Fastned opens fast charging stations to REWE supermarkets

Fastned opens fast charging stations to REWE supermarkets-charging

Fastned, a European high-speed network for electric cars, has opened a quick charging station at the REWE Center at the Fernietta in Gieben (corner Schiffenberger Weg) a few days ago. The new charging station is the first of a series of REWE locations that Fastned wants to open during the coming year. By combining loading and shopping, Fastned and REWE wants to improve the loading infrastructure for electric cars in Germany.

Fastned specialized in the construction and operation of fast charging stations on convenient locations along highways and in cities across Europe. On the stations, drivers can charge their electric car with energy from renewable sources before continuing their ride. Since its foundation in 2012, the Dutch company based in Amsterdam has built 130 sustainable fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Belgium.

The partnership with REWE region center, allows drivers to combine shopping and charging your vehicle conveniently. In the coming twelve months, Fastned wants to open a number of other charging stations to REWE markets. Each Fastned Station is designed so that it loads the environment as little as possible, whereby sustainably procured and certified materials are used, so the company in a recent communication.

Drivers and drivers of electric cars are still confronted in Germany with a limited network coverage of fast load infrastructure. The partnership between fastned and REWE region center improves the availability of charging infrastructure for all drivers of electric cars. This is mainly relevant because of the growing number of fully electric vehicles on German streets. The proportion of fully electric vehicles at all newly authorized cars in Germany rises rapidly, from 1 percent in 2018 to 4 percent in the first half of 2020 and 10 percent in November 2020.

The cooperation is in line with the plans of REWE, to build sustainable supermarkets, to reduce energy consumption and to design the product range of green and more sustainable, as well as Fastned, to build a European rapid store network, which supplies electric cars with 100 percent sustainable energy.

“We are very happy about working with fastned so that we can offer our customers a high-quality and reliable charging infrastructure. So the visit to the REWE Center becomes a convenient and sustainable shopping experience.”- Stefan Haja, Expansionseiter REWE region center

“It’s a great additional service for the REWE customers where you can combine the shop and the purchase,” says Michiel Langezaal, founder and CEO of Fastned. Due to the design of the stations, the customer can already recognize the charging station from the main road and target the charging columns without a tedious search. The parking is available around the clock and equipped with eight dedicated loading places each with a 50 kW charging column. Each charging column will have both a CCS and a Chademo connection.

Fastned already operates 18 large fast charging stations in Germany and builds its stations as environmentally friendly as possible. All deliver 100 percent green energy that is partly generated on site on solar roofs. The columns of the yellow wings from Fastned are manufactured as with other station models from European larch wood and certified according to the certification program of the Forest Stewardship Council, a sustainable forestry.

For billing of loading processes, there are a variety of payment options, including charging cards of numerous providers and credit cards or immediately / online banking in the Fastned App.

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2 thoughts on “Fastned opens fast charging stations to REWE supermarkets”

  1. This is how the emobility can be implemented. The fast loading of infrastructure locations has a future and will be decisive for the acceptance of the emotion. During an average shopping time of 30-60min, the vehicle with 25-50kWh should be sufficient for the normal budget per week. It is also welcome to install no AC loaders because DC is just the future.
    Be noted the costs for non-subscribers 59ct / kWh at Fastnet, or 35ct / kWh at monthly basic fee of 11.99EUR for the. In principle, I find these costs for the current compared to diesel / gasoline too high, but will hopefully regulate soon through the CO2 pricing.

  2. Class, finally going on. Loading infrastructure is much easier to realize cheaper and faster than once the gas station network. And for the store “home” soon time has to be invested soon


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