Exclusive: XBUS 3 becomes an e-camper & XBUS 2 in view

Exclusive: XBUS 3 becomes an e-camper & XBUS 2 in view-xbus

“Grasp e-mobility differently, think differently” is what Electric Brands, the company behind the modular electric light vehicle XBUS from Germany, is striving for. The XBUS is a modular universal vehicle that meets the criteria of the light vehicle class L7e-B2. Sometimes we know the Stromer “only” in its form, as you can see it in the title photo. Like electric car news.net was exclusively informed that the electric camper variant will be presented as the next prototype (XBUS 3) in spring 2022. There are already facts about the XBUS 2.

In order to understand what the XBUS 2 is all about, we should first classify the XBUS itself. If you look at the pure facts, the vehicle comes with an electric drive, empty weight of less than 600 kg, transport of up to 3 people, continuous output 15 kW, peak output 56 kW and a top speed of 100 km/h. Depending on the model, the vehicle has dimensions of 3.96 x 1.64 x 1.96 and, depending on the module, up to 1.000 kg payload. The range is specified ex works between 100 and 200 km. It just depends on how many battery modules were installed.

Exclusive: XBUS 3 becomes an e-camper & XBUS 2 in view-e-camperElectricBrands

In addition, the XBUS is convertible. Because it can be many things: electric convertible, electric off-roader, electric transporter with box body, a fully electric station wagon, or even an electrified pickup, panel van or camper van. Just as you like. Something that has been retained with the “off-road box”, as the XBUS 2 is now called. What is striking here is that the Stromer has an off-road chassis, which, in contrast to the city chassis, has ten millimeters more ground clearance.

The box that gives it its name is actually more of a box body that is optimized for use by delivery services or tradesmen, for example. This should offer space for two Euro pallets or, if desired, be able to accommodate individual interior fittings. This will be priced from April 22.220 euros is to be had. The total cost of ownership will be more interesting for commercial customers. Because, according to Electric Brands, these should be up to 60 percent below those of comparably large combustion models and also e-vans.

“The special thing about the modular concept is that anyone can change the module themselves without any special tools. For example, I can turn a camper van into a box body like the XBUS 2 is doing now, or a van into a pick-up version. And we can also develop further modules in the future for special applications or according to customer requirements.– Martin Henne, CEO of ElectricBrands

The company does not provide any more precise information about the start of production, it remains with the statement that this should happen in 2022. Electric Car News.net it was at least announced that the next prototype – XBUS 3 – will be an electric camper that will surely find its fans on the market. In addition, further perspectives are to be given.

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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: XBUS 3 becomes an e-camper & XBUS 2 in view”

  1. Now – where there is the XBUS (with some fantastic information on ranges!) doesn’t exist yet, ElectricBrands should perhaps refrain from talking too loudly about an XBUS 2 and even XBUS 3, in order to describe an “Osborne Effect” in business administration


    known effect to avoid.. 🙂

  2. No camper with experience buys a purely battery-electric camper van.
    That’s only enough for those who want the neighbors to see that they have a camper van. For real camper life you need more energy. The ideal green camper van will have battery for about 200km and H2 for n times 600km. Does everything look as if such devices should be on the market in about 2-3 years and by then there will also be H2 filling stations along the European fast axes. I am happy.

  3. Cannot be used as a “bus” (max. 3 occupants), much too small as a camper, I can well imagine it as a commercial vehicle for inner-city areas. The problem is that everyone thinks they are looking at a full-fledged car and the manufacturer wants to give that impression. However, it is a light vehicle that has far fewer safety requirements. So no airbag, no tested crash behavior, curb weight less than half that of a normal car. And jet through the area at 100 km/h? I have my doubts as to whether there are enough buyers in today’s comprehensive insurance company.

  4. Hi
    I drive an Opel Combo 1.7 CDTI and an Opel Diplomat V8 Bj.1970.
    Another sensible car my wife drives is a Golf 1.4 with 125 hp.
    The combo waits a lot in the garage.The diploma anyway !!!
    Using the battery from the XBus as a solar battery storage for the house plus modular design …
    a real top.
    And let’s be honest… Back to the roots… Sliding window, how cool is that ?
    No matter what facts are known and proven … a great idea !!!
    Hats off… and keep it up .

    Mfg Cord

  5. Sorry, was too quick in the euphoria about this project.
    The project is great and a great idea…
    unfortunately I find too many doomsayers in the comments:

    I have a large old farmhouse with my wife.
    Wood stove and solar thermal.
    Recently also solar power and battery storage

    Not everyone has to buy that. think great .

    I like my elderly Opel Combo … but I’m very happy to change.
    (of course only if he has blessed the time)

    And for me it is important to note the bi-directional battery usage quite offensively.
    Which car company uses this opportunity ? Right now they’re running around like headless chickens…
    How should it work without coal and nuclear power ? Power outage every 3 days ?

    Well, I have an emergency power function for exactly this reason… but 6 hrs. longer than the neighbors doesn’t really get me any further.

    Everyone should figure it out for themselves…

    For me it would be a great alternative

  6. I think this concept is great. After lying down, I’ll probably decide to take the bus. I can well imagine that as a weekend party penne. Lute.B. the three-person deficit is negotiated. Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed. As with my R4 from 1978, I’m not too worried about safety, because it’s over at a good 100. The motorcycle heater should do this at 280. I look forward to the XBus.Maybe even a moped fits in 😉


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