Extra shifts: BMW is overrun by BMW i4 demand

Extra shifts: BMW is overrun by BMW i4 demand-overrun

All signs currently point to growth at BMW. The basis for further growth in the field of e-mobility was laid with the BMW IX and the BMW I4 in mid-November. At this time, the two central innovation carriers were launched. In the future, these should declare the paragraph in the market. With the BMW I4 this seems to succeed, because demand is significantly larger than expected.

Due to the high demand, the automobile manufacturer from Bavaria will introduce additional layers in the Munich plant. Currently, corresponding discussions are led to the works council. One way is, for example, to work in addition to the daily two layers from Monday to Friday on Saturday. The current waiting time on a BMW I4 is approximately nine months according to the economic week.

The manufacturer itself is surprised by demand. Fall these “higher than expected” how to understand a BMW spokeswoman. This also confirms that the waiting times are reaching into the second quarter 2022. Production of the large coupe, which competes with Tesla’s electric cars, started at the end of October – a little earlier than originally planned. According to Sales Director Pieter Nota, there are currently a significant five-digit number of orders for the i4 in Europe.

As of today, around 1.000 vehicles of the 3 and 4 series built. This includes the all-electric i4. Because this runs there from the same assembly line as the 3 and 4 series with petrol, diesel and hybrid drive. The vehicles differ primarily in the electric drive and the battery. BMW indicates that the i4 can also be built at the BMW plant in Mexico, where the 3 Series also rolls off the assembly line. But this cannot be implemented in the short term because of the necessary systems and employee training, and there are no concrete plans, according to a BMW spokeswoman. However, it is possible to create more capacity for the i4 in Munich by relocating 3-series orders to other locations.

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8 thoughts on “Extra shifts: BMW is overrun by BMW i4 demand”

  1. And already the “power of choice” strategy falls on BMW’s toes – if of course different vehicles are produced on the same line, then that always comes at the expense of speed, but that was discussed extensively in the forum

    If you don’t want to listen, you’ll just have to introduce extra shifts – I’m curious what the unions will say about this 😉

    But of course I’m happy for every BMW i4 produced that displaces a combustion engine or plugin from the market.
    Maybe soon only the i4 will run on the tapes 😉

  2. Groundhog day, what? Wasn’t there the same type of news earlier this year (or was it 2020?) from Opel regarding the Mokka-e? Demand hugely underestimated? I remember so vaguely. How this happens again and again to one manufacturer after another is fascinating.

  3. the bottom line is that even ugly BEVs are better than smelly combustion engines, I won’t understand it, but I’m happy about every green license plate (here in AT)

  4. Electromobility is slowly making its way into company fleets. Since the BMW offers almost unrivaled. It is the only mid-size sedan that is parkable. 590 km range. Except for the stupid kidney, he looks completely normal. If BMW is clever now, use the momentum and expand production at the expense of combustion engines.

  5. The waiting time stated by BMW until Q2/22 is nonsense… The dealers already stated Q3 about 2 months ago. In the meantime, one even reads about Q1/23.

    The high demand is somehow not surprising. It’s the first viable, long-distance electric car that’s not an SUV or a Tesla and doesn’t cost six-figures.

  6. Same procedure as every year…. one might think that this is the 100th repetition of the same game over and over again. We were completely surprised by the demand… from the I-Pace to Kona and Niro, Ioniq etc, always the same identical opinion. The manufacturers were “completely surprised” by the success. It’s also bad if you just want to sell as many e-cars as are needed to avoid EU fines and then the customers actually buy the thing !!! Just bad… and that’s why it’s so completely surprising… Gone stupid.


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