Farasis Energy expands strategic network in Europe

Farasis Energy expands strategic network in Europe-network

Farasis Energy announced the middle of the week that one has closed two new partnerships to further expand its own strategic network on the European market. One puts on the German automotive supplier Hella. This develops a modular battery management system for use in electric vehicles. For a European manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Farasis CO2-neutral and ethical standards produced battery cells for its E-Buses supplies.

For Farasis Energy Europe is a growth market of high strategic importance. Consequently, the Expert for Battery Technology started in 2019 the Farasis Energy Europe GmbH, based in Frickenhausen at Stuttgart. In the same year, Farasis and the Automotive Group Daimler announced the agreement of a sustainability partnership. In addition, the Stuttgart has been involved since 2020 with 3 percent Shares on the listed companies Farasis Energy.

The partnership for Hella is now the next, important step for its own network in Europe. The focus is on the creation of a modular platform for battery management systems that can be used in different types of electric vehicles such as cars, trucks or buses. This should be achieved by bundling the know-how in the area of battery production (Farasis) and control units (Hella). With the planned production of this platform in Europe, Farasis also undertakes its claim in the field of sustainability.

Currently, the battery manufacturer has an annual production capacity of 21 GWh (booth 2020), employs more than 4.000 employees worldwide and operates research and development centers in China, Germany and the USA as well as two production sites in the gymna and Zhenjiang (China). Further global production sites outside of China are currently in preparation.

The battery manufacturer Farasis Energy and the Chinese automotive company GEELY Technology did not recently started a joint venture for research and development as well as production and distribution of lithium-ion energy storage systems for electric vehicles as well as other energy storage applications. Together you invest in a first step one billion yuan (Ca. 127 million euros) as a share capital.

Research and development is in the center of entrepreneurial activity. The Chinese Battery Manufacturer Farasis has successfully tested battery cells with an energy density of more than 330 Wh / kg / kg. This makes the company on the way to increase this value important for e-mobility by 2030 by up to 50 percent compared to the current state of the art. Farasis has been working on the development of innovative battery cells for two decades and is considered one of the technology leader.

However, the manufacturer of E-vehicle batteries is also clear that the electromobility can make an effective contribution to climate protection, the batteries needed nationally need to be produced and recycled. For Farasis, this topic has the highest priority: Already today, the production of batteries for European car manufacturers is certified as CO2-neutral. In addition, Farasis is a member of the RCI (Responsible Cobalt Initiative) and relies on the implementation of IRMA standards for lithium and cobalt mines. The recycling of the batteries in China takes place in partnership with specialized companies, corresponding cooperations in Europe are currently under construction. The aim for Farasis is a closed value chain of the battery over the entire lifecycle from the design to recycling.

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  1. Vertical integration I believe differently – be it Drum, we will see where that ends up.
    After all, a step in the right direction – you can not order all the time at the Chinese supplier.


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