Ferry Franz: “Not only stiffen on a drive technology”

Ferry Franz:

That traffic grows continuously on Germany’s streets, we all note. The rising number of vehicle approvals and the kilometers per year covered as trend, which will not reduce unpredictable time. In addition, the cars in Germany are getting bigger, heavier and more powerful. This all leads that (…) “The average consumption has not fallen as strong in recent years, as it would be possible and necessary”. Thus, among other things, the federal government, which has priority for climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies and serves as advisers of the Federal Government. The car – probably because it concerns us all – has long been called to the environmental number one. Last but not least, the “Fit for 55” package of the European Commission provides for a burner from 2030. However, that exactly this is critical to evaluate, explains recent Ferry M. M. Franz, Director Hydrogen Affairs Europe & Group Representative Office Berlin at Toyota Motor Europe, in an interview with “Has to be e-mobility”, a provider of e-mobility services.

Electric cars and hybrids should be able to remedy, are first flagship projects of the industry. According to the federal government, the car traffic in Germany in Germany alone in the year around 100 million tonnes of CO² in the air. Lightweight construction, ambitious CO2 limit values, general speedimoles, traffic avoidance and displacement, reform of car tax and abolition of the company car privilege are some measures that could help. The theme of the mobility change has not only won on ride in recent months, but also to seriousness. That’s what you see loud Ferry M. M. Franz not least on the great investment, which are made: “(…) of course, too, in order to prevent penalty payments.”

“I also see very critical that you are currently trying to put the car in the corner per se as the biggest environmental. For example, nobody talks about shipping, which produces and leaves considerably more CO² emissions and leaves. We will need to offer emission-free mobility in the future very much green electricity and hydrogen. But I do not currently see that we would ever be able to supply the mass on vehicles with “clean” electricity and hydrogen. Then I have a vehicle that is not green while driving CO²-neutral, but in which the production of the “fuel” is not green yet, “says Franz.

Nevertheless, the Toyota manager not only sees a real chance for the electric car, but also speaks to him a certain need for him. The fact that the product portfolio of the Japanese automaker from alternative drives from hybrid to fully electricity to hydrogen has its reason: “There are areas, there is a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle the best solution, then applications in which hydrogen is very promising. Inner-city have certainly small electric vehicles the nose front. When it comes to professional driving, transportation, long-distance, transportation and heavy duty, then it is definitely hydrogen in the future, “explains Franz.

An unilateral concentration on the electromobility can not be more effective if you do not look beyond the box and do not think globally, so the expert continues: “Here in Europe, we may afford that, but in less technologies and economically weaker countries then only in 10 to 20 years only burners with a 20-year-old technology. That can not be responsible in my opinion and I see this single-go by the EU almost a bit counterproductive.”

It can not be electric, it also means. That also showed the flood disaster in Germany: “It would have become very difficult, the vehicles of the service organizations would have been all electrified. And that’s exactly how such situations should stimulate us again “. It would therefore be helpful (for the future) to deal even more with the question of which drive types where and how can be used and also.

The fact is: A nationwide infrastructure is in any case the basic prerequisite for a successful drive turn. Here, however, there is sometimes the problem that industrial providers (still) no or only little money with the expansion of infrastructure, such as charging columns, deserve. It is a future bet, which is currently prioritizing the car manufacturers – that must change: “For the start-up phase, but also for them, a state regulation and above all support is necessary”.

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13 thoughts on “Ferry Franz: “Not only stiffen on a drive technology””

  1. What fog candles … butter with the fish: What does your group do enough for green hydrogen? As an electric car driver, I can make sure that my house has a PV system and that the car when it comes to loads when enough electricity comes from the roof. As a H2 driver, I could not do that and depend on that someone else produces green hydrogen.

    A recent study in the United States has found that blue hydrogen is still more harmful than a diesel. I have always believed that it makes more sense to refine the natural gas directly in the burner than to go the detour via H2. Thus, only green hydrogen and for this is lacking infrastructure. So Toyota: If you are so on, then builds massive electrolyzers and gas stations, like Tesla supercharger.

    Pure lobbyist cruise. H2 is just too expensive and will always stay.


  2. a paid advertising activation to unsettle consumers and to see themselves in the media!

    Sometimes I ask myself how much you have to pay for me so I give so much nonsense from me ..

    Edit: Typos removed
  3. Of course, this man must sing the sloping song of his suspended employer. But that must be carried out so miserable? First he makes fingerpointing (but the evil ships are still a lot of dirty than our carts) and then he also uses the disaster for his hazeness against electric cars. I would not know why they would not be used there. Why we have more and more often such natural disasters, he does not feel better.

  4. Especially in Africa It would have to be easier to set up a larger PV system and some quick-buttons or even a few wallboxes for E-car than the 3-fold amount of PV systems plus electrolysis system and complex H2 gas station. Or are the Africans during loading under time pressure?

    To be Battery electric vehicles much cheaper In the acquisition as H2 / BZ vehicles, as I recently determined with the garbage cars in various German cities.

    If a replacement for combustions is used in Africa, then the rather battery electric vehicles that are Make off with solar cell bodies on short distances without charging column.

    This “ferry m. M. Franz “Can I like to carry out calculations what this” H2 fun “would cost compared to battery electric vehicles – but without the state subsidies.

  5. The man hears talking to himself?
    So many bad arguments in one article united, you have to get that you first.
    Since my previous speakers already mentioned all relevant points I say only one thing
    Shame and rest in Peace Toyota

  6. I can only connect to my previous speakers. A dinosaur propaganda and dumbbuilding of any functional popple, from which one else has not heard and knows that hardly knows outside his industry. And wtf is lexus? I only know as a climbed tin-rolling chocolate bay.
    These are the articles that I usually turn over (in this case not) and in which I ask myself, why pays a page whose self-assessed task is to inform about the scientific, technical and infrastructural state of emotion, such absolutely unproductive dumbineauerei at all appealing and wastes storage space? For this reason, Ecomento has fallen out from my reading list a few months ago.

  7. The topic is already so desperated that even a little informed has recognized that hydrogen is unsuitable for the vehicle drive. Again and again amazing is the penetrance of the
    Lobbyist, constantly for sale for stupid.

  8. The opinion image for BEV in the general public is -Noch?- Quite another than here in electric car news.net
    The general public is at the same time for the prospective buyers and buyers in the automotive sector.
    Quintessence: Personally, I am BEV protagonist, but I am aware of a reasonable humility that I’m not “typical” as a car.

  9. Does anyone still know Betamax, HD-DVD or MiniDisc? All these technologies could not prevail at his time and were displaced by another technology. For any of these technologies, I have found a similar discussion of technology-reliance, enabled what has been adopted on the market. Today the term Technology Office is used by those who are on the wall. In addition, the technology that the customer accepts is very simple here. Many mean yes hydrogen in the car is the future, yes when?? At the latest at the cost is then fast, hardly anyone is aware of the disadvantages. Hydrogen for the transport sector and the industry, in the car, the battery electrical car is much cheaper, which sometime has every time. Also Japanese.

  10. Often the plug-in drivers will be assumed that they have chosen or choose the technology for or choose for tax reasons for government promotion and for tax reasons. Like partly, clear.
    In 2008 we have the first Prius (2. Generation) purchased and 2017 then the plug-in the current generation (promotion played for us no crucial role).
    Summa Summarum: Enthusiasm about brand and technology now for 13 years. Please continue.

  11. Pity around Toyota! Once pioneer in terms of environmental and climate protection, the Group seems to be bonded as well as BMW. After one-bright conviction of all experts in the car area belongs to the BEV the future (for which even regardless of different perspectives simply speak physical facts) can only be stated: who still the suction is the so-called. “Technology,” conjures up, can not be very close. So not only without meaning and understanding money is burned, but you can be technologically dependent on the BEV and then the device then maybe. hatchful catching up quickly. For example, in my knowledge, Japanese engineers have expressed themselves in terms of Tesla that they prefer at least 5-6 years. Incidentally, it should look similar in Europe. If you are now might not happen to the world’s largest car maker: Remember Sony …or Nokia …or Kodak? A few serious wrong decisions and a former world group can be found in the global ranking “among further”.


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