Ferrari is not afraid of the electrical future – looks great chance

Ferrari is not afraid of the electrical future - looks great chance-future

Ferrari, an Italian car manufacturer of sports cars and Formula 1 vehicles, gave for the first time in 2019 to see the brand’s first fully electric sports car on the street only after 2025. However, a first partial circulation has already been brought to the road in the summer of 2021 with the Ferrari 296 GTB. And generally it does not seem to be bad to the electrification of the brand.

At least, the Chairman of the Executive Board and reigning CEO of Ferrari, John Elkann, gave analysts to understand that the technological change is considered a chance. The conversion to electrical drives is welcomed and is confident to keep its leadership position in the market for high performance cars, the CEO continues. With regard to the requirements of the European Union, Elkann expressed as follows: “We see the regulation as a welcome. The possibilities resulting from electrification, electronics and other technologies will enable us to produce even more individual and unique products.”

Elkann, the sprout of the Italian Agnelli family, the Ferrari exor via their investment company (exor.Mi) control, talked a few weeks before taking office of the new CEO Benedetto Vigna, a veteran of the technology industry, which on the 1. September the rudder takes over. How to suggest media, one of Vignas tasks could be to forge new partnerships, similar to the existing connection from Ferrari with the British company Yasa, which is now belonging to Daimler to support the transition to an electric age.

“We believe that we will benefit within the industry and, more importantly, outside our industry, very partnerships and joint programs,” Elkann. At the schedule 2025 to bring his first electric car to the road you hold.

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  1. Globally, Ferrari produces vehicles in homeopathic quantities – there is a swing even easier to accomplish.
    The percentage degree of automation of manufacturing processes of a B12 SuperFast compared to a VW Golf would probably be very enlightening here.


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