Fastned built 25 fast charging stations in Germany

Fastned built 25 fast charging stations in Germany-stations

Fastned, a Dutch company that wants to build a Europe-wide network of electric car fast charging stations, has received a conveying notice over 4.1 million euros from the German Federal Government. Fastned wants to install with the money 25 fast charging stations with several charging columns in all of Germany. The stations should be equipped with the latest charging technology, and enable fast shop within 20 minutes and for a range of 250 kilometers. The first German fastned stations should open at the beginning of next year.

The promotion is part of the Association of Association of Federal Traffic Minister Alexander Dobrindt to set up the loading infrastructure for electric cars. The Bundesprufrastruktur stimulates companies to invest around 300 million euros in rapid loading infrastructure by assuming about 40 percent of the construction costs of these stations.

The Federal Program is intended to reduce the risk of investing in the charging infrastructure and allows companies such as fastned to build the appropriate charging infrastructure, even before the number of electric cars rises. Thus, the HENNE and EI problem is bypassed – so far many motorists do not buy electric car, as the corresponding charging infrastructure has many gaps and bottlenecks.

Fastned built 25 fast charging stations in Germany-chargingFastned
Rainer Bomba, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, handed over the support notice personally and said he was “confident that Fastned will offer the drivers of electric cars with his quick loading network a valuable service in Germany.”Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned, added, Germany is” a central component in our desire to build a European shop network. The Federal Promotion highly helps us to accelerate the establishment of the stations in the center of Europe.”

Fastned develops a European shop network of covered fast charging stations where all electric cars can load. The company builds and operates the locations with multiple chargers along busy highways – similar to the German Resting Staff Tank & Rest or Electric Car Pioneer Tesla with its superchargers. This enables electric car drivers to travel throughout Europe. Fastned is currently active with 63 charging stations in the Netherlands and in the future in Germany and wants to expand its network in other European countries. Currently the construction of fast charging stations in Germany, Great Britain and Belgium is in preparation.

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