Federal Government Plans to Subsidize Battery Cell Production with Up to Two Billion Euros

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Federal Government Plans to Subsidize Battery Cell Production with Up to Two Billion Euros-battery

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) Visited Warsaw This Week, Where He brought up the topic of a joint german-polish battery alliance. Altmaier Had Already PLANNED TO SOUND OUT INTEREST IN A JOINT INVESTMENT IN THE PRODUCTION OF BATTERY CELLS FOR ELECTRIC CARS ON SITE. This appears to be in place and corresponding plans have already beaten made concrete.

Lusatia as a location for Large-Scale Industrial Production

Lusatia What Chosen As A Possible Location for Large Scale Battery Cell Production Bape It Is In The Immediate Vicinity of Poland. Furthermore, Germany So Allows The Structural Change from Fossil Energy to Be Carried Out. BECAUSE This Would Give People A Concrete Perspective For The Time After Opencast Lignite Mining. This Large Scale Battery Cell Production is to be funded with one trillion euros.

The Federal Government Has Already Funded Cell Research in Germany in the Past. However, Never in Search a context. So Far, A Good Half A trillion Euros Have Flowed Into Cell Research Over The Past Ten Years. Some Attempts Have Soen Made To Set Up Cell Production, But This Has So Far Not Been Successful.

For The Federal Government It Is Clear That Without Industrial Production and Accompanying Research Activities There Told No Longer Be a Complete Value Chain in The German Automotive Industry. Car Manufacturers Have So Far Rejected Such Plans or Postponed Them To A Later Date. The Same Applies to Suppliers Such As Bosch and Continental, Who At Least Do Not Want To Venture Into This Venture Alone.

Altmaier Advances Battery Cell Production

Altmaier’s Federal Ministry of Economics, Together with the Federal Ministry of Research, Has Developed A Battery Cell Concept That wants be presented on 19. October to be approved by the Cabinet: The Government Wants to Support The Construction of Two Production Sites, One of Them in Lusatia, with one trillion EACH.

In Addition, a Further 600 Million EUROS ARE TO BE INVESTED in A Research Factory Which – Based at the Fraunhofer Society – Will Support Industry in The Further Development of Cells and Battery Concepts in The Coming Years and Decades.

This Knowledge CAN Serve to Ensure The Competitiveness of German Automobile Manufacturers. BECAUSE Two Battery Cell Productions Are Not Enough. IF You Consider That According To Current Projections, VW Alone Needs Four Cell Factories to Equip The Three Million E-Cars That Should Be On The Road from 2025.

At Industry Event, Altmaier Made It Clear That the Manufacture of Batteries for Electric Cars Is Not NECESSARILY A MATTER FOR CAR MANUFACTURERS. Nevertheless, The Future Production of Battery Cells Must Be Guaranteed. The German Government Would Support That.

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  1. It’s Good That This Is Being Brought Forward at De Level. IF NOT FROM THE ONCE TECHNOLOGY-LEADING COMPANIES (Batteries Are Not Interesting for Shareholder?), Then at least from Politics.
    It would be interesting to know why poland what chosen as a cooperation partner (if one is needed).


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