Fastned build fast charging stations on France’s highway

Fastned build fast charging stations on France's highway-build

For Fastneds CEO Michiel Langezaal, it is clear that the loading of electric cars is “a sustainable business model”. This represents the European rapid store network for electric vehicles again. Because from the “Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône” (Aprr), the French highway and toll road group, the company was selected to develop and operate nine fast charging stations along important French highways. The contract must still be approved by the French Ministry of Transport.

The company wanted to bring in when it comes to removing the still sparse electric charging infrastructure. It is planned that E motorists can recharge a range of up to 300 km in 15 minutes. From Paris to Lyon, on the way to Switzerland and around Dijon, the fast charging stations are to be created. While electric motorists can easily drive the autoroute du Soleil from France’s capital to Lyon. This is the first time that Fastned wins a tender for the charging infrastructure in France, and the first time that APRR carries out a public tender for the loading infrastructure for electric vehicles.

“We are looking forward to being selected by Aprr to realize and operate fast charging stations on nine service areas. These locations offer a solid starting point for Fastned in France. It also shows the value of public, transparent procedures for awarding such jobs to accelerate the realization of the charging infrastructure. “- Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned

According to Fastned, the construction of the charging stations for 2021 was planned. After that, fastned can operate the stations for 14 years. Fastned plans to build a large charging station on each location, where up to 16 vehicles can be loaded at the same time. In this way, hundreds of cars per location can be charged daily. The stations will have a roof with solar panels on an FSC-certified wooden construction and deliver 100% renewable energy from a mix of wind and solar energy.

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