Fastned: “Load as easily and quickly as possible!”


Linda Boll, Public Affairs Manager Germany at Fastned, took the time before Christmas to get to grips with electric car a bit about Fastned, the expansion in Europe, price developments on the charging market and the obligatory outlook for the coming year. I was able to learn some new things from the charging station operator with the eye-catching yellow roofs.

These not only come in a signal color and thus signal, visible to every e-car driver from afar: You can charge here! Rather, they are already as sustainable as possible through the use of appropriate materials. The fast charging stations are the latest generation, where electric cars can be charged quickly with up to 350 kW. Just fast charging, as fast as possible, as Linda likes to convey. If you compare this with a conventional connection at home, this is up to a hundred times faster.

Should it be the case, however, the 29 German Fastned charging stations can be found primarily on busy roads, mostly near the relevant motorway exits. In other words, on routes on which e-car drivers would like to fill their batteries more quickly in order to continue driving again. In Europe, Fastned is currently active in six countries – the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain. The highest proportion of the current 189 charging stations can still be found in the Dutch market, where the company originated.

Fastned: Fastned

Founded in 2012, this will be celebrating its tenth birthday next year. It all started there with the tender for a fast charging network along the Dutch motorway. May sound familiar. In Germany there are currently similar plans with the Germany network. But there are differences. Last but not least in the planned design of the loading prices, which do not appear economical at first glance. And yet Linda is certain that the German network will have a major impact on the market, even have a huge impact on it.

We have dealt in detail with Fastned‘s last charging price increase. At that time, charging prices were increased from €0.59/kWh to €0.69/kWh. A step that had previously been held back for five years. The feedback was not only positive. At a time when the prices on the electricity exchanges – especially for green electricity, which Fastned uses 100% – are rising sharply, this is understandable. For frequent drivers there is at least the gold membership card. For a basic fee of 12 euros per month, you can then charge for 0.45 €/kWh.

Even if the prices are unlikely to get any cheaper in 2022, at least paying at the modular Fastned charging stations should become easier. Because the card payment – debit and credit card – should then work step by step. The first stations will already be equipped with it in the first quarter. But let’s listen to Linda about what’s still to come.

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1 thought on “Fastned: “Load as easily and quickly as possible!””

  1. Fastned really has a well-developed charging network. Concentrating on motorway exits has the advantage that you are not dependent on this monopoly on filling up and resting.

    However, the prices are relatively high. At EnBW you pay 55 cents without a basic fee.With Ionity you count a basic fee of €17.99, but the kWh only costs 35ct. Definitely the more attractive option for someone who can’t charge at home (provided there is an Ionity charging station around the corner)

    For me, as a main loader at home, the cheapest card without a basic fee is the most attractive and these are currently Maingau and EnBW. I also charge at EnBW fast chargers with the EnBW card.



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