Farizon Homtruck: Electric truck with exchangeable battery and methanol drive

Farizon Homtruck: Electric truck with exchangeable battery and methanol drive-exchangeable

Farizon Auto, the commercial vehicle brand of the Geely Holding Group, presented the Homtruck earlier this week, with production and first deliveries planned for early 2024. According to their own statements, the Homtruck comes with a range of drive options. These include a range extender, a methanol hybrid and a pure electric truck with the option of changing the battery.

In this way, Farizon wants to create the basis for bringing one of the most advanced and cleanest commercial vehicles onto the road with the Homtruck. The focus here is on efficiency, driver and pedestrian safety, as the company itself says. In addition, the homtruck should become a place of retreat for its driver. It is well known that truck drivers all over the world spend an above-average amount of time in their vehicles, often more than at home. The mobile space created with the homtruck integrates “work, life and entertainment” and satisfies the vital needs of the driver.

Farizon Homtruck: Electric truck with exchangeable battery and methanol drive-truckFarizon

The Homtruck is able to connect with the logistic network big data platforms to help the drivers get the optimal orders in real-time, analyze and track the deliveries. As well as to calculate the operating costs along the routes. The Homtruck’s “brain” can use vehicle sensors to analyze real-time traffic data and provide route recommendations. In addition, the energy management system can also control the homtruck’s power or fuel supply for optimal economic performance and recommend optimal refueling or charging routes to the driver.

Farizon Auto’s Homtruck is the result of synergies between the technological know-how of Geely Holding and its partners in the global automotive industry. The Homtruck represents a significant step towards a carbon-free freight transport system and opens the door to a new era for the logistics industry.—Eric Li, Chairwoman of Geely Holding Group

Inside, drivers will find a driving and living area. The living area has a bathroom with shower and toilet, a single bed, a fridge, a tea maker, a kitchen and even a small washing machine. Inside the homtruck, the designers have used natural soft-touch fabrics, sustainable plastics and bamboo grain materials to create an eco-friendly environment inspired by the peaceful bamboo forests of China.

Farizon Homtruck: Electric truck with exchangeable battery and methanol drive-electricFarizon

The Homtruck will be able to use the autonomous L4 functions on a growing number of selected routes. Convoy features will also be introduced for longer journeys, allowing trucks to communicate with each other to maintain a safe speed and distance, reducing driver stress levels. Hardware sensors such as lidar, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar will be standard equipment, as will 5G and V2X communications.

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  1. In any case, the benefits for the driver are very welcome!
    But otherwise a lot of advertising – the Homtruck can do this, the Homtruck can do that..
    Can the Homtruck also be reasonably fully loaded (with pallet goods)???
    In THE form probably only by hand with small packages..


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