Federal Government: Promotion is economically important, technology supplies, social

Federal Government: Promotion is economically important, technology supplies, social-government

The change to e-mobility is bought expensive and runs socially unfair. To this result, a study by Deutsche Bank, as we could report in the middle of the week. heise online asked the Federal Ministry of Economics for an opinion. These led as one of the motives of e-auto funding that you want to receive international market leadership of the German automotive industry.

Furthermore, the electromobility for a sustainable growth of the business location Germany is enormous. In addition, e-mobility is also the key to climate-friendly mobility. Reason enough to promote E cars accordingly. Whereby the Federal Ministry of Economics continues to perform that many people and families were affected by job losses during a degradation of the German automotive industry. In addition, a decreasing competitiveness would also be associated with high overall economic losses and costs for the company, for example by falling tax revenues.

Is it according to the study of Deutsche Bank it costs the German state more than 20.000 Euro if an electric car is used in the upscale middle class instead of a car with internal combustion engine. Reason, in addition to the pure purchase bonus, further fiscal effects. In addition, better earners would benefit significantly more, it means. Overall, Deutsche Bank concludes that the contribution to climate protection is still small in Germany and will be bought expensive with electromobility. In addition, Deutsche Bank sees social attention with regard to the fiscal effects. Better earners currently benefited most of the subsidies, while low-income (with own car) relative to their income paid a fairly high part of the subsidies.

On the part, the Ministry of Economic Affairs stresses that the Federal Government is in principle pursuing a technology-open approach to the climate-friendly transformation of the transport sector, so that the purchase bonus called by its environmental bonus is also designed. The government support the startup of electromobility, but the steering lever used but would be continuously adapted and optimized, it is called in the opinion for heise online. Furthermore, it is made that you make e-mobility accessible to all population layers.

This also show that vehicles with a list price of less than 40.000 euros on the environmental bonus and the innovation premium are more promoted than those who ran a more expensive car. In addition, today’s purchase incentives had a positive effect on a later used car market for electric vehicles; Of these, socially weaker population groups would benefit in particular.

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6 thoughts on “Federal Government: Promotion is economically important, technology supplies, social”

  1. Has already noticed anyone that the environmental premium at 40-45.000 € quasi of the 19% VAT. correspond? So you could say the electric car is sold quasi without taxes ..
    For every bafa payment is also a real purchased and used car against it. Quite different as a flat sum to z.B. Any consultant, where practical benefits can be brought happily.

  2. The climate change caused by consumer behavior and population explosion with steadily decreasing fossil raw materials will come to us expensive enough.
    A Deutsche Bank supports only environmental destruction by these factors.
    We need more environmental activism that practices progress in harmony with nature and the environment, and certainly no banks that sees the future in exhaust gases emitting burners.

  3. The state report of Deutsche Bank on this topic is realistic but implausible, since he
    from corrupt bankers who have been anything but environmentally friendly so far. Surprisingly, the Minister of the Environment has dared to cover the end of the black-red coalition from the end of the black-red coalition and explains the economic minister for incompetent, which is certainly true. In the opinion first of the preservation of market leadership, instead of climate protection, says everything. Also the definition of degradation of the German automotive industry is wrong, it’s about conversion. It is logical and well known in technology change usually less staff is logical and well known. A well-functioning Ministry of Economic Affairs must create meaningful and well-feasible framework conditions. In this case, only clientelic policy has been recognizable. Continue to talk about the technology-open approach is more than bully, as hydrogen and synthetic fuels are more than inefficient in the automotive sector. We should take the name to Norwegian environmental policy. This is difficult in Germany, as lobbyism is too strong for damage to us all.

  4. I read the report itself. I find the title stupid and on image-saving level. But the content is so far correct and not against BEV and the numbers were not chosen “suitable”, rather for BEV. It’s the way it was presented in the report, the mouse does not like a thread,
    Denoch is the conclusion for me another. Especially in Germany you have to throw the bacon after the conversion to BEV with the bacon. This is also due to the remaining combustion lobby and their massive FUD distribution and the rather technical attendance of the Germans.
    Without these massive misinformation, consumers would already grab at much small promotion to BEV.
    I think the policy has to focate the inner-city charging options, keyword “Lanternenparker” much more solids and the money invested there is more likely to inspire the BEV sales than the current subsidies that are actually misguided sometimes. At the moment, the BEV share of homeowners is growing strong enough, so this is not a sales problem yet, but in a few years we fall on the feet and that would be socially unfair, since then the combustion costs are already very high and people without their own parking significant Disadvantages with BEVs must accept. If today, yesterday already, in the city a road is torn, the power cables for loading would have to be included and each parking space must have a mine number at charging points that is not too low and must be expandable.
    Recently I was in Dresden. In the city center there is no one-to-use public charging option, unbelievable! Once people can see that you can load everywhere and it also works technically, the change also runs with significantly less subsidies.

  5. Especially the Deutsche Bank plays with the words “social” and “unfair”.
    This bank, the

    • in the strudel of the largest financial and real estate scandals plays a role again and again
    • unsocial, unjust and criminal systems supported,
    • Taxpayer has already cheated several times
    • The fortune of small savers burns.

    Of course, she keeps a lot of the money of organizations that exploit this planet, make uninhabitable and equip people with weapons ..
    Just sarcastic.
    Who suspects here truth?

  6. Quote: “Where the Federal Ministry of Economics continues to perform that many people and families were affected by job losses with a reduction of the German automotive industry.”
    Thus, the economic Council of the former government once again proved how dependent here is a reasoning that has very clear causes.
    1) The fraud burning industry does not want to separate from the burner, as it hereby the biggest gains:

    • for board bosses and
    • Shareholders generated

    But they are to be paid:

    • the future of people and
    • of the planet.

    2) The fraud combustion industry continues to hold on to the path:

    • to produce everything cheap in Asia
    • to transport the items to Germany with heavy oil tanks
    • Assemble the items of Eastern European temporary workers
    • to destroy the pension and health insurance, since these workers only 30% of what a German workplace in our social system pays, due to country agreements pay.

    One only looks at the concentration of the automotive industry, for example, in Saxony. A great tax and social cost savings model is that. Over 200 companies have settled here, not because of social intentions.
    Rather because of the unocycle operating models: only 30% of normal disease and pension contributions! (Tesla will also be able to implement this model, I find only fair, same conditions for all).
    This all does:

    • An intact life
    • and a healthy life
    impossible on this planet.
    3) Fact is,
    • that the negligence of the sustainable techniques costs jobs, since they are of course produced in Asia by the inhuman governments under non-observance of human and environmental rights also for the German consumer,
    • that Germany is more and more losing technology knowledge and its development, this is the real loss.

    Our children and grandchildren will only be used for low-value services in the future.
    Because there will be a uninhabitable planet back.
    And we managed that, the economically allegedly most widespread country on this planet, which only buys “made in Asia”, which is for power and wealth with its consumption and the unrestrained greed, which we are dependent on a healthy planet.


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