Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA


These new cars will be presented at the IAA

Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-these

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It should be one of the stars of the fair – the BMW i3 with electric drive and a carbon shell.

Source: BMW

Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-frankfurt

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In contrast, the BMW 4 Series is conventional. It is the coupe variant of the 3 Series.

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-cars

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The X5 has the most remarkable thing under the hood, the first four-cylinder diesel in the series.

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-presented

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Mercedes shows the breadth of the new S-Class, with the S500 plug-in hybrid and …

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-frankfurt

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… the mighty S63 AMG with its 585 hp.

Source: Mercedes

Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-cars

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With the Monza Concept, Opel looks to the future of the brand while …

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-these

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… Alfa Romeo has a real sports car in its range again with the 4C.

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-these

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Skoda shows a Rapid with hatchback, which fits between the Polo and the Golf.

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Fair in Frankfurt: These new cars will be presented at the IAA-cars offer space little money

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And Toyota has the Yaris Hybrid R with them, a study that shows that hybrid cars can be anything but boring.

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It is one of the most important car shows in the world, and it starts on September 12th. We reveal with which new models the manufacturers are coming to the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

A.The International Motor Show IAA will open its doors in Frankfurt on September 12th. For German manufacturers in particular, it is the highlight of the automotive year – but importers will also come to the Main with a wealth of new products. Our overview reveals what visitors will see at the fair.

Alfa Romeo

The Fiat subsidiary comes with a pure driving machine. The sports car 4C Although it premiered at the Geneva Salon, it will be in Frankfurt for the first time on German soil. Sales of the model begin immediately afterwards.


With the A3 convertible Audi completes its compact family. Compared to its predecessor, the open four-seater has significantly increased its length and wheelbase. In addition, it now has a notchback, which distinguishes it from the old model as well as from the Golf Cabrio, which is technically only distantly related. What remains unchanged, however, is that the A3 Cabrio is delivered with a classic soft top.

In addition, the Ingolstadt E-tron and G-tron models with the trade fair, with which Audi wants to break new ground in alternative drives. Among other things, they are powered by hybrid and gas engines.

The brand’s trade fair program is rounded off by the lifted luxury class sedan A8, which has a new cockpit and particularly powerful headlights. And: Audi is showing a new sports model in the spirit of the original Quattro.


The small electric car i3 could become one of the stars of the fair. An extremely light carbon fiber body, a 170 hp electric motor and a range of a maximum of 200 kilometers should convince the skeptical Germans of the electric drive. At 34,950 euros, the revolutionary eco-city vehicle is not a bargain, but it is also not worlds more expensive than comparable models from the competition.

The eco sports car is almost unrivaled i8, which will also be shown for the first time in the finished series version in Frankfurt. Thanks to the plug-in hybrid drive, the futuristic, flat two-seater drives around 30 kilometers electrically, but can also be driven by a petrol engine with around 345 hp.

Then there are the more conventional innovations of the Bavarian brand: About that 4 series coupe based on the 3 Series, which will be anything but a bargain with a price of at least 39,200 euros. But the engine and equipment should justify the price.

The BMW can hardly be recognized as a novelty X5, which has only changed very slightly on the outside. Under the hood, however, there is for the first time a four-cylinder diesel with 218 hp, which – also a premiere – is also offered with rear-wheel instead of all-wheel drive. Then the SUV should get by on 5.6 liters of fuel.


The US brand shows the new edition of the sports car icon in Frankfurt Corvette. Chevrolet remains true to tradition: eye-catching styling, a thick V8 and relatively low prices also characterize the seventh generation, which is allowed to carry the classic nickname Stingray and is celebrating its European premiere in Frankfurt.

460 hp from 6.2 liters of displacement accelerate the coupe to 100 km / h in less than four seconds. The chassis, aerodynamics and transmission have been slightly adapted for the European market. The technical differences compared to the basic version offered in America include an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, larger wheels and brake discs, adaptive dampers and the dry sump lubrication borrowed from racing.

The muscle car will be available at prices from 69,900 euros – not really cheap, but still a bargain for what is on offer. The model can be bought from autumn.


The advertises with unusual styling Citroën C4 Picasso individualists since June. The long version Grand C4 Picasso is celebrating its premiere at the IAA. With a similar look, it offers more space in the luggage compartment and, if desired, seven seats. As with its predecessor, a panoramic glass pane provides a pleasant light climate in the interior if required.

In addition, this is debuting DS3 racing convertible. The little Frenchman with the large sunroof is said to be extremely fast thanks to its 202 hp.


The Romanians present a facelift: The Renault subsidiary is presenting the revised version of the compact SUV in Frankfurt Grim before.


The Italians bring a new version of the 458 V8 sports car. the 458 Speciale is the most uncompromising variant of the racing car to date. It offers active aerodynamics and 605 hp, which should come into its own especially on the racetrack.

Compared to the 458 Spider, the 4.5-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine increased by 35 hp, giving it a liter output of 135 hp. At the same time, the weight was reduced to 1290 kilograms. So each horsepower only has to move 2.13 kilograms of the car.

Fiat 500 L Living

Fiat presents another variant of the 500th The 500 L Living is a van for up to seven people, which will also be available as a mild off-road version. Both versions will go on sale in September.


Ford is showing an important novelty for the brand at the fair in Frankfurt: the long-awaited one Ford Mondeo of the next generation. In addition, a new edition of the family van is likely to be at the Cologne booth S-Max stand. And Ford is showing its advances in electric drives, with one C-Max plug-in hybrid and the Production model of the electric Focus.


For the first time in more than a decade, the Honda Civic again as Station wagon available. The load-space-optimized version of the compact was developed in and for Europe, it should be at the top of the segment in terms of rear volume.

The four-cylinder engines known from the hatchback model are likely to be used for the drive, including the new 1.6-liter diesel with 120 hp. In terms of price, the Japanese will start just below 18,000 euros.


The Koreans show the new generation of the mini car i10, which will be built in Turkey for the European market in the future. The new model should appear significantly higher quality than its predecessor.

There is also the facelift of the compact SUV ix35 and for the first time in Germany the seven-seater SUV Grand, which was already presented in Geneva Santa Fe. At 4.92 meters in length, it is extremely large for a mid-range model. The trunk grew compared to the normal Santa Fe by 73 liters to 607 liters, at least with the third row of seats folded.


Nissan’s posh daughter focuses on a concept car. The study of a compact model is presented in Frankfurt. the Q30 should compete against Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class in the future.


Fiat’s American daughter has that Grand Cherokee Thoroughly revised and trimmed for economy, at least if you apply US standards: According to the standard, the model should consume 7.5 liters of diesel with an output of 241 hp. A new automatic transmission and new diesel engines that run almost a liter more economically than their predecessors help here.


Hyundai’s sister brand Kia is presenting the second generation of the small crossover car at the IAA Kia Soul. The new version of the five-door hatchback will also be quite boxy, Kia even underlines the massive appearance with a slightly more massive front and a two-tone body design.

In addition, the Koreans are showing the mid-range sedan in Frankfurt Optima, a mini-SUV study and a LPG version of the small car Picanto with a 67 hp three-cylinder.


Shortly before the end of production, Lamborghini added a particularly sporty model to its Gallardo range. the Gallardo Squadra Corse is based on the Gallardo Supertrofeo racing car and shows this clearly: At the rear there is a large carbon fiber wing, the bonnet, which is also made of the lightweight material, can be quickly removed thanks to the quick-release fastener, and it also has decorative stripes in the colors of the Italian flag.

In addition, the currently most powerful version of the V10 petrol engine is used for the drive. It has an output of 570 hp and a six-speed manual transmission that sends a maximum torque of 540 Newton meters to all four wheels. The price for the sports car with a top speed of 320 km / h is not yet known.


Lexus also uses a study as an eye-catcher: The Toyota subsidiary is showing its idea of ​​a compact SUV in Frankfurt, in the style of the brand, it is powered by a hybrid.


The Japanese are now also relying on particularly dynamic design in the compact class. the Mazda3 Adopts the sporty style of the recently introduced mid-range Mazda6 model and also uses some of its big brother’s engines for the engines.

The small manufacturer is taking a different approach: Instead of hybrid and downsizing, particularly effective diesel and suction gasoline engines are supposed to keep people thirsty. For example, there is a 120-horsepower gasoline engine that should make do with 5.1 liters.


For Mercedes, the trade fair in Frankfurt is a home game, so the show is correspondingly large – with other variants of the new S-Class, among other things. At the top is the S 63 AMG with 585 hp from eight cylinders and two turbochargers. For the first time, all-wheel drive technology can also be ordered.

The new eco model, on the other hand, comes with only one driven axle S 500 plug-in hybrid that combines the power of a V6 petrol engine with that of an electric motor. Consumption should be three liters per 100 kilometers – but only if the fully charged batteries are also run empty – because then no super at all flows out of the tank for the first 30 kilometers or so. A large coupe based on the S-Class is also expected as a study.

The Mercedes offers a few segments lower GLA Show value at the fair. The compact SUV based on the A-Class is the first model from the Stuttgart-based company to compete against the VW Tiguan, BMW X1 and Audi Q3.


The second generation of the small car is on the Nissan stand grade in the centre. It will hit the market in October at prices starting at EUR 13,990 and will use fancier shapes than before. A new front and a striking rear should suggest sportiness and modernity. Overall, the 4.10 meter long Japanese optically joins the ranks of the new small hatchbacks.


Opel designs the Insignia around. The model gets a new front and LED lights at the rear, and the interior has been completely redesigned: Instead of the many buttons on the current model, a touchpad is now to ensure better usability. There are also new engines, including a two-liter diesel with 140 hp, which should be satisfied with 3.7 liters of fuel.

In addition, an Insignia variant in off-road style is available for the first time. the Country Tourer drives up with all-wheel drive and three powerful turbo engines, including a twin-turbo diesel with 195 hp.

However, one study at Opel is likely to attract the most attention Monza Concept, a coupe in the tradition of the original Monza and the Calibra. However, there are no concrete series plans yet.


With an elegant design and economical engines, the new Peugeot 308 the VW Golf targeted. Instead of the often criticized, wide-open radiator mouth, there is now a narrower, chrome-plated air inlet on the front. In the interior, the unusual cockpit architecture, already known from the small car 208, with the very small and deeply mounted steering wheel, should set accents.

In addition to various units from the predecessor, one of the French’s new three-cylinder units also provides the drive for the first time. This makes 82 hp and should get by on a smooth five liters of fuel. Prices for the 308 start at 16,450 euros.

The sport version of the compact coupe is intended to enhance the image RCZ R for the otherwise rather sedate brand. With 270 hp, the new R variant of the 2 + 2-seater is the most powerful production car that the French have ever launched. The market launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2014.

Peugeot has equipped its small car 208 with a hybrid drive from racing. The unusual combination celebrates on board the technology study 208 Hybrid FE Premiere. A near-series three-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters and an electric motor, which, like the battery system, was derived from the Le Mans racing car 908 Hybrid4, work under the short bonnet of the weight-reduced city car.


Porsche is showing its upcoming super sports car at the fair 918, which should not only be fast, but also particularly economical. This is ensured by a combination of a V8 petrol engine and two electric motors, each with an output of more than 100 hp.

The two electric engines are supplied with energy by a rechargeable battery that can be charged at the socket. They should enable a purely electric drive up to a speed of 150 km / h and, through their work, reduce the consumption of the 795 hp overall system to around three liters on the first 100 kilometers. The price is at least 768,026 euros.

The new generation of the 911 Turbo, which is on offer from 162,055 euros. This continues to rely on a conventional drive, a turbocharged 3.8-liter boxer engine with 520 hp.

Power is transmitted by a seven-speed dual clutch transmission with a start-stop system that deactivates the engine when coasting down and sailing. A standard consumption of 9.7 liters is possible.

The third new model from Zuffenhausen is the Plug-in hybrid version of the Panamera luxury sedan. Thanks to the socket connection, the batteries enable an electric journey of 18 to 36 kilometers, the standard consumption over the 100 kilometers is correspondingly low at 3.1 liters. A combination of electric and V6 drives provides 416 hp of power. Prices start at 110,000 euros.


The VW subsidiary is struggling. But with the new Leon, Seat has succeeded in breaking free. At the IAA, the brand is also showing the model as a station wagon. the Leon ST sets itself apart from its technology donor Golf Variant with a more dynamic design, but the design is paid for with slightly less space. There is a tie between the engines – the most economical version is the 150 hp diesel with a standard consumption of 4.1 liters.


With the Rapid spaceback Skoda competes directly against the VW Golf for the first time. The five-door compact is a derivative of the Rapid notchback sedan, which has a classic hatchback with a flap. This can be extensively glazed on request and should be a design statement in conjunction with the panoramic glass roof. Nevertheless, the prices remain relatively low, presumably from 14,000 euros. In addition, the Czechs show the facelift of the compact SUV yeti.


While the normal Subaru models The compact athlete hides their unusual technology with boxer engines and all-wheel drive under a rather conservative sheet metal cladding WRX also optically a lot. In Frankfurt, the manufacturer is presenting a study that could outline the next generation of the car based on the Impreza sedan – as usual with a beefy look, a wide body and an aggressive front with air inlets and scoops.

Subaru does not name performance data, but the production model could come in 2014. In addition, the Japanese are showing the study that was presented in Geneva at the beginning of the year Viziv, an SUV with a plug-in hybrid.


With the SX4 Suzuki was one of the pioneers of the crossover class in 2006. In the new edition, the colorful mix of styles is now a large mini SUV with a length of 4.30 meters. The program is supplemented by the revised all-wheel drive and a small diesel. The diesel engine develops 120 hp from a 1.6-liter displacement – exactly the same values ​​as the gasoline engine.

The new model will be available from September. The price list starts at 19,490 euros for the front-wheel drive version, while the all-wheel drive version starts at 22,900 euros.

There is also a concept car on the Suzuki booth, The Study iV-4 indicates a planned compact SUV that could be located between the SX4 and Grand Vitara.

The manufacturer has not yet given any specific information on production and market launch. The trade fair program is complemented by the five-door model that is being offered for the first time Swift Sport. The 136 hp small car costs from 19,790 euros.


The world’s largest automobile manufacturer appears rather modest in Frankfurt. The focus of the trade fair presence is on hybrids. With the Hybrid R study, a small car with racing car technology, the brand shows how far the topic of hybrid can be spread: it is powered Yaris Hybrid-R from a 1.6-liter combustion engine developed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH and two powerful electric motors with which the engineers implement an electric all-wheel drive.

As with the TS030 racing car, the 400 hp concept car stores the energy gained during braking in a so-called super capacitor, which, among other things, has the ability to absorb and release energy particularly quickly. And the Japanese are also active when it comes to fuel cells. At the fair, Toyota will show the current state of development.


When it comes to which model will help the electric drive to make a breakthrough, the Golf is definitely one of the favorites. the VW E-Golf will be shown for the first time at the IAA, and it will come to dealers at the beginning of 2014. Its 115 hp electric motor should be able to be supplied with electricity for around 150 kilometers from the on-board lithium-ion batteries, the price is around 35,000 euros.

The second electric model is the small car E-Up added, which will be available shortly after the fair for around 25,000 euros.

The is at the other end of the efficiency scale VW Golf R. The top model of the series is powered by a two-liter turbo gasoline engine with around 300 hp and is supposed to bring the power safely to the road thanks to all-wheel drive. The prices should start beyond 36,000 euros.

On the other hand, there is little information about another trade fair premiere: In Frankfurt, VW will be the successor to the Golf Plus show that should go more in the direction of the van than the current model.

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