Fake shops bribe e-bike buyers: How to expose them and what you can do-e-bikes

Again we are currently receiving many emails for cheated e-bike buyers, often the address of e-bike warehouse sales24.de called.

This is again a fake shop that baits bargain hunters with cheap pedelec prices. But in the end the money is gone, the bike never arrives, cheated ones are held up until a transfer recall is too late. We will show you how to unear fake shops and have a list of fake shops ready. We also give tips on how you may be able to save your money.

E-bikes are still the big hit, bargains go away from discounters like Aldi or Lidl like warm cakes, online shops no longer meet with the delivery, many models are out of print. If you come across an e-bike as a price-conscious buyer, google on the net where you get the object of desire particularly cheaply. Often even unknown shops praise these bikes, sometimes cheaper than many other shops, but not suspicious cheap. And that is exactly the scam of the scam: on a perfectly open website, the e-bike is offered at a fair but not crazy cheap price. As in our case:

Fake alarm: Prophete e-bike for 829 euros

The popular Prophete e-bike was recently offered by Aldi for 999 euros. In the shop www.Ingbert-Sturuh.de is even offered for 829 euros. The fact that the shop clearly undercuts the Aldi price makes us suspicious. Still, it is not a price that is completely unrealistic.

On the other hand, the shop looks very professional, all sorts of e-bikes are offered, although it is actually a household goods shop, at least this conveys the logo "Unrow home appliances".

The e-bike is well presented on the relevant page. Photos, facts and a well-formulated text in the perfect German describe the e-bike. Only the product category "On discounts" Sounds bumpy.

And last but not least, there are the usual social media buttons to the article with its contacts on Facebook, Pinterest and Co. to Share. Only Instagram is missing.

In addition, the prices are also strange "Plus shipping costs" characterized. But if you click on this, you only come to the terms and conditions, that of "Any shipping costs" faise.

Payment is made in advance

Let’s look at the payment methods – these can be found at the bottom of the website: The symbols should make us puzzled: twice bill, but no PayPal for that. In the terms and conditions it says: "The consumer has the option of paying in advance, direct debit, purchase, purchase on account, bank transfer". But that’s simply a lie. Because if you put the goods in the shopping cart and then want to go to the virtual cash register, it is said that you get an email. This actually says how it goes on. Because you are asked to make a transfer to a German account, i.e. to go in advance. At the latest here all of your alarm bells should shrill! Alternatively, fake shops also want the money by credit card, but then book a higher amount than the invoice amount is. If you have noticed the fraud, you have to reclaim the money and lock your credit card. That is why the following also applies here: fingers away!

Nusities in the imprint

Let’s go one step further and check the imprint. A Wuppertaler address is given there. If you look for her in Google Maps you actually come to a plausible address and Google reviews that make sense. In this case, this is a very perfidious trick of the fraudsters, because a phone call reveals: the website is fake, but there is actually electrical unrest. We personally speak to the owner Ingbert Unruh (whose name abuses the fraudsters for the fake shop) – he already warned mass callers in front of this shop. "Up to 80 calls go in here every day.", he sighs. In our research regarding fake shops, this identity theft is more of a new trend. Rather, many fake shops are invented, but this case is extremely bad, after all, there is actually this company. On the one hand, this cradles bargain hunters in deceptive security and, on the other hand, harms the reputation of real shop. However, this is no longer an exception, so was another electrical shop called Elektro-Hoffmann, also from Wuppertal, also a victim of this mesh.

That is why the following applies: If you already have a lot of Spanish on the online offer, a call usually gives the last certainty that this is a fake!

How to expose fake shops

With this checklist you will find out whether it is a fake shop or a serious dealer is behind it.

  • Probably the most important trick to expose fake shops: Call at the shop! In most fake shop cases it says: "This number is not assigned" Or just reports an answering machine – no matter what time you call.
  • The prices are below that of all other traders? If so: healthy distrust is appropriate. With unrealistic deep prices we can say: Fake alarm!
  • The dealer’s URL begins with "https: //" ? no? Fake alarm! But be careful: an HTTPS address is not a free ticket for seriousness.
  • If the URL does not match the products, for example, a naturopath suddenly sells e-bikes? Now their alarm bells should shrill: fake alarm!
  • The shop only offers payment options such as prepayment and credit card? PayPal is not there? Caution: very high fake probability! Attention: Do not rely on the information on the homepage. Only with the checkout is only in advance at fake shops.
  • The shop lists an imprint with address and telephone number? If not: a very safe fake alarm!
  • If there is an imprint, check that the address of the imprint on Google Maps is found and plausible? If not: fake alarm!
  • Are there reviews on the shop on Google or Trustpilot? If not: fake alarm! Because then it is a recently programmed page that will probably soon disappear again.
  • The shop has active profiles on Facebook and/or Instagram? If not: Caution, possible fake alarm
  • If the order button is labeled with: "Register", "continue", "to order"? Fake alarm! Correct would be ""agreement to pay for the order you are placing", "buy now" or "Book a payment"
  • The shop advertises with unknown seals? If so, you should become suspicious. These seals can be faked or purely invented. Google for these alleged seals. Find nothing: fake alarm!
  • If the TuV or Trusted Shops seals, click on the seal to check: If you are not forwarded on a correct page of these seal providers: Fake alarm!
  • If the shop advertises with supposedly completely satisfied customers (for example with five-star reviews): If so, they become suspicious. After all, not all customers are always 100 % satisfied. Reviews on social media or Google are better.
  • If the terms and conditions are missing or are written in a bumpy German? If so: fake alarm! However, a good German is not a guarantee of seriousness.

Fake shops bribe e-bike buyers: How to expose them and what you can do-e-bikes-e-bike
Screenshot: site Fake shops bribe e-bike buyers: How to expose them and what they can do

You have been cheated yourself? Now you have to be fast!

You have transferred, but the bike does not arrive? Mails are still answered at first, but there has been radio silence for some time and calls remain unanswered? Unfortunately a typical stitch of the fraudsters, they play temporarily. Unfortunately we can give you little hope that you will get the money back.

Just a few days after your transfer, you still have the chance to recall the money. So you should proceed:

  1. Remove complaint with the police
  2. Then arrange a one at your bank paid transfer recall due to suspicion of fraud. Describe the reasons carefully and provide the file number of your ad.
  3. With a little luck, you will receive a return from the opposing bank.

Due to their transfer recall due to suspicion of fraud. These check the bank details and possibly block the account so that no other customers can be damaged.

What about credit card payments?

If you have paid with your credit card, proceed as follows:

  1. Lock your credit card so that the criminals do not run further with their data.
  2. Remove criminal complaint to the police.
  3. Contact your credit card provider and request a refund for suspected fraud. Unfortunately, this is often associated with effort. So you have to make it credible that you have not received any goods.

If you walk into a fake shop on the Internet? If a shop seems to you Spanish? Or did you even fall for a fake shop yourself? Then report it to info@site. If you have doubts, we would be happy to check the shop for you. We also add the following list thanks to your message.

Make a big bow around these fake shops!

The following list includes fake shops, which are also supposed to sell bicycles, e-bike, car accessories, e-scooters or bicycle accessories and clothing. All of these shops are fake! This list is not complete, as a lot of fake shops are pouring out on the Internet almost overnight and disappearing again very soon. Rather, the list should be considered a guide.

  • 2 wheel small.de


  • aloch in.com
  • altotunec.com
  • ambiaR.de


  • Baustoff-Rena.de
  • Behfarmd.com
  • Betowin mall.com
  • Bhrutush.com
  • BikeFamily-GmbH.de
  • bike-heller.de
  • Bining apple box.de
  • Brigitter winner.at
  • Block house anod.de
  • Boguso.de
  • Botanicaq.com
  • boudevw.com
  • Brunos household.de
  • Buero-service dorenkamp.de
  • Byschulzy.com


  • Care4patien.de
  • Cheer.de


  • dbaranaw.XYZ
  • Deinbike.net
  • Dgasanova.com
  • dima.de
  • Dodiprint.XYZ
  • dragoons.com
  • drHousei.com


  • ebikedragon.com and ebikedragon.PL
  • E-bike experts.de
  • E-bike bearing sales24.de
  • E-bike pedelec24.de
  • Ecaroust.com
  • Efrad-wheel shop.com
  • electromobel.com
  • electrical tin.de
  • elostacks.de
  • E-Pedelec24.de
  • E-shop market.de
  • E-topitness.com


  • fabalesx.com
  • FA Richter Shop.de
  • Bicycle expert.de
  • Bicycle front.com

  • bicycle house.de
  • Bicycle world online.com

  • Fcomver.com
  • finca vividor.de
  • FJ.sjtnx.trade
  • Florina garden.de
  • fly grain.com
  • frdgymonline.com
  • Fromjtosj.com


  • Garden.de
  • counter.de
  • glogloestore.com
  • Gangmail.de

  • Gptciplaw.com


  • Hagolos.de
  • halmoez.com
  • house-drelo.com
  • raspic.XYZ
  • Home electros.com


  • iamherese.com
  • itdocmall.com
  • Ijlsisale.com
  • Ingbert-Sturuh.de
  • Izhchstore.com


  • Jajay-S shop.com
  • Johannessteffen.de
  • .Joxworlde.com
  • jzip.com


  • kaigaifxt.com
  • cocoaoo.com
  • Karlstadtertafel.de
  • Keishav.com
  • Kutakmice.com


  • Leopanda electro.com
  • lovely.de
  • lilly cat.de
  • lotusmcx.com
  • ltbvipg.com


  • Madvantim.com
  • Maptasale.com
  • marti bosom.de
  • MAXX technology.de
  • Mechanical Mondor Delente Coop.XYZ
  • Mehnike.com
  • Mein-HKX.de
  • mein discount.store
  • mepscol.com
  • Methaozp.com
  • Michael-Hoffmann-Wuppertal.de
  • Milentech.com
  • mralefgoods.com
  • Mrayhanonline.com
  • Msasupply.com
  • moresbya.com
  • my-infotter terminal.de


  • nffburo.com
  • ntqymconline.com


  • Oldibun.de
  • Olympics.de
  • ondamce.com


  • commuter corner.com


  • Qaldogoods.com
  • Qgoshopsu.com


  • cycling.de
  • cycling shop.com
  • ranobitsale.com
  • relawady.com
  • Robobilz.com
  • RSK trade.de
  • Ruucyonline.com
  • RTXShop.de


  • creamy.de
  • Sanubhab.com
  • sdiasmani.com
  • Seabear.at
  • Selogerstore.com
  • SEK board.de
  • Sfansan.com
  • shojaf.com
  • ShoppingCart market.com
  • sicovirstore.com
  • Skymorogoods.com
  • Smart and wheel.com
  • Sports trading24.de
  • Sports trade.de


  • tagado.de
  • Take-up shop.he
  • Teckers.com
  • Techfisch-Elektro.com
  • timbalatin.de
  • Tookacogoods.com
  • travljunkie.com


  • uartelatz.com
  • Udomorgel.com
  • usellfile.com
  • Uwebwasap.com


  • Viaggio-in-ITILIA.com
  • Vshoppeyz.com


  • Wapisal.XYZ
  • Wbrezende.com
  • Wellshopi.com
  • Advertising-Leipzig-Twey.de
  • winner market.com


  • XMedizco.com


  • ZSCParts.com
  • zutmanned.com

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