Federal Government clearly misses its own electric car targets

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Federal Government clearly misses its own electric car targets-misses

Actually, the Federal Government wanted to take a role model function in electromobility and introduce thousands of electric cars to their own fleets with 100 million euros in thousands of electric cars: “The share of electric vehicles to be procured by the Federal Government should be increased to at least 20 percent by 2019,” that was the Promise four years ago.

According to a current governance response to a small request of the Green Bundestag Faction (to find here as a complete PDF), the government is away from this target miles. At a share of 20 percent, it would have to be under all 25.275 cars in the Federal Ministries and their subordinate authorities are now more than 5000 electrified vehicles.

In fact, it is only 968, a lean proportion of 3.8 percent. In addition, only 40 percent of these vehicles are purely battery-electric traveling and eleven percent are operated with hydrogen. With 49 percent almost the half of the electric vehicles, however, are plug-in hybrids, which in addition to the electric motor also have a burner on board and therefore often criticized as a “green Mogelpackung”.

Not every resort, however, cuts equally badly: With the highest share of electric vehicles, with 87.5 percent, the Ministry of Development and the Federal Press Office can boast each other. The Foreign Office also comes to praising 73.1 percent. The Ministry of Transport relevant to the electromobility records a share of only 6.2 percent. The Ministry of Defense is only 1.5 percent of E-vehicles in the fleet with only 1.5 percent.

Finally, the commitment in terms of electric drives even further decreased, as the answer to the request is to be found: In 2019, the Federal Government procured a total of 9618 new cars, but were only 247 electrified. At 2.6 percent, the share of new purchases was even under the existing average.

“Switching does not fail on the missing money, but the lack of will”

The Green Transport Politician Stephan Kuhn, who had asked the request, criticizes the failure: the need for modernization was “huge”, emphasized the politician. He sees these figures according to the Handelsblatt with concern – especially because of the effects of the corona crisis. This concern “not only for heavy economic disturbances in the automotive industry, but also threatens to delay the change to electromobility considerably,” Kuhn said the Handelsblatt. “If it says the Federal Government seriously with its goal to support the transformation of the auto industry right now, including an ecological procurement offensive for its own fleet.”

Of the estimated 100 million euros, which the Federal Government had planned for the procurement of electric cars, only 6 million had been retrieved, so boldly continue. “In the Federal Government, the transition to electromobility does not fail on the missing money, but the lack of will,” is the criticism of the Green Politarian.

He finds it “incomprehensible” that among the almost ten thousand cars, which the federal government has been purchased last year, only a handful of electrically drives, criticized bold. “In view of the corona crisis, it would be a fatal signal if the Federal Government also missed the departure into climate-friendly mobility this year,” he said with regard to future economic development.

“Political decision-makers have an important role model function”

Consumer protectors also see the Handelsblatt. “Political decision-makers at all levels have an important role model for consumers,” said the head of the team Mobility and Traveling at the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV), Marion Jungbluth, economic newspaper. “A social change to climate-friendly mobility needs a variety of impetus.”She also talks about a significant more sustainable policy in response to the Corona crisis:” To boost the economy after the coronavirus crisis, climate-damaging company cars should be exchanged by vehicles that contribute to the achievement of the European CO2 fleet larger, “said The Mobility Expert.

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7 thoughts on “Federal Government clearly misses its own electric car targets”

  1. That was as safe as the Amen in the church. A pure politicity too completely wrong time. You give the stuffed car industry the rest and you might like to subsidize a BEV turn within less installed without combustion technology. Now a virus of the global economy has apparently given the rest if one believes this here: “The world to Corona
    “It threatens a decade of desperation”
    Guest post by Nouriel Roubini
    04. May 2020
    Source of origin WiWo about XING. Clear that one with some e-euphoria on “straws clinged, while the foolship sinks, like the old tintanic with too little rescue boats.

  2. If the will of the political decision-makers were true, then the change to emission-free mobility would only have a giant automotive lobby over years in the way.Germany not only misses his climate goals crissful, but destroyed by remaining in old (dirty) structures, even his economic pillar!Tesla and the Chinese have taught it and we loud with damaged legs and struck head lines behind!Sad but true.
    And then someone sends a virus that could change something else to positive and we will probably oversleep it again.Only through change there is improvement!

  3. Quote: “He finds it” incomprehensible “that among the almost ten thousand cars that the Federal Government had acquired last year, only a handful of electrically driving, criticized bold.”

    I wonder why?
    Because the German manufacturers can only sell virtual vehicles. There is nothing produced, which would also be available real. I have ordered a Citigo E IV and wait for the delivery. The waiting time is already a year (almost as in the GDR on a trabbi) and continues to move into the future (not just because of Corona!). What should I do with such a non-binding contract? Tax exemption only if still logged in in 2020 – afterwards the liberation is absolutely gone! If you walked a maximum of 10 years and only reduced every year, it would be fair. All eye wiper.

    The state had earned at the last “scrapping premium” at VAT (as well as the money elites, which could congratulate their women at the expense of taxpayers), other people was not a real help!

  4. Especially amusing, I find the proportion of electric vehicles in the Ministry of Transport – as long as a Mr. Scheuer here does not go along with a good example and if necessary just a Nobel Tesla I see black for the German auto industry.
    Meanwhile, we are patiently waiting for the model Y and annoy us with our I3 another year

  5. For me it is obvious why the politicians do not drive e-cars: no useful charging infrastructure = empty battery = I do not come to the office. So: Maximum Mogelpackung PHEV.

  6. Unfortunately, nothing is expected from the government. Everything towards Environmental Protection In the last 10-15 years, lip yields were lip yields, as last the distance control for wind turbines has made clear again.
    If our “environment” Chancellor’s can be good, it is acting and big talking.

    The next will be the solar energy cover. While it should be eliminated (a point in the coalition agreement). But if the appointment is buckled, the industry is broken and will no longer recover. And that in turn will then be the reason why the check 2036 turns out that coal-fired power plants need to continue after 2038 ..
    It does not matter, the Blackrock returns from the coal, the CDU knows it better.

  7. For me percentages are not critical. It depends on the actual driving profiles as to whether the use of e-cars makes sense.
    But that should be easily detected in authorities based on ride books for each vehicle, which vehicles could be e-cars. And that is also working on a big thing – if you only see how much money is now for everything possible there and that the dedicated promotion hardly used.
    And then it means acting ..
    Difficult to imagine that with so many vehicles no more e-cars come into question.
    Presumably, it is also sad truth that the political will is missing for progress; Be it lobby, convenience, ..
    Only the economic future will undermine Germany. The world around us will get it!
    So it is politically irresponsible!!!


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