Fiat-500 competition: Saving electricity is worthwhile

Fiat-500 competition: Saving electricity is worthwhile-worthwhile

Fiat has launched a competition for a particularly environmentally friendly driving style together with the start-up “Kiri Technologies”, which was realized with the Department of E-Mobility by Stellantis. Four months after the start, the 100 best drivers of a new, fully electrically powered Fiat 500 in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands were now determined. That communicated the company. The winners therefore receive a voucher worth 100 euros, which can be redeemed on various online marketplaces.

In the 13 countries where the project Kiri is available, drivers of a new Fiat 500 have gained around 1.5 million so-called Kiricoins with an environmentally friendly driving style. This is a crypto currency that can be used for payment operations on selected Internet platforms. The collected virtual coins comply with the saving of 250 tonnes of CO2. This is about the amount absorbed a ten hectare forest in a year.

The entry into the ongoing initiative is very simple: participants only need to install the smartphone application FIAT and register on the platform of Kiri. On the accredited account will be paid with the new Fiat 500 Kiri coins every trip with the new Fiat 500. The most prudent and more sustainable the driving style, the greater the reward.

Each trip determines the app an ECO: Score, which is directly related to the range of the new Fiat 500. For example, by waiving strong brakes or accelerating and holding a constant speed in urban transport, both values increase. The higher the score, the more coins. With an average ECO: score and a driving power of around 10.000 kilometers per year can collect customers up to 150 euros in the form of the virtual currency.

The analysis of the driving style with the help of the ECO: Score showed according to Fiat that registered Kiri users in Italy reached average ten points more than user without registration. The most environmentally friendly drivers in the competition once again reached ten points more than the average of the Kiri community. The winners of the competition thus achieved a total of about 20 points more than the average of the unregistered drivers.

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  1. I hope it is just an “Ingame Currency” and no Crypto Currency A La Bitcoin. The would eat the environmental advantage quickly quickly.



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