Farasis: CEO is coming to VW & German work possibly before

Farasis: CEO is coming to VW & German work possibly before-possibly

In Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Chinese supplier Farasis wanted to produce battery cells for Daimler in the coming year. Now the construction of the factory could be delayed for years – or even completely fail. Currently the local strategy will be revised. In addition, you want to track the works in China. All this meets with the journey of the Europachef of the Chinese battery cell manufacturer Farasis, Sebastian Wolf, together. It probably pulls it to Volkswagen.

The start of the production of battery cells of the Daimler partner Farasis Energy in Saxony-Anhalt will move according to a media report by two and a half years from April 2022 to October 2024. Where you do not seem to agree here. Because the “Handelsblatt” had previously reported, possibly the project in Bitterfeld no longer concluded – at least it should be assumed by a delay in the construction of around two years to the fall of 2024. Only last year Daimler involved himself with about three percent of Farasis.

In the factory in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Chinese supplier wanted to invest around 600 million euros after earlier information for the first construction phase. Should therefore be created up to 2000 jobs. The site should also be the new European headquarters of the Group according to previous ideas. All-clear is at least for Daimler. Because for this should not result from the construction delay no delivery delay in the promised cell volumes: until 2024 Farasis will supply the cells for the Mercedes electric cars from Zhenjiang.

Sebastian Wolf, the European Chinese battery cell manufacturer Farasis, apparently switches to Volkswagen, as the “Manager Magazine” reports on corporate circle. How the magazine is reported Wolf at VW for the construction of the European battery cell works. Wolf should take over the operational management about the production of the cells. For Volkswagen a comprehensible acquisition, which drives its own E-strategy forward.

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  1. Why can Germany build no battery mix without China? Are all patents in China?

    And how is it in the EU – no company is able to build without china batteries for cars?

    Apparently, the industry has almost everything to “failed” because China has promised to deliver favorable.

    Apparently, E-Cars is the dependence of non-democratic countries as far as the oil.


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