Federal Government has launched new environmental bonus

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Federal Government has launched new environmental bonus-government

Currently buyers of an electric car receive a subsidy for the purchase price, called environmental bonus, in the amount of 4.000 EURO. Soon there will be much more. So at least the plan. In the meantime, the Federal Government was the statement that the EU Commission prevents the release of the newly decided purchase bonus. The EU Commission was known, however, that it is not yet involved in the enabling process of the increased environmental bonus. This has changed now.

EU Commission is a request for new environmental bonus

In the meantime, the Federal Government of the EU Commission has delivered first data to the new environmental bonus for electric cars. The Commission gave to understand that Germany on 20. January 2020 has submitted information on the planned extension, which the Commission is now priority. It was also informed that the regulation of Germany was still not officially notified. It is certain as long as the Commission has not approved the environmental premium, it can not be used by potential e-auto buyers.

Trade, who can find the displeasure of customers first, let you currently be in the rain, the ZDK will find – see this article. This hanging portion, which also shattered confidence in state commitments, must be prepared as soon as possible as soon as possible Axel Koblitz as soon as possible. Because one is also certain, as long as e-car buyers do not know sure when the increased purchase bonus comes, wait. Now the Federal Government had at least the next step, the data of the EU Commission was presented and pointed out that the late transmission of the data is due to internal considerations on the scope and modalities of funding.

Politics and car manufacturers about new purchase bonus unins

A role could play the fact that the Greens call for the environmental bonus called purchase price promotion of electric cars. Hybrid cars should not get a promotion anymore, instead, electricity light vehicles such as Renault Twizy or Microlino should be included in the circle of eligible vehicles. Also prof. Dr. Gunther shoe, CEO of E.GO Mobile AG, has been pronounced for adapting the environmental bonus.

At least the car manufacturers do not want to wait any longer: Renault goes with the e-bonus in advance. Thus, the ZOE can already start 15.Be purchased 330 euros. An announcement. Hyundai triples the current manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus when buying a Hyundai Kona Elektro or Ioniq Elektro. 2.000 Euro come from the state. And Kia is also with an environmental bonus of 6.000 Euro trained for its own models.
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10 thoughts on “Federal Government has launched new environmental bonus”

  1. Our politicians are overwhelmed with the procedures of the EU or does the EU have a real problem. Penalties due to high pollutant shares in billions that goes, but reduce values Since it has to be lamed only because the English is right away from the EU. A big circus tent over Brussels and please clap, which is allowed in the Manen, or whistle at a bad idea. Germany, the most the most elevant country in the EU has so strong environmental problems and wants to remedy it wants to get from Brussels obstacles in the way. I understand who wants if the economy is totally smashed it is too late. Then Brussels feels but that Germany no more money deposits and freely asks why??? The responsible persons can drive their misconception on the moon, but not here below.

  2. Somehow a bit banana republic politics …One has probably styled it, the guilt is simply pushed back and forth … no matter, there is Hyundai, Kia and Renault, who now give the customer more and thus a little about political inability.

    I think the premium will be increased punctually with the first deliveries of VW, which is a coincidence ….

  3. is somehow typical again .. There is a quite factual information on BEV promotion equally combined with a product and action placement of Renault and Kia / Hyundai.

  4. Not true: Germany has only now on 20.01.20 The required documents sent to Brussels and will delay the release to the delivery of the ID3 further.
    Manufacturers, and thus the government has determined to mitigate the CO2 penalties with completely unrealistic consumption data / CO2 emissions for hybrid vehicles, as German OEM’s are far too uneconomical to increase electric vehicles without usual high quantities, profit realize.
    This hybrid weakness is currently massively advertised – the ignorant consumer can spare the parts for expensive money to spend itself often after a short time with high loss of value again – I mean now more and more often at the charging column: “Never more of an electric vehicle !”.
    As the extremely happy owner of a Kona-Elektro I know what I speak – here to explain all the impudence of our industry, government and authorities to inhibit e-mobility, but then take too long.
    PS: My 64kWh battery is likely to serve as a house store for a solar system in 15 years, or very economically recycled (98% percent already possible) – the little hybrid batteries end up in the scrap press after a few years, or with the millions of cell phone batteries a beach in Africa after a few years led useless in a hybrid – in vehicles that have heated 80% with consumed energy and used 20% to locate. The world will not be permanently watching as the EU boycotted environmental protection under German leadership to further increase our standard of living !

  5. …a rogue who thinks evil …… You do not need fingers to become clear that someone brakes here. Still some do not believe that something changes.
    But it does not help. The change is in progress and not to stop. Whoever prevents and slows down the damage only bigger. It takes the change quickly to make investment in production and staff expect.

  6. It is unfortunately in this country program, stuff that we have omitted or overslept in Germany himself, the EU will be committed to the EU ..

  7. I will definitely not buy VW more. All the best experiences with Hyndai, in every way.
    I need trailer load
    That’s not possible with E car anyway.
    Fuel cell I plan.
    Why develop and improve very intensively the fuel cell, China. BMW with Toyota, Hyndai!
    Eauto only transition solution.
    PS: with E car to Croatia
    Dangers 2x, experiences, which I do not want to say that my Totfeind!
    Only a big catastrophe

  8. The e-car bonus will come … just patience with our “politicians”. Everything is manipulated today, why the excitement.

    The responsibility bear the same.

    E cars are just good … Noise … exhaust gases … etc ..

  9. 1. How fast comes the environmental bonus?
    2. When is the Berlin airport ready?
    3. When does the Giga-Berlin start with production?

    Which of the three questions can be answered with good conscience?
    At 1 and 2 I would have a bit of stomach.

  10. After reading all comments, I think that in all a little truth is.
    My opinion, however, is I want an e-car, then I buy this. Regardless of the premium height. In case of internal combustion engines there is no bonus and these are still sold.
    I have ordered an e-car from conviction, which is about. April 2020 is delivered.
    I would have ordered this vehicle without a bonus, as I wanted environmental reasons.
    If you want to buy all for environmental reasons, I ask myself why you wait.
    For cost reasons it can not be.
    I mention only car tax for the waiting time, higher fuel costs, higher maintenance costs, etc.
    The possibly multi-bonus is certainly already spent.


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