Explosive growth of e-mobility in quarter 01/2020 expected

Explosive growth of e-mobility in quarter 01/2020 expected-expected

In December 2018, one has agreed in the EU to new CO2 limits for cars for the time after 2020. By 2030, the CO2 emissions of new cars should decline by 37.5 percent compared to 2021. From 2020, a limit value of 95g CO2 / km for all newly authorized cars. A fact that leads to an explosive growth at the electromobility market in the quarter 01/2020, so the opinion of Matthias Schmidt, Automotive Analyst.

From January to June 2019, 160.652 purely electrical vehicles approved in the EU; The aim is a paragraph of 300.000 such vehicles recorded by the end of the year. Due to the current development and growth, one should assume that the last year 198.000 approved electric cars are already achieved in the next two months. In 2019, the Volkswagen Group wants alone over 300.To bring 000 electric cars to the street worldwide. Combined with the other car manufacturers, a significant increase compared to 2019 is expected. Even higher than the current growth rate currently consistently over 80 percent compared to 2018.

The expected, explosive growth of the manufacturers is driven by the then applicable limit of 95g CO2 / km for all newly authorized cars. This corresponds to an average consumption of 3.6 liters diesel or. 4.1 liters of gasoline. To achieve this over the entire fleet, no way to lead to e-cars and plug-in hybrids.

In the third and fourth quarter, the first of these new models will follow, among other things, the Porsche Toycan, which currently on already 30.000 Pre-orders brings. Also, the VW ID is expected.3 According to paragraph. The exclusive special edition ID.3 1st takes place currently on 22.000 Pre-orders.

Short supplement to the limit values: The target values of the manufacturers vary and depend on the average vehicle weight of the fleet. The CO2 limit of Toyota about 95.1 grams of CO2 per kilometer – the Japanese sell many more slight compact cars. The heavy SUVs of Jaguar-Land-Rover are allowed to emit an average of 130.6 grams. In detail, Michael has already considered this in his article “CO2 limits of the EU: many manufacturers threatening high fines”.

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  1. That’s a dangerous misjudgment! In the absence of infrastructure, electric cars are bought primarily from companies. But the manufacturers hardly make something there. Then stay homeowners on the outskirts with charging option. “Explosion” will be in 1. Quarter only by providing that manufacturers currently deliberately shorten the offer to achieve a favorable calculation of fleet consumption 2021. If nothing changes to the charging infrastructure in cities, a market saturation will soon occur.


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