Express query: How to see your points in Flensburg digitally

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Express query for drivers: How to see your points in Flensburg digitally

Express query: How to see your points in Flensburg digitally-flensburg Points in Flensburg: Check criminal account online with the cell phone

After eight points in Flensburg, drivers have to hand in the driver’s license. A driving ban is always annoying and can also have financial consequences. It is therefore important that drivers know their points. You can also query it online. We’ll show you how.

If you need your car daily for professional reasons, you can get into financial hardships by driving a driving ban. But the driver’s license withdrawal can also have serious consequences privately. Therefore, it is particularly important when drivers know their current score.The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), based in Flensburg. To find out how many points you have already collected, an application helps with the KBA. But in addition to the query by post, there is also an online solution. The service is free.

What do I need to query my point stand online?

The KBA calls the service "online register information". In order to be able to use the service, drivers absolutely need a valid ID card whose online ID card is activated. Basically, all personnel cards that according to the 1. November 2011 were issued by this function.Perhaps those affected must have the online ID function activated retrospectively. To do this, you will receive an activation PIN from the responsible authority (district administration, citizens’ office, district office or town hall). With this, citizens can set their own six -digit PIN. If you have lost your PIN letter and no longer know your PIN, you can set a new PIN in the citizens’ office, the district office or in the district administrative authority.In another step, drivers need either a PC with card reader or a smartphone with NFC function.

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KBA: Online query via smartphone

The online query via cell phone only works for devices that are NFC-capable. NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and enables secure data transmission. As a rule, this technology is used when you use the smartphone via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Play. You can see here whether your smartphone NFC can.Furthermore, smartphone users need the official IDEAPP2. You can download this here.Users now visit the page with the smartphone "KBA". The Auspreisapp2 loads automatically. With the program, a connection between identity card and smartphone is established.The app shows who wants to query your data and which data the provider of this online service needs. With your PIN you give your consent. The data is transmitted and you can view your current score in Flensburg.

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Online query via PC

If you want to query your points in Flensburg via the PC, you need a compatible card reader. You can see in this list which brands and products come into question.Now you have to use the online register information via “ “call up and put your ID card into the card reader. The system shows you which data is queried and who processes this data. After entering your six -digit pin you can see your score.

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What do I need to query the points by post?

With the "Application for Information from the Drivinguit Register", you can find your current score in the traffic offender card in Flensburg by post. To do this, you have to fill out the document on the PC or by smartphone and then print it out.You must sign the application and enclose the letter a copy of the ID card (front and back). Send the letter franked (standard letter for 80 cents) to the Federal Motor Transport Authority / 24932 Flensburg. In the event of a place of residence abroad, the foreign address must be specified in the application. The information is then sent there.

  • Download: Here you can download the application

If you do not have a stamp on hand, you can also use a mobile stamp. We show how this works here.

What possibility do I have?

If you live near Flensburg and the surrounding area, you can visit the KBA’s information pavilion at FOrderstrabe 16 in Flensburg.Your own score can definitely shock drivers if the driver’s license withdrawal should be imminent. The Federal Motor Transport Authority usually also sends information letters. But mostly it is almost too late.

  • If a driver has collected 4 or 5 points, a written warning and the note are voluntarily participating in a driving suitability seminar. In this case he can even dismantle points.
  • With 6 or 7 points there is a written warning with the note to voluntarily participate in a driving suitability seminar. However, no points are deducted by participating.
  • The driver’s license is included from 8 points.

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Express query: How to see your points in Flensburg digitally-flensburg

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    Drivers discriminated against, maybe you should introduce a general point system system … (similar to in China). Kids at the demo instead of school deductions, by bike over a red traffic lights,… rioted deductions,… And depending on the score, there are restrictions. It is not understandable that such a system was only built up for drivers.

  2. In the circle of like -minded
    If you consider it necessary to monitor your score in real time, or even to inquire, you should question your general suitability to participate in public road traffic. In the 80s I almost lost my driving license – it is not like that! But I convinced that today as it was then, you are informed about every credit by classic post and today you only need to count up to 8.

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    So if I had points then I know how many could be, if you don’t know it doesn’t know what a StVO is, just explained. But please, whoever needs, always get to curiosity, and don’t forget to brag about it and get likes because of "I have more points than you", Oh man….. What comes next, one point deduction per call?

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    Got my old compass out, aligned the cell phone towards Flensburg and you will have already suspected … nothing, no score to see. Since I can count up to 8 and try to keep myself up to the rules, it is not that bad.

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    has, should also be able to count up to 8… If not, I say that this cannot be that far with the suitability for driving vehicles.

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    Once the PC/cell phone is set up to query in Flensburg. I did it because of a car sale and the cancellation by the buyer. (I also know my score without query 0)

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    "As a rule, this technology is used when you use the smartphone via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Play." … Something is missing in the SATES!

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    ..If you pursue your score by cell phone, please remember not to do this while driving. Otherwise the score could increase quickly.

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