Ferrari 296 GTB: Plug-in athlete with 610 kW – 830 hp

Ferrari 296 GTB: Plug-in athlete with 610 kW - 830 hp-ferrari

The 296 GTB rings at Ferrari a revolution as the manufacturer announces. With the sports car, the Edelschmiede introduces a new type of engine for the first time, which flank the 8 and 12-cylinder drives of the brand: a new, 448 kW / 663 hp V6 with three liters of displacement in connection with an electric motor, another 122 kW (167 hp) can deliver.

This is the first 6-cylinder engine mounted since the Dino of the 1960s and 1970s in a Ferrari trolley. In addition, some racing cars of the Italians were equipped with a V6 Formula 1 flitzer. On development competence, it was not lacking in Maranello. Especially since Formula 1 since 2014 and the SF90 – Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid – also with two different engine concepts under a hood are traveling.

Since the 22 kilogram of heavy electric motor is integrated in the back of the 296 GTB plug-in hybrid system, the latest Ferrari sets the tip of the sports car segment with rear wheel drive. The good 7.5 kWh-catching battery installed in the underbody should enable a purely electric range of up to 25 kilometers. In addition, the plug-in ferrari reaches a speed of up to 135 km / h in purely electrical EDRIVE mode.

Ferrari 296 GTB: Plug-in athlete with 610 kW - 830 hp-ferrariFerrari

If the two aggregates work together, the 296 GTB unfolds its entire power. Then 610 kW / 830 hp and a torque of 740 nm are available – 315 nm only controls the electric motor. Thus, Ferrari’s first plug-in sports car is 2.9 seconds on Tempo 100 and 7.3 seconds to 200 km / h. Final is only at 330 km / h. The adrenaline kick is not cheap at four wheels, but in Italy is the 296 GTB with 269.000 Euro in the price list.

For comparison: The Ferrari above the Ferrari above the 296 GTB F8 Tributo comes with its 3.9-liter biturbo V8 on “only” 720 hp and a maximum of 770 Newton meters.

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  1. There is a Tesla with ..
    … without exhaust gases and environmental pollution
    … without noise
    …. Half of the acquisition costs
    …… and ma can race on vacation

  2. Then Tesla holds …
    … without exhaust gases and pollution
    … without noise
    … to fraction of the costs
    and you can race with the entire family comfortably on vacation.

  3. No, now not even Ferrari. Technical miracles, from time to the museum of history. The numbers speak a clear language. This usually creates almost every reasonably potente BEV. That may not be, Ferrari far suspended at the end. Since I could almost want the electromobility to the devil.

  4. Sorry, but I generally speak cars any permission that only satisfies the late pubertare ego of their owners.
    We are here on a page that thinks about e-mobility and thus also about environmental and climate protection. Consequently, for me, 600, 700 or 800 hp slides do not seek nothing here, whether combustion or electric car.


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