Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself

New electric car mark from Germany

Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself

Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself-euros
Adaptive City Mobility Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself

The German electric car start-up Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) recently granted a first look at its upcoming city-stromer Acm City One. The special thing is the batteries: they can be removed and charged individually!

The German start-up company ACM, founded in 2013, has given the ACM City One with the help of the government in 2013. With its small size and a low entry price, the mini-stromer should be particularly interesting for car sharing services and fleet operators. The City One should only be 3.60 meters long, but still offer a lot of storage space for purchases and luggage.The current development level of the electric car, the series production of which is scheduled for 2023, it is a 3.60 meter long, five-door vehicle that is supposed to offer space for four people. If desired, the back seat should be able to be converted into the storage space in just a few simple steps, which then 1.The Next Mobility electromobility portal reports 450 liters of space.

The energy comes from four individual batteries

The City One is said to be on the market in the L7E light construction class. The top speed should be 110 km/h, the consumption at 8.5 kWh at 100 kilometers. The total of 10 kWh large energy stores consists of four individual batteries in the rear, which should be manually inserted and removed. With a complete cargo, the Stromer should still go around 100 kilometers.

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Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself-exotic

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Replacement battery on the car roof

On request, the drivers can carry up to four additional battery packs on a roof rack – the reserve canister on the Autodach. The removable batteries should be loaded at household sockets, where charging should take around eight hours. Fast charging stations should be able to charge the Stromer with its 48-volt technology in five hours.So far, no further technical data is known. However, against the background of use in car sharing flets, the City One should have a digital platform that can network the vehicles with each other. According to Next Mobility, the price should be just over 10.00 euros.

Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, ex-Opel boss and ACM investor explains in a press release from the company: "At some point you will reach a point in vehicle development and production at which it is no longer cheaper, no matter how much additional effort you do". According to Neumann, the total operating costs could only be reduced for fleet operators if additional services and new sources of income are developed. This wants to achieve ACM through the intelligent networking of the e-vehicle fleet.

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Exotic mini-streak for 10.000 euros: You can replace the batteries yourself-mini-streak

Site Jeep shows leg-hard electrical offriader

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  1. This is the turn
    And soon we will see the first battery -operated fighting tanks and those with the Bundeswehr … And soon we will see the first battery -operated fighting tanks and the first fighter jets with power loads in the Bundeswehr. Finally everything clean on the street and in the war.

  2. Yes
    Electrical as a drive is not from the Middle Ages but was not able to prevail against the combustion engine at the beginning of the last century and you should learn from history. Because always do the same and hope it comes out something else is stupidity. If electrical and good were, there would be no subsidies. Saving energy in batteries is inefficient for car

  3. The price is good.
    The price is okay and as a second car for short distances is certainly good, but the thing with the batteries? I can’t imagine that people want to always carry them back and forth and the look of the car is somehow also a disaster.

  4. In contrast
    Anyone in Germany can buy what they like to communist states. It’s just about whether the offer is large enough, because that has not been there for this price so far.

  5. The big car manufacturers
    Together with our government will not allow an inexpensive electric car on the market. As a second car it would be a nice car. For everyone who has no charging options, or for short distances. All critics are still said that you don’t have to buy the car! There are enough alternatives.

  6. That
    is an ideal vehicle for the mythbusters, which would make wonderful explosive attempts. With great slow motion recordings.

  7. Yes
    true, you can use such boxes really well for this. Nicely recognized and written funny, at least I laughed while reading. Thank you.

  8. There are better alternatives in China
    The Hongguang Mini will soon also be sold in Europe. It should also be around 10.000 euros cost. Is built by a large Chinese manufacturer (Saic-GM-Wuling). Should correspond more to the European taste than the corrugated iron box.

  9. A meaningful vehicle for everyday life !
    Finally an electric vehicle for normal consumers for daily needs and at an affordable price. I could no longer endure this PS lust and the acceleration delusion of the autotester. The millionaires who can afford these vehicles do not read these tests anyway. What is missing are vehicles that replace the existing vehicles equivalent and, above all. As long as it is a roulette, I find a charging point and may also work ? As long as I don’t buy an electric vehicle ! Because at the moment I drive with a diesel cheaper and much more relaxed and can use my caravan on vacation, but not with an electric vehicle !!!

  10. You can do it ..
    L7E is the quad class with a max. 450kg of empty weight and 15 kW power. Then there is almost exactly zero crash test stars in the Euro NCAP. 15kW you can just get down with low -voltage technology (48 volts), so that the batteries can be plugged in. If you don’t drive over 80 km/h, 8 kWh are at 100km – of course without heating/climate. Each of the 4 batteries has about 12 kilos with the best technology, you save the gym- depending on the level, you can go for charging 2-4 times and back in the morning. The thing is more of a scooter with a roof, no car. I’m excited: -0

  11. Correctly seen!
    But what if we have such disasters as in NRW and cannot drive a cars because A is not there and b the water?Without combustion engines, no help would be possible and this should finally be understood that only e cars is not the means of saving the world by more reducing raw materials in the earth.

  12. Is already true, Mr. Stranghoener
    Without combustioners, necessary rescue operations would fail miserably, with all disasters. The E-Auto Fanboy will now note; No, no, no everything lie, burner stupid, e-car is most efficient… Well, the usual blah of blind people. You know what I mean.

  13. Battery on the roof?
    So the e-car can flare up the battery because of overheating is known. Why do you put the battery on the roof? The focus of the vehicle is much too high and increasing heat through climate change fry the battery nicely. In addition, the car is optically a flop. So I see more questions and construction sites here than a functioning future -oriented concept. There are interchangeable batteries from China that will soon come to Europe and there are also the batteries under the vehicle and these cars also have significantly more reach and look better than this box here.


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