Fiat 500: More equipment for the electric flitzer

Fiat 500: More equipment for the electric flitzer-flitzer

The new Fiat 500 presented last year has established itself from the stand in the top group of the best-selling electric cars. This emerges from a press release of the company. In the first half of 2021, almost 19 decided in Western Europe.000 Buyers for the first fully electric powered model of the brand. A pillar of this success is the pronounced environmental friendliness, which will be appreciated in the “Green NCAP Energy Efficiency Index” with the maximum achievable rating of ten points in all three disciplines as well as the top grade of five stars, it says. Meanwhile, the new Fiat 500 is also available in Israel and Brazil.

In the model year 2022, the now third generation now works with new equipment details. The entry-level version, the new Fiat 500 “Action”, is now equipped with seat covers made of high quality recycling material. As standard is now also a hidden, internal antenna. So nothing has to be disassembled when driving into the car wash. An additional USB-C port on the console between the two front seats allows the use of the most modern cable generation.

In the model year 2022, a total of seven variants of the new Fiat 500 are available for election. The equipment versions “icon” and “La Prima” are each offered as a two-door sedan with large tailgate, as a cabriolet, as well as in the body form 3 + 1 with additional rear door on the passenger side. Both are equipped with a lithium-ion battery having a capacity of 42 kWh. The entry version “Action” (from 26.790 euros) has a 23.8 kWh battery and is only available as a limousine. For the top model in the convertible version calls Fiat from 37.990 euros, as 3 + 1-door 36.990 euros.

Points can also be equipped with the Fiat 500 with range and charging speed. With the 42 kWh battery, up to 320 kilometers are possible (WLTP). When fast-loaded with 85 kW, it takes about five minutes to save enough energy for a distance of 50 kilometers. To charge the battery to 80 percent, a stop of just half an hour is necessary. Equipped with the 87 kW (118 hp) powered electric motor, the new Fiat 500 reaches a maximum speed of Tempo 150 (electronically limited).

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3 thoughts on “Fiat 500: More equipment for the electric flitzer”

  1. I have the impression that the have-wool feeling at the Fiat 500e is not as big as he actually deserved it. Because with this completely opening roof and the 37.3 kWh net plus CCS 85 kW he would actually be the trendy cityscape, with which one can also drive to the coast or the grandparents.

    At the price you have already seen some peace offers in the relevant portals. So that can not be. I’m a bit helpless, why he is not too desirable. The electrical mini can be seen more often and he seems to have this cult status in certain circles, although his package is lens significantly worse.

  2. Since Fiat has made a really big litter, a car, from which much more can run around in the nature and size. The 500e is conspicuous, well equipped, rides a magnificent, is very agile, space-saving and a completely successful chic cityscrew, especially as a convertible. Makes even more than many urban oversized premium vehicles .
    The price is BEV-typical, but no one should stop environmental awareness with appropriate change from purchase.
    Even battery size in the large version and charging power are well dimensioned for the car in the city business, so that not daily needs to be charged, the electric motor could, on the other hand, could offer some few few few few few few few few few few few fewer. As a truck, the battery would have to be larger, but a 500er never had this claim.
    Great is the use of sustainable or recycled materials, which should be used just by volume manufacturer.

  3. Problem is in my opinion at least partly also the old Fiat image “Error in all parts” &# 128521;
    That image developed, not quite wrong, unfortunately, over decades and liable to the brand as well as the old narratives about rust dreams and frequent stays.
    May not have real entitlement today, but it’s hard to get rid of a once constructed negative reputation.
    Toi toi that it works.


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