Farizon Ad21: Competitor to Tesla Semi with Battery Exchange Technology

Farizon Ad21: Competitor to Tesla Semi with Battery Exchange Technology-battery

The electric car with change battery a topic are that we know at the latest since the Nio on the 2. Millions of battery change in his own battery exchange network has made aware. In the future, the battery exchange technology will probably also play a role in electrified commercial vehicles. This suggests current revelations of the German-British journalist Greg Baskle on Twitter.

Babble has presented on his Twitter profile first photos of Farizon Ad21, an electric tractor machine, which is traded as Tesla Semi competitor from Geely. The Farizon AD21 is to be placed in the same market segment, but in contrast to the Semi of Tesla, but set to change batteries. Similar to the Tesla saddle tractor, the Geely Stromer sets a clean design that should help in terms of aerodynamics to classize class victory. Because it is known to be particularly valid in heavy commercial vehicles, the more wind-cutting, the further it can drive.

As the journalist wants to learn, the change battery should not be the disadvantage of the e-saddle tractor in everyday life. A “considerable” range is available for the AD21. Whereby at least already states today that “AD21” will not be the final name of the E-vehicle. This is still a project name. Nevertheless, the semi-tractor is developed in Europe first in China. There are corresponding rules in the big cities even more stringent than in Europe and lead to the fact that diesel trucks can no longer be used in the long run.

Furthermore, Geely’s tractor moving machine benefits from the fact that the battery change technology is statefully advocated and promoted the battery change technology. The question that turns out, how can you make a battery change with a vehicle of such a size. There are already different approaches for e-cars. Which are all similar in the core. An official introduction date of Farizon AD21 is expected in mid-2021. Behind Farizon hides a brand Geelys, which has been concentrated since autumn 20216 on New Energy Vehicles (NEV) from the commercial vehicle sector, especially on electrically powered trucks and city buses.

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5 thoughts on “Farizon Ad21: Competitor to Tesla Semi with Battery Exchange Technology”

  1. Since a startup tries to collect money again ..
    As long as only a prototype exists is rather the question of which ever comes to the street and what he can really end up.
    Somehow the method seems to be today ..

  2. Analogous:

    The Farizon / Geely saddle tractor is expected in mid-2021.

    Great: Another pure electric tractor (SZM) for semi-trailers!
    Generally: a success for battery change concepts in the EU I definitely do not come.

    A concept for “wide and fast transports” I see (for a long time) far rather In it – because both drivers and tractor need a (recharge) break – just the semi-trailer (automatically!) with the Connect cargo to a charged SZM with “fresh” driver and so after 5 minutes (faster than refuel!) Simply continue the goods!

  3. Curril, a phantom is highly stylized for the competition of another phantom.
    In the meantime, armscharen of electric electric cars almost all truck manufacturers are freshly cheerful in the area around.
    And nearly 50 hydrogen trucks have already made 400,000 kilometers in Switzerland last half of the year.
    In IT we called the earlier, Vaporware ‘.

  4. If allegedly charging stations should not count on how to expect alternation stations that require even more effort than just putting a charging column in the landscape.

    An entrepreneur claims that at least 1 Euro per kWh for charging current Required to operate charging stations profitably – how high would the price be due to change stations?

    For E cars are likely Solar cells on the body, Like the Sion or the model car presented in 1955 with solar cells of William G. Cobb at the “General Motors Car Show” in Chicago, the solution.

    Solar cell model car 1955 >> https: // en.Wikipedia.org / wiki / sunmobile (English)

    With up to 6.000 km (in the future up to 8.500 km) in the year with solar cell stream On the car bonus series, the need for charging columns should not be so high, since solar cell stream is much cheaper.

    The solar cell technology is likely to be worthwhile on many trucks with suitcase construction and provide many additional and affordable kilometers. Which forwarding buys expensive interchangeable statement?

    In addition to the expensive electricity price of the change stations, the more consuming design of the E-trucks with change battery makes the vehicles expensive – Which forwarding also pays even higher truck prices?

  5. … because I have seen it for the first time, near HH. Would not it make sense to continue to pursue the concept with the overhead lines over the right highway track? Many hundred kilometers do not need the battery, or to load, for continuing on the highway.


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