Fiat 500e in the first test

Driving report Fiat 500e 2021

Bella E-Talia or much too expensive fun? Fiat’s first electric mini in the test

Fiat 500e in the first test-test

Fiat 500E 2021: The price of the Dolce Vita

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In 1957 Fiat rose from the post -war period with the original Cinquecento. The successor is more current than ever and is invented with the electrical edition itself.

The idea with an electrical Fiat 500 is not completely new. Already in 2013, the Italians presented a Fiat 500E for the United States, which was a converted electrical variant of the well-known bestseller. FCA with the new Fiat 500e is now jumping on the electric train, which is condemned to success due to the more than tense financial situation. In the first year Fiat 80 wants.Sell 000 vehicles that run off the assembly line in the thoroughly renovated work Mirafiori.

Fiat 500 now electrically – and without grill

Visually, the new Fiat 500E is the old – although the dimensions are slightly grown. Compared to the previous 500, the Italian small car grew 5.6 centimeters in length and 6.1 centimeters in the width. The chief engineer Laura Farina assures that despite the great similarity of the predecessor, only around four percent of the components were taken over. Chief designer Klaus Busse: “The 1957 Cinquecento had a sad face and since it was equipped with rear wheel drive, he didn’t need the front grille. The 2007 500 smiled at everyone, but Fiat created a technical solution to produce a small, lowered radiator grille. The Novo 500 does without the grill because it does not have to be cooled without an internal engine."

Fiat 500e in the first test-build thick electric Mini keeps
FCA Fiat 500e

In the new Fiat 500, the interior was particularly improved and there is Dolce Vita innovations such as the sound, the pedestrian warns up to a speed of 5 to 20 km/h. It is much more pleasant to be alerted by the melodic chords of Nino Rota in the Fellini film Amarcord than the sum of a cyborg, as is the case with many electric cars today. The space available inside grew easily due to the grown dimensions, which is particularly noticeable in the front of the shoulders and hardly in the back of the legroom. It remains narrow here.

All build thick electric SUV, Mini keeps: City stream in the first test

Fiat 500e in the first test-build thick electric Mini keeps

Site/Wochit All build thick electric SUV, Mini keeps: City stream in the first test


Infotainment: Here a quantum leap

The dashboard is flat and contains only a few buttons. In addition to the seven-inch instruments, there is a 10.25-info-entertainment screen that can be fully configurable so that each user can adapt it to their own needs. Graphics, operating speed and the possibility of the simultaneous coupling of two mobile phones represent a quantum leap compared to what Fiat had so far on the market and are part of the standard equipment of the rich start versions la prima. In addition, the 500e is equipped with details such as the automatic gear, spacer, wireless charging of mobile phones, reversing camera and emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, whereby the interior made of recycled materials and eco-leather was manufactured with plastics.

Fiat 500e in the first test-build thick electric Mini keeps
FCA Fiat 500e

"The lithium-ion battery made by Samsung with a capacity of 42 kWh is located between the axes on the floor of the car and increases the weight by around 290 kg," explains chief engineer Laura Farina, "This is how the car 1 weighs 1.300 kilograms and the electric motor mounted in front produce 118 hp.“This reduces the focus of the car and the mass distribution was balanced to 52:48 percent, while the petrol predecessor offered 60:40 percent, which was a neutral

The little one is pretty hard

This shows that the 500, although it relies on a balanced relationship between comfort and stability, is significantly tight than its predecessor. In some cases, the suspension is somewhat loud and the bumps of ground are forwarded to the occupants. To compensate, there are significant stability gains and driving fun that arise from the 220 Nm torque, which are concerned from the start. From a standing start it goes to 50 km / h in 3.1 seconds – that’s a quick. Up to the 100 km/h mark, it is still a good 9.0 seconds.

Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

Fiat 500e in the first test-500e

Site Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

In the city, the 3.62 meter long Fiat 500E is not only in good hands thanks to its turning circle of nine meters. The new 360-degree sensor system acts like a drone that circles over the electric city model. The Italian engineers speak of 320 kilometers of electrical reach and some more in the city. The truth is, however, that we only drove 27 kilometers in the city and the battery charge dropped by ten percent. The average consumption specified in the instrumentation was 14.7 kWh / 100 km, with which one could not cover more than 285 km with a battery charge. In addition to this range mode, the two driving programs are normal and Sherpa either roll more or the one-pedal feeling, in which the Fiat 500e can be almost completely driven with the accelerator pedal. You get used to the maximum braking delay as quickly as with the competition. In this Sherpa mode for a maximum range, however, only 77 hp and a maximum speed of narrow 80 km/h are available. So it gets boring and sluggish behind the wheel.

The price? Uiuiui…

Loading the battery in the alternating current at 11 kW takes a long time 4.15 hours, at 3 kW it is at home gigantic 15 hours. The quick charging in DC, which takes 35 minutes thanks to three phases with 85 kilowatts. As long as you find such a quick charging station nearby, you can have the 500e strengthened in five minutes for another 50 kilometers. Time to drink a cappuccino and continue your journey home. And to think about the price again, because 34.900 euros for the fully equipped start model La Prima are one, but the basic version is also around 30.Cost 000 euros – more than twice as much as the predecessor.

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  1. Fiat500 = Italo-Smart ?
    Kult car combined with cordless drive technology at moon prices ! It’s not better. When … Department cars do not necessarily not necessarily. 1. You could ask yourself what that should. With the planned sales figures, the comma has certainly slipped or 2 zeros has been added. This thing is definitely not a sign of turning away from the burner. However, you can talk about it, definitely.

  2. Shot about the destination during design
    I would also like to buy a 500c as fun and a city vehicle. And from the outside the new one still has his "Cute.factor". But what’s the interior of the enterprise design in the interior? Any nostalgia effect is gone in the fittings. Since Fiat is scared of his target group and a new one who likes this inner look, in my opinion it is more of a car with a car "spaciger" Land from other manufacturers. For me means: quickly buy a 500c in 2019 look and enjoy the nostalgic playfulness of the 500 inside. This is Bella Italia. This is Dolce Vita.

  3. Fiat, 500 with electric drive
    Guys, you have to read properly! Fiat, 500 with electric drive. The author systematically forgot the comma after Fiat … With comma it says that Fiat will sell 500 from the model. That should be possible … Joking aside. Anyone who has not yet noticed that, despite all the years, despite all the cock screams, e-mobility is to be asserted, they have to be an unkeer or write Hahn and not many can say that from themselves. E-mobility in your run does not stop or unke!

  4. Fate already sealed.
    This e-Fiat will be no different from the E-Smart. Since it has only been available as a Stromer, this has recorded 80% approval decline. It will soon be set completely.

  5. Too expensive
    The little chic Italian is too expensive. I am a 500 fan and find this small car more than successful. But the e-variant is simply overpriced. Such a car must never exceed the € 20,000 limit. Fiat will not achieve the planned sales figures. For this list price you get a good and economical middle class with a modern combustion engine. With these prices it will be nothing with the desired change in mobility.

  6. Unfortunately faulty again
    This advertising article of e-drivers is again faulty. Already in 2010 there was a Fiat 500 with an electric drive. I was allowed to drive this vehicle in our company a few times. Of course, it is fun to drive with such a car. Unfortunately only a short pleasure. With a range of around 100km, the car is at best suitable for city tours. No alternative at the price for the private househat. But of course that is nicely talked about in the one-sided articles by e-drivers. In the new version, the range is somewhat larger, but still only usable as a city car.

  7. great !
    With these key data, this becomes a seller, practically a sure -fire success ! If you are looking for a battery car now, you can’t avoid the Fiat ! Back to reality: who should represent the target group ? They have already wondered at Fiat ? 80,000 want to sell each year ? Well, everyone can say something, wait and see what the reality looks like then….

  8. Who already 2 e-cars…
    in the garage and do not know where to put his money, might get the Fiat as a third car. So you could already at 80 worldwide.000 come a year.


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