Faraday Future sketches its global manufacturing strategy

Faraday Future sketches its global manufacturing strategy-global

Faraday Future commissions the leading architectural office goods Malcomb with the construction of his work in Hanford, California, and outlines its global manufacturing strategy. The focus is on the electric luxury sedan FF91, which one wool with a hybrid manufacturing strategy on the road. According to the start-up, this should also be extremely core.

The primary production of the FF 91 is in the 102.193 m², renovated complex in Hanford, California, take place. The existing plant has the infrastructure required for production, which significantly reduces both costs and lead time. The plant has a production capacity of approx. 10.000 vehicles per year and is expected to be able to start production within 12 months of completion of the fusion with PSAC. FF has used the services of goods Malcomb, a leading international full-service design office, to complete the architectural planning, the interior design and the civil engineering for the production site in Hanford.

“FF has already made considerable investment in our production facility in Hanford, and with the additional funds from our merger with PSAC, we assume that the plant can be put into operation in the near future. Since its inception, FF has always striven to offer state-of-the-art technologies such as software, internet and artificial intelligence. That’s what distinguishes us from the competition and what we will focus on as soon as the production has started.”- DR. Carsten Breitfeld, Global CEO of FF

Furthermore, the company work together for future models, with a leading contract manufacturer in South Korea. The company has signed a contract for additional capacities for the production of vehicles with myoung Shin. It was agreed to start production in a former GM plant, with important employees for vehicle production and production startup. FF also checks the possibility of additional production capacities in China through contract manufacturing.

The production plan of Faraday Future provides that the luxury sedan FF 91 – the first model of the start-up – should be mounted in series for about nine months after completing a successful financing round. The work on the secondary FF 81, a middle-class crossover, as well as the development preparation for future models and nuclear technologies of the next generation are to be addressed immediately after the introduction of the FF 91.

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