Fastned opens the first quick charging station in Germany

Fastned opens the first quick charging station in Germany-station

In April last year, we reported for the first time that Fastned expanded to Germany. This was to be understood as a further step towards a European shop network. In September of the same year, it became known that the company received a conveying notice over 4.1 million euros from the German Federal Government. Fastned wants to install with the money 25 fast charging stations with several charging columns in all of Germany. The stations should be equipped with the latest charging technology and enable fast shop within 20 minutes and for a range of 250 kilometers.

Now it’s time that fastned officially opened his first station in Germany. The fast charging station is located on the A3 motorway in Limburg an der Lahn and has several 350 kW laders. With these it is possible to load the drivers of electric cars to load their cars over 100 times faster than at home, and also with an electric car wide distances. The charging station is opened by the mayor of the city of Limburg an der Lahn, Dr. Marius Hahn, and Bart Lubbers, co-founder of Fastned. The first German charging station will only be a puzzle piece, on the way to a network of over 1.000 fast charging stations in Europe. Several hundred of them are expected to be in Germany.

The iconic stations are located at busy locations along highways and in cities. With this network, Fastned gives the drivers of electric cars the freedom to travel throughout Europe. Fastned currently operates 73 stations in the Netherlands and prepares for the expansion of his network into further neighboring countries, including the United Kingdom and Belgium. Until the end of the year, 18 stations should be opened in Germany.

“After the successful German energy transition, the German car world. In the next few years, the German carmakers like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes will fully market electrical models that can load high performance. This is a big challenge and at the same time opportunity for the automotive industry and charging companies like Fastned. Together with communities, landowners and suppliers, we build the charging infrastructure needed to load these cars with the power of sun and wind.”- Bart Lubbers, co-founder of Fastned

The fast charging stations are the latest generation of a quick charging station where electric cars can be used up to 350 kW. Compared with the conventional port at home, this is up to a hundred times faster. Furthermore, the stations convince with their modular design, these allow the stations to be easily expanded. For charging stations of the provider offering the autochavity, loading automatically after inserting the plug into the vehicle. An app or charging card is no longer needed.

Fastned reacts with the establishment of such a wide network on the exponentially rising number of electric cars in Europe. As a result of falling battery prices, more and more affordable electric cars come with a larger battery and more reach on the market. This makes it possible to reset with the car further distances, but also increases the need for fast load infrastructure, with the help of which these cars can be recharged quickly. Thanks to these stations, the invite becomes more preferable with the refueling, only that the energy comes from the sun and wind.

“The first quick charging station of Fastned outside the Netherlands is a real profit for the Limburg site and underlines the efforts to noticeably improve the conditions for mobility without an internal combustion engine. Thank you very much that the decision for Limburg fell. We wish the new station as many charging processes that an extension to other loading places follows as quickly as possible.”- DR. Marius Hahn, mayor of the county town of Limburg an der Lahn

At Fastned, the batteries of all fully electric cars can be charged ultra-quickly. The roof of the station consists of solar modules. The entire electricity that fastned provides, comes from renewable solar and wind energy. The charging process can be started by the Fastned App or with a charging card. The billing takes place via loading card, debit card or credit card.

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  1. Unlike the Fastned Stations in the Netherlands, this new station in Germany is unfortunately not paid by kWh, but per charging process.
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