Ferrari is repositioning its leadership for the age of e-mobility

Ferrari is repositioning its leadership for the age of e-mobility-ferrari

The Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari has renewed almost its entire management team, which is to lead the luxury manufacturer through the challenges of electrification and digitization. Ferrari reaffirmed its long-term goal: the company wants to be climate-neutral by 2030.

According to a recent announcement by Ferrari, Ernesto Lasalandra will lead research and development. Lasalandra was hired by French-Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics. Also joining from STMicroelectronics is Angelo Pesci, the automaker’s new Chief Purchase and Quality Officer.

The transformation of the management level is one of the first big steps of CEO Benedetto Vigna, who only took on this role at the beginning of September. He also joined Ferrari from STMicrolectronics. The hiring of two executives from his former employer suggests Vigna is turning to trusted allies to manage the automaker’s transformation, which has so far been cautious in adapting to the new era of clean, quiet and connected mobility.

The new organizational structure will further encourage innovation, streamline processes and improve collaboration both internally and with partners, Ferrari said in the release. In a few other personnel changes, Ferrari promoted internal candidates to new posts.

Silvia Gabrielli has been promoted to Chief Digital and Data Officer. Gabrielli, who joined Ferrari in 2019 from Microsoft, is tasked with driving the digital transformation process across the company, adopting more data-driven and digitally-focused processes.

Gianmaria Fulgenzi has been appointed Chief Product Development Officer. Fulgenzi has worked for Ferrari since 2002 and has held various senior positions in product development and manufacturing. Andrea Antichi becomes Chief Manufacturing Officer. Antichi was previously head of vehicle development and has worked for Ferrari since 2006.

One can now look forward to Vigna’s strategy for the age of battery technology and digital services. Ferrari plans to share more details about its plans during a capital markets day in June.

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  1. “Climate neutral” is the word of the year.
    The production of cool but pointless non-sustainable products will not save the climate, but will cause even more pollution.
    A vehicle can only be sustainable, climate-neutral or whatever if it is made from recycled material and if the purpose does not exactly mean the death of billions of living beings, which are then removed from the body in a chemically complex process.
    Vehicle equipment with animal carcasses, bling bling and a lot of weight may be luxury, prestige or whatever, but correspond to the intellectual level of the last millennium and no longer to today’s zeitgeist.
    Must have is defined by renunciation and savings, without having to do without the essentials and absolute technology. Less is more.


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