Exchange old driver’s license: You should know these deadlines!

Old driver’s license soon invalidated

The rag has to go! How and when you exchange your old driver’s license

Exchange old driver's license: You should know these deadlines!-driver

glomex Old driver’s licenses run off: this step plan is supposed to prevent mass rush

Owners of an old driver’s license are obliged to "Rag" Exchange within the coming years into a non -Europe -wide driver’s license to be exchanged. Site clarifies the exchange periods.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More informationfall old car leaders-in Germany these are the well-known Greens or pink "Rag" -must be exchanged for standardized EU leaders by 2033. Specifically, this means that around 43 million driver’s licenses have to be exchanged.The EU Directive 2006/126/EC would like this. From now on, the notes should no longer be unlimited so that there is more clarity and uniformity. Then they have to be renewed at their own expense. 15 million paper leader certificates and 28 million check card leader certificates are affected by the new regulation. The exchange should be done in a two -part step plan.

Depending on the date of birth of the owner, there is a few points to consider. Foreign driving licenses must also be transferred to an EU driver’s license.

Exchange old driver's license: You should know these deadlines!-driver
Fol The old driver’s license must be exchanged soon

You have your driver’s license up to and including 31. December 1998 acquired

The exchange should be done in a two -part step plan. The latter says that there are all driving licensees that up to and including 31. December 1998 was issued to the owner’s date of birth, when they have to be exchanged at the latest.

  • Born before 1953 – exchanging deadline: 19. January 2033
  • 1953 – 1958 born – exchanging period: 19. January 2022
  • 1959 – 1964 born – Exchange period: 19. January 2023
  • 1965 – 1970 – Exchange period: 19. January 2024
  • Born in 1971 or later – exchange period: 19. January 2025

Your driver’s license was on 1. January 1999 or later issued

The deadline for the driving license is issued after the exhibition year*.

  • 1999 – 2001 exhibited – Exchange period: 19. January 2026
  • 2002 – 2004 exhibited – Exchange period: 19. January 2027
  • 2005 – 2007 exhibited – Exchange period: 19. January 2028
  • 2008 exhibited – exchange period 19. January 2029
  • 2009 exhibited – exchange period 19. January 2030
  • 2010 exhibited – exchange deadline 19. January 2031
  • Exhibited in 2011 – exchange period 19. January 2032
  • 2012 – 18. January 2013 exhibited – exchange period 19. January 2033

* The exception is a driver’s license holder, whose year of birth is before 1953. You must have the driver’s license up to 19. Exchange January 2033, regardless of the year of exhibition of the driver’s license.The exchange is a simple form of form. Register with your disused driver’s license and a current ID card or passport at your driver’s license office and check whether your data is up to date. For your new driver’s license, you also have to bring a current passport photo.

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This is how the exchange works

All driver’s licenses that from the 19th. January 2013 was issued for 15 years. The exchange itself must be done personally in a driver’s license authority. In addition to the old driver’s license, only the ID card is required for this.

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The costs should amount to 25 euros. If you do not exchanged your appearance and get caught with the old driver’s license after the deadline, you have to expect a fine of ten euros- but this only applies to a car or motorcycle license. In the case of truck and bus driver’s license, such an offense represents a criminal offense.

Exchange of a foreign driver’s license to an EU driver’s license

If you have a foreign driver’s license, you can exchange it for an EU driver’s license without a time limit. However, it is checked here whether your driver’s license is fulfilled the requirements for transfer to a German driver’s license and thus an EU driver’s license.To do this, you have to make an entry at your driver’s license office to issue the German driver’s license. If this application is approved, the old driver’s license is withheld and noted on the newly issued EU driver’s license. Correction (28.05.21): In the previous version of this article, the deadlines for all years before 1953 were not completely shown. The article has been updated. We ask for apology.You might also be interested in:

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Exchange old driver's license: You should know these deadlines!-exchange

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    Exchange old driver's license: You should know these deadlines!-these

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    1. Fool’s cap
      When the EU – HOflingen tells us that we are a colored fool’s cap, of course … Made of organic – dynamically generated raw materials and TuV -certified, have to put on for € 150, then we do, of course.

    2. The driver’s license is a certificate – no exchange!
      The driver’s license is an official certificate (this results from § 2 ABS. 2 StVG and § 4 ABS. 2 StVZO.) And as such, this has no expiry date. As a result, a certificate does not have to be exchanged!

    3. Not correct!
      The driver’s license is granted indefinitely. This is exactly what is on the driver’s license (and yes, of course a certificate). However, the permanent grant refers solely to the driving license and not to the paper on which this is written. Ganau that is also in the paragraphs mentioned.

    4. Nope
      I never take my pink cardboard with me. Except, I take a rental car. The € 10 fine for "have no" is no problem. My last control was on 26.1.1991 🙂

    5. Great!
      Really interesting and also important to know! In any case, you are a really brave hero, without a driver’s license document on the go, respect!

    6. The driver’s license is still guidelig
      Only the proof has now received an expiry date. If you see some pictures on the papers, this is more than necessary. Otherwise, an indication of the photo for the officials is difficult. In this respect, there is nothing wrong.

    7. Why don’t the driver’s license holders
      at least contacted? Most certainly do not read the entries every day to the appointment in approx. Not to miss 10 years. So the owners are deliberately run into a trap in order to be able to cash in. Above all, existing laws are simply undermined. When "indefinite", Then it is unlimited and can only be re -introduced from a certain key date. I just hope that this senseless EU will soon be the past. The 27 countries do not get baked what is really important. To the. The same StVO everywhere, case law in offenses. But you think of completely unimportant things.

    8. Owner cannot be written down
      The authorities are not aware of where the owner of a driver’s license is right now. If you change the place of residence, you don’t have to mention your driver’s license and it will not be involved "re -registered". Anyone who has not lived under a stone for the past 10 years will have noticed in TV, press and the circle of acquaintances that driver’s licenses must be exchanged. Otherwise it costs 10 euros.

    9. Another EU rip off
      You can’t expect anything sensible from this parliament.Of them only pipe crepe come. why? Because there are loud high -paid people who have disposed of in your own countries because of inability to the EU! If the EU wants you to have your driver’s license be renewed every 2 years, she should pay for it too.We don’t need a new driver’s license every 2 years and our age is enough! We pay in these unnecessary, corrupt u.Overbords club already enough taxes! Incidentally, there is no expiry date in our driving license!

    10. Keep my old gray rag
      The EU can do me, I am not interested in that. I only drive in Germany anyway, I make further trips with the plane.

    11. The old rag
      is a legally valid document. They first have to prove that the old driver’s license is invalid. Just because the EU wants to have it that way? By the way, I can soon put the appearance on the nail anyway, with the energy costs that await us. There is a car pure "Wishful thinking"

    12. EU madness
      I have no expiry date in my driver’s license. There is a permanent valid on the last page (old driver’s license gray) driving license! This can only be interrupted when I do not adhere to certain rules of the game. In other words, I do not violate the STPO or commit a different crime, where I was in court of the driver’s license, I have a valid driver’s license. My specialist lawyer for traffic law should be able to solve the problem in court. The EU will soon be history when Germany is bankrupt.

    13. Reading understanding?
      The driver’s license is of course still valid indefinitely. The driving license is not withdrawn either. However, this only refers to the driving license, not to the paper on which this is written. Therefore should or should. the driver’s license must be exchanged. Otherwise it costs 10 euros for normal mortal or. Significantly more for professional drivers

    14. Just rip off – what do we pay taxes for
      "The EU Directive 2006/126/EC would like this. So that there is more clarity and uniformity ?" And again one way more to rip off citizens / taxpayers regularly and regularly ! Our EU drunk government (CDU/CSU/SPD), of course, participates immediately with something.


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