stagated after years of exhibition, many drivers have to "cardboard" so exchanged considerably earlier. However, the Federal Council will only be advised in a few days about how this should be implemented exactly.

on the subject
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Permission continued to be unlimited, not document

But what does that mean for drivers now? Lawyer and site expert Michael Winter says:

  • According to the Federal Ministry of Transport The driver’s license as such For car and motorcyclists continue unlimited.
  • The exchange concerns only the corresponding driver’s licenses, i.e. the Documents.
  • Everyone who has their driver’s license in front the 19. Received January 2013, his driver’s license must be renewed at the latest 2033 (maybe already in 2021) – more is likely to be on 8. July decided.
  • Everyone who has their driving license to the 19. January 2013 acquired from the outset that the driver’s license is only valid for 15 years.

Site fines

You have to expect these punishments if you drive too fast or drive up too tightly:

drive up (in % of the speedometer value)
drive up (in meters)

Speed violation:
Measured speed


Speed ​​Limit



Outside a closed town

Too little distance from a
Speed of
Up to 80 km/h
over 80 km/h
over 100 km/h
over 130 km/h

Distance was less than

half the speedometer value

Too little distance




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  1. EU license
    And again these highly doped EU civil servants raise their own entitlement. One has … An idea and 100th this EU civil servants have their liability!! My FS is from 1962 and is still valid!! And so it stays!!!

  2. My driver’s license is from 1979
    And it is not renewed what the EU wants, I am not interested at all, so far it has been checked 3 times.

  3. People are important so long
    Restry until all say UK was right with the Brexit. Always do a lot of nonsense with values and show people to prohibit the elections if they would change something. The occupation of the commission presents shows everyone how the juggernuts ticks.

  4. Citizens
    Tracting is easy too. With the really important topics, everyone up there is afraid of concrete announcements. In the end the chair could wiggle……

  5. O miracle
    The EU again. Do not notice these bureaucrats that they make them even more unpopular than they are now ? Like ivory, their headquarters have to be if they don’t get anything from the common man and the common woman ?

  6. EU puts pressure ?
    I do not recognize this EU as an institution authorized to issue instructions ! I should have Juncker and others prescribe that I have to exchange my driver’s license for a fee ? NO !

  7. driver’s license
    I believe that this fee is wrong. As the owner of a driver’s license (1.2 u. 3) If you paid enough and since this document is valid for my whole life and I already have a loss because of my class 2 (over 50) I find a fee for inappropriate. You should ask yourself whether it should not be regulated in a different way.

  8. Once again,
    One more reason to turn her back on this eropa. It is not only driven in our own country, a new sow through the village every day, no the lobbyists in Brussels can do that too. Hopefully they all continue, that will play opponents to all EU. Always nice over the citizen head. The British have better, they can keep their old driver’s license. Keep it up..

  9. It is one
    Bottomless Sauerrei What the Eurocrats come up with permanently to manage the citizens of Germany. I saved my driver’s license and passed at some point. Why does such a document have to have an expiry date!? Facile -proof as it is pretended, all the documents are only for a certain time until someone comes up again how to cheat. Then the EU should go there in the future and to pay the driver’s license check to every citizen, and they can also decide how long this document has validity or has to be updated. The same applies to all other documents!!! It is pure money making and dancing because they do not get anything clever for Europe.

  10. It
    Is becoming more and more a surveillance system as in the GDR but no wonder since our politicians grew up for the most part in their youth and apparently this system would have missed me now if the article is released !!!

  11. Funny, passport and ID card
    Even the health insurance card must be renewed regularly, the photo in it should also be as topical as possible. Why do you make such a shouting with a driver’s license? Are these perhaps the notorious drunkers and racers who cannot get their rag over the idiot test, which are a new driving license "to organize"? The brother the "Old gray rags" Take in with the youth photo. Especially those and only they could be angry if the driver’s license gets an expiry date.


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