Fastned expands to Germany – another step towards the European shop network

Fastned expands to Germany - another step towards the European shop network-expands

Blow on stroke. Now not only Shell is a member of Charin E.V. and will hopefully have positive impact on the European shop network, but also fastned – Dutch fast load network – announced that you are now expanding to Germany.

For the start on the German charging network market, the company has secured contracts for the first 14 locations. Fastned covered charging stations are built on these sites, which are equipped with several quick load columns – similar to the stations already existing in the Netherlands. From the beginning, each quick loader is equipped with the latest technology, which allows the next generation electric cars to load 150 to 350 kW. This achieves almostned that the first discriminatory fast charging stations in Germany take foot. Because on these can be charged electric cars of all car brands.

The new stations make it possible to supply multiple vehicles simultaneously in just 15 minutes with eco-electricity for a range of 500 km. Fastned has the intention to put the stations into operation before the announced electric vehicles such as Audi Q6 E-Tron, Volkswagen I.D., Porsche Mission E, Tesla Model 3 or the Jaguar i-Pace on the market.

But one thing is clear, the self-confident ambitions are not about. The company has already gained a lot of experience in the homeland. So Fastnedned in the Netherlands owns the rights for the construction of fast charging stations on 201 highway radios, already 60 of these sites are realized. Fastned recorded monthly growth of 10 percent over the past two years in the Netherlands.

In order to promote the development of investment locations in Europe, the Dutch company uses both cooperation with local authorities as well as private partners who have suitable properties on highways. The company plans to conclude the conclusion of other long-term lease agreements with German partners for the coming months. Thus, fastned concrete steps to develop a Europe-wide network.

“We are witnesses of the ‘car world’. More and more cars will drive electric. This turn will cause us to need customer-friendly fast charging stations instead of petrol stations where electric cars can be swifted and the drivers can continue their journey without loss of time.

Fastned, together with partners, builds a Europe-wide network with exactly this type of stations that enable reliable travel across Europe across Europe. And there is a clear: the shorter the loading times become, the more the charge of the battery will feel like refueling and our attractive fast charging stations become the petrol stations of the future.”- Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned

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