Expertise secured for Mullen FIVE

Expertise secured for Mullen FIVE-expertise

Founded in 2014, Mullen Technologies, a California-based manufacturer of electric cars and supplier for several OEMs, only announced in the summer of 2020 that it would be putting an e-SUV on the road, which should primarily impress with its performance. Sometimes the Mullen FIVE isn’t on the road yet. But that could soon change. Because the American company has secured the expertise of Comau.

Comau, a leading Italian systems integrator and solutions provider with extensive experience in the automotive sector, will support Mullen in establishing a body shop at Mullen‘s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Center (AMEC) in Tunica, Mississippi. Total build out plans for AMEC include 1.2 million square feet of body shop, paint shop and general assembly.

With joint forces, it should be possible to develop a state-of-the-art body shop for the new Mullen FIVE EV crossover. In this collaboration, the American company benefits from the fact that Comau has been a leader in the automotive and other sectors since the early 1970s. A closer look reveals that Comau’s expertise is based on over 45 years of field-tested experience and a strong presence in all major industrialized countries.

Comau will support Mullen‘s plans to develop processes and equipment for the AMEC facility in Tunica, where the FIVE will be produced, the companies say. Comau’s vast experience in designing body shops for the automotive industry gives Mullen an edge in terms of efficiency and quality for the body in white. Commenting on the collaboration, David Michery, CEO and Chairman of Mullen Automotive said: “Comau is a global leader in the development of world-class automation technology and body shops for the automotive industry. We are delighted that Comau is collaborating on the development of our bodyshop plan for Tunica AMEC.”

Comau says, among other things: “This project confirms our commitment to promoting the mobility of the future”. Specifically, this is done by participating in the market launch of the E-SUV Mullen FIVE. The FIVE is built on an EV crossover skateboard platform that offers multiple powertrain configurations and trim levels in a sleek design. The car should accelerate to 100 km/h in just over three seconds, manage a top speed of 220 km/h and be able to cover a range of 500 km with one battery charge from the 100 kWh battery.

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1 thought on “Expertise secured for Mullen FIVE”

  1. A little late. Word has probably got around by now that not every computer-rendered model makes it onto the road. And if that should happen in 2-3 years at best, then there will be the largest selection in this vehicle segment. Mullen is not alone with the specifications either. And the look… it reminds me of a Chinese Porsche plagiarism.

    Of course, every new BEV is an asset and every potential newcomer is an asset. But it would be cool to take market share away from the established manufacturers with unusual, new concepts. Of course, then the risk is higher. But then you are unrivalled.


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