Faraday Future: On course for production start in July 2022

Faraday Future: On course for production start in July 2022-production

As the electric car start-up Faraday Future (FF) tells, the company remains on the (already several times corrected, but now seemingly realizable) course, in July 2022 the deliveries of the luxury stream FF 91. Thus, in Hanford (USA), the company has reached the first major milestone in Hanford (USA): the full installation of the pilot quip in the area for pre-series production. The factory of FF should be a tailor-made, high-quality, luxurious production setup for the flagship FF 91.

“Our work in Hanford has made important progress in recent months. We are now ramping up at full speed to complete our manufacturing facility in the coming months,” Matt Tall, FF’s vice president of manufacturing, said in a recent statement. However, the envisaged production targets for the FF 91 are of a rather modest nature and, according to FF, focus on a smaller volume and a specific clientele – which is not surprising given the vehicle price in the six-digit range.

Since the successful IPO in July, FF has started construction of the Hanford facility and now, as a first milestone, has completed the pre-production pilot line systems. The other seven interim goals include the construction of the foundations for all remaining production areas, including body, drive, bearings and vehicle assembly (milestone number 3), the production of pre-series models for the final technical validation and certification of the vehicles (milestone number 4), the Final construction of all machines and equipment for vehicle production (number 6), so that milestone number 7 – the start of series production – can start in summer 2022.

FF is creating what it says is “a state-of-the-art facility that combines state-of-the-art automated production processes and highly skilled craftsmanship to compete with the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers.”. With its exclusive vehicles, the manufacturer wants to clearly set itself apart from conventional mass production.

The listing of Faraday Future on the US stock exchange NASDAQ, which was finalized just a few months ago, not only raised capital to get the production of the flagship FF 91 on track, but also enabled some product improvements, according to FF. These should also benefit the follow-up model, the FF 81 crossover, which is somewhat more suitable for the mass market due to its lower price.

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