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A whopping 110 km/h according to the speedometer-Site drove this pace with the Kumpan 54i: Gnite, an e-scooter from the 125-cubic class. These electric scooters could not only be the better alternative for the rather lame 50s scooters, but also for the car. Site was exploring the market, giving current purchase recommendations and answering the most important questions when buying a fast e-scooter.

After the 50-cubic scooters, e-mobility now also reaches scooters of the larger cubic class. Because many consumers are not enough for the maximum speed of 45 km/h – you want to be faster on the road. Even in the city, a brisk e-scooter is proving to be very useful on ring roads or city highways.

E-scooter 125 ccm: Who is the current test winner 2021?

The selection of e-scooters of the larger cubic classes is still clear, as well as comparison tests are just as clear. The ADAC had put six e-scooters of the A1 driver’s license class (light motorcycle) at the beginning of 2021 (advertisement). In the meantime a lot has happened, but the test serves as a good orientation. Site was now also allowed on three "huge" Take a seat e-scooters: the Niu NQi GT, which you can see in the video, the Kumpan 54i: Gnite and the Seat Mo 125. And so we can give you specific test winners and purchase recommendations. Afterwards you will find out important facts about the e-scooter purchase.

The test winner: Seat Mo 125 / Silence S01

In the ADAC test (advertisement), the Silence S01 prevailed under six e-scooters of the large 125 class. Basically, the Seat Mo is a tilting Silence-S01 model with light technical improvements and bug fixes. With a price of 6.He is one of the expensive e-scooters 700 euros, but also offers a lot for the price and a few real exceptions. Above all, the e-scooter gets the electricity from a deeply seated battery, which you pull out of the scooter chassis based on a handle and then pull it out like a trolley. This works perfectly, is very comfortable and does not take any space under the seat, i.e. there are room for two helmets. However, the battery weighs a whopping 41 kilos. So if you want to load the battery in your apartment, you should live at ground level or have an elevator. To balancing the thing over stairs is no fun.

Configure Seat Mo and test drive (display)

But how far does the battery bring the driver? According to ADAC, 90 kilometers are created in city mode. Site has also had similar experience, while in sports mode the range melts to about 75 kilometers. Compared to other e-scooters in this class, this is a very good value. The battery takes almost 9 hours until it is recharged at a socket. By the way, cell phones or laptops can also be charged on the scooter. Furthermore, the ADAC testers praise the short braking distance, but blame the rather large turning circle.

The reverse gear is a real special feature. Yes, you read properly: The e-scooter has a reverse gear-this is known for two-wheelers otherwise with the Bock-heavy Honda Goldwing motorcycles. The e-scooter produced in Spain comes with a two-year guarantee, there are three years on the battery. At 156 kilograms, however, the Seat Mo is difficult. For comparison: similar scooters weigh a maximum of 100 kilograms with batteries.

The e-scooter looks extremely valuable and stable when driving. The larger tires (15 in front, 14 inches) equal bumps. From below the Efahrer testers would have wished for a little more injection. You can still keep up on the highway, because the Seat Mo makes it on a fleet 95 km/h.

Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip-e-bikes-fast
Seat Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip

The fastest, but also the most expensive: Kumpan 54 I: Gnite

Cool retro design, great handiness and finally an electric scooter that also cracks the 100 km/h mark: the Kumpan 54 I: Gnite (advertisement) is a lot of fun in the urban jungle, but also on the country road. According to the speedometer you can create over 110 km/h, but it is actually 100 kilometers per hour via GPS. In contrast to the Seat Mo you have the feeling of sitting on a real scooter at Kumpan speedsters. With a weight of 100 kilograms including the two batteries, we meandered quickly and agile through traffic jams and carpenters. However, because of the small bikes, you can experience bumps of streets much more directly than, for example, with the Seat roller. In addition, we would have liked a little more value in some places on the scooter, for example with the glove compartment.

Book a test drive on the Kumpan-E-Roller (display)

The e-scooter is very practical with its removable batteries. There are two pieces from buying, they bring the driver at least 60 kilometers. A third also fits under the seat, but costs over 1.000 euros extra. Juicy is not only the battery price, but also the price of the buddy scooter. 6.999 euros are at least due. Reason for the high price: the buddy is produced in Germany, 80 percent of the parts also come from German production, 10 more percent from Europe. The battery cells come (still) from Asia. The service takes place at the dealer, in an emergency a service technician also comes to you.

Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip-e-bikes-electric
Buddy Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip

The cheap price tip with long breath: niu nqi gt

Niu is a brand that is characterized by good quality goods and also has a considerable dealer network in Germany. But the biggest plus is the prices. Because the Niu scooters are significantly under similar brand scooters in terms of price.

View niu nqi GT (advertisement)

A fair price-performance offer does Niu with the NQI GT, which you can do for 3.Order 599 euros. This makes it significantly cheaper than the competition of GOVECS (Schwalbe), Kumpan and Piaggio (Vespa). But you never have the feeling that you are sitting on a cheap China scooter. The biggest plus points of the NQI GT are its very good app and its very lavish range of almost 100 kilometers (in the Extended Range version for 4.The scooter even manages 699 euros to 140 kilometers). However, you need over 9 hours of loading time to start again with a full battery level. In addition, you have to live with a top speed of only 70 kilometers and a rather moderate trigger at the traffic lights (from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds) – all the reasons why the NiU NQi GT comes so far. Anyone who lives on the outskirts will hardly disturb it. But on the highway you become an obstacle. Large people don’t get happy with the Niu scooter, because you sit on the scooter with very raised legs. The reason is the battery that is sunk in the running board.

Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip-e-bikes-test Fast electric scooters in the 125cc class: test winner 2021 and price tip

What driver’s license do I need for the faster e-scooters?

It used to be at least that "small" Motorcycle driving license necessary to drive scooters in the 80s or 125 cubic class, it has become much easier since 2020: if you have been at least 25 years old and have had class B for at least 5 years, you only need 4 theory and 5 practical hours A 90 minutes on a 125-day to obtain the so-called B196 expansion. There is no extra driving test. Depending on the driving school and region, the costs amount to 500 to around 900 euros.

How quickly can I drive with these electric scooters?

Different. The rather cheap NQI GTS comes on 75 things, while the Seat Mo drives up to 95 km/h quickly and the Kumpan 54i: Gnite even after GPS 100 km/h. Rule of thumb: the more expensive, the faster the e-scooter is.

What speaks for an e-scooter instead of a conventional scooter?

In addition to the argument that you are on the road with an e-scooter, the engine also speaks for an e-scooter. It is particularly low in maintenance and wears off more slowly. The same applies to brakes, since they use them less than with conventional scooters. Because as soon as you go out of the gas, the motor brake usually grabs significantly more than with combustion rollers. An e-scooter in his care is extremely easy. You don’t have to change an oil or replace spark plugs. Only the battery should not be deeper discharge. To do this, you have to recharge the battery when not in use (such as in winter).

And what speaks against it?

If you want to master longer distances over 80 kilometers, you will still have a hard time. In addition, the prices of the e-scooters are still too high, comparing them with normal combustion scooters.

What prices do I have to calculate for an e-scooter?

The prices for these brisk e-scooters start at around 4.000 euros and reach up to 8.000 euros – depending on the brand and equipment. The Kumpan 54i: Gnite costs at least around 7.000 euros because it is largely produced in Germany and not in Asia. The Seat Mo beats at least 6.700 euros. The prices of the large e-scooters are therefore significantly more expensive than those of the small 50s scooters, but also unfortunately more expensive than combustion scooters, which in the maximum case 4.000 euros cost. After all, federal states and cities offer funding programs, so that they sometimes up to 1.Can get 000 euros back in. The Efahrer funding database provides precise information.

You must pay attention to these facts when buying an e-scooter

Battery pack: The ideal scooter comes with one or more lithium-ion batteries, which you can take out for charging (mostly the weight of this battery is around 10 kilos). Because this is the only way the e-scooter becomes practical. Unless you always have the opportunity to push the scooter directly to a socket for charging. The Seat Mo is equipped with a thick battery that you can pull behind you like a suitcase, but with a weight of 40 kilos you need an elevator to get the battery into your apartment.

Range: It is just as important with an e-scooter as with e-cars. Shaved over the comb, common large e-scooters easily create a range of 50 kilometers. Interestingly, the price says little about the range. The rather cheap NiU NQI GT Pro creates, for example, 80 kilometers, the most expensive scooter is currently on the market, the Kumpan 54i: Gnite wears you about 60 kilometers with two battery packs.

Storage space: Many electric scooters have a disadvantage – they do not offer storage space. Because the space under the bench is often occupied for the or the battery (s). So if your desired E-roller has no space for the helmet, we advise you to find a suitable top case in which a scooter helmet can be found. If you want to stow two helmets, the top case should hold around 48 liters. Amazon offers an inexpensive top case for 35 euros (advertisement), which has received very good ratings.

View Tresko TopCase for 35 euros at Amazon (advertisement)

Service: What helps you a scooter if no workshop can repair it? So choose an e-scooter whose repairs are covered by a dealer or a contract workshop near you. Alternatively, as with the buddy or the Nova engine scooters, there is a suburban service (advertisement) that comes to your home and repairs or picks up the scooter right on the spot. So clarify how well the manufacturer’s service is expanded in your area before buying.

Nice to have: Similar to cars, e-scooters can be configured with extras. The most expensive detail is another battery that is often around 1.000 euros extra costs. Rollers with gadgets such as a USB charging socket for the cell phone or keyless starts usually cost more. For some the frills, for others, this extras can prove to be useful in everyday life. Fortunately, e-scooters from the lower price ranges also offer good app connections or different driving modes. The rather expensive Seat Mo even has a reverse gear, but in most cases the site sees as unnecessary.

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