Experimental Polestar 2 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Experimental Polestar 2 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed-festival

Polestar has presented a unique Polestar 2 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Inspired by CEO Thomas Ingenlaths desire, the limits of design and performance potential of electric flowingßTo expand the rear limousine, the electric car has received an upgrade.

„I have challenged the design and engineering team to play with Polestar 2 and have one uConventional Embassy FuRun to Goodwood“, Comments Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

„A few months ago“, So Ingenlath, „I had bigßen spaß When driving another experimental polestar 2 with the nickname ‚Beast‘ on the GoTeborger Polestar Campus, what the team about this version FuR GOODWOOD has inspired. We want to get our potentialoCarving and new Modiscover.“ The Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Engineunow ua combined power of 350 kW (476 hp) from both electric motors.

The vehicle was with a wider track setting (+10 mm on each side) and a lower vehicleoHey (-30 mm) a STaawarded rcere soil liability. Wider RADKaSten now has enough space FuR the 9×21-inch RaThe and the front 6-piston Alebono brakes of the Polestar 1. Furthermore, the Pirelli Pzero Rosso Performance Tires of Polestar 1 uborn.

The springs were compared to the originuPower units in front by 80 percent and in the back stiffened by 40 percent and the adjustable OHlls DFV DaMfer for triple adjustable OHlls Performance DamphuStet, the CA. 30 percent stiffer than the roadßEn- and racetrack originals. To the stabilityaT further increaseoHen, the front StrutbruA Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered made of carbon fiber installed by a specially made rear suspensionuERGaNZT.

„This car shows what happens when the freedom is given to us, ugo beyond our borders. We already have bigßSmooth driving and performance characteristics in the Polestar 2, but as Thomas asked me, something special FuR GOODWOOD, I became motivated to the expectations umeet.“ – Joakim Rydholm, Chassis Chief Engineer of Polestar

Overato the mechanical upgrades authoruGT the vehicle too uabout new front and rear stopßrod. It was in snow mat with a magnesium matt racing strip, a colored front grille and GLaNzend black mirror painted. StoßRods and sidebars are with an additionalaequivalent color design accent. The Rathe way a two-tone surfaceache from GLaNzendem and matte black.

Experimental Polestar 2 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed-speedPole

„It is always exciting to further challenge yourself“, Commented Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar. „This is one of the advantages of a start-ups like Polestar – we have no grid in which we fit muSen, so we experiment with exciting projects like thisonip.“

WaHerrend the event will be completed and the experimental polestar 2 can be found in the First Glance Paddock, right next to the Polestar stand. The vehicle is driven by the senior chassis engineer of Polestar, Joakim Rydholm,. In 2018 he had his first appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the debuT of the first moving prototype of the Polestar 1.

„The Polestar 2 is already a wonderfully dynamic car and we spent thousands of hours with the fine-tuning of its driving characteristics“, Says Rydholm. „The new chassis vote fuR Goodwood has the vehicle on the NaChest level lifted. I can not wait for the rennhuto drive gel!“

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