Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts

Price starts at under 2.000 euros

Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts

Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts-falt-e-bike
Honbike Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts

Folding bikes are perfect to master the last mile. In the meantime there are also motorized specimens of the slap – but mostly at juicy prices and in the rather lame look. The Honbike Pro wants to do everything differently here.

In just 10 seconds and four steps, the approximately 21 kg of folding e-bike can be merged-that sounds record-breaking. After that, the dimensions are only 99 x 45 x 85 centimeters-the folding e-bike is small enough for every trunk or can be taken with you in public transport.

For the initial assembly after the delivery, the engineers have worked hard and so the Honbike consists of only 57 individual parts that result in the finished folding e bike after 15 minutes of assembly period. According to the lesser number of components, maintenance and repairs should also be minimized by the lower number of components. The commuter-friendly folding E-bike is offered in three colors or. Color combinations: black, red-black and white-black.

Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts-japan
Honbike Falt-e-bike from Japan: It consists of just 57 parts

50.000 kilometers without maintenance, engine does not weigh 2 kilograms

The compact folding wheel is provided with a small but height -adjustable saddle, reports Auto Evolution. The tires can be removed in less than two minutes via quick closures. The patented drive system via a joint shaft is completely disguised and, according to Honbike.000 km mileage without repairs or maintenance.

An OLED display integrated in the handlebar informs the driver about the most important parameters such as the battery level, reach and speed. Honbike attaches great importance to using the smallest 250 watt hub engine for its folding wheel with only 1.9 kg weight.

Range for a folding e-bike properly

A removable 6 ampers’ 36 volt battery is ideally ranges for driving up to 40 km of electrically supported driving. The battery should be completely loaded again in 3.5 hours. The engine support can be switched on in five stages, which supports the Honbike up to the usual speed of a maximum of 25 km/h. As a safety function, a inclination sensor is installed in the folding wheel, which switches off the engine from 30 degrees crossing of 30 degrees. This should brake up and reduce the risk of a fall. From 25. The Honbike Pro is offered on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Price: 2.$ 100, the equivalent of around 1.860 euros. Later it should cost the double.

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