Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics – clickdown

Fiat replaces its iconic retro small car 500 with an electric model. The cheapest version with Spartan equipment is available for 23.000 to 37.000 euros. The high price in the smooch is justified? We tested the Fiat 500e.

Addio petrol and diesel! Fiats megaseller 500 now only gives as an electric car. At first glance, the new 500e is clearly a cinquecento: front, rear, proportions and interior all the clear legacy of the classics from 1959 and 2007. At second glance, the electric 500 looks much beefier than its predecessor. The 500e is around eight centimeters in length, almost six in width and about four in height. Also chic design tricks such as round LED front lights that are embedded in the bonnet or hidden door handles distinguish the new 500e from its fossil predecessors.More on the subject: Fiat 500 driver get crypto money: but you can’t buy much with it

Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-fiat
Efahrer/Moritz Diethelm

Interior is kept in the retro design of its predecessors. There are optionally chic leather seats and a leather steering wheel, but in places material such as cheap hard plastic and workmanship leave something to be desired. The fold -out cup holder in the center console is intended for cleverly, but is implemented windy. For this, the test 500 shines with a practical, because a deep shelf in the center console and a large sun roof.

Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-dynamics
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Fiat 500e in the test: This is good for the retro classic electrical heir

Infotainment and assistance systems

The Fiat 500E infotainment system operates the driver via a central 10.25-inch touchscreen. The smartphone connection via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto works just as smoothly as the inductive loading. The navigation via Google Maps is displayed in a legible transverse format and works as simple as on the cell phone.The operation of your own navigation system of the 500E is somewhat more hookier. For this it scores with a reasonable route guidance and solid charging planning. With a low battery stand, the 500e charging stops along the way offers, but also leaves the onward journey.However, the voice control of the 500e is much worse than on Google and Apple. The Fiat usually didn’t understand the voice commands of the Efahrer test drivers or only wrong.

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Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-range

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Also takes some getting used to: the driving speed switches are at the front and the clay controller in the center console. The lack of steering wheel heating and the poor seat heating are particularly annoying with an electric car with a close range. It is weak, only to be cumbersome via the display and will go out on its own after a short time. Instead of protecting the battery through the more efficient seating and steering wheel heating, frozen electric 500 drivers are tempted so quickly to start the power-hungry warm air blower.

Space comfort and trunk

When it comes to driving assistance, the 500 is comprehensively equipped for a small car. The distance of the distance and the lane departure assistant work well in everyday life, even if the electrical elements sometimes intervene somewhat to intervene. The traffic sign recognition with optional speed processing works very well and is easy to use in practice.

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Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-price

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Two adults have a comfortable space in 500e. Compared to the predecessor with an incinerator, you sit a bit increased. There is very little space for adults, for not too large children, the space is fine. In an emergency, normal -sized adults can also squeeze into the stock for an uncomfortable short distance.The trunk is also quite small with 185 liters, but sufficiently dimensioned for everyday single and couple life. For larger shopping you have to fold the rear seats. Then 550 liters of well -usable storage space becomes free.

Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-price

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Driving dynamics and range

The Fiat 500e has 118 hp. Despite his overweight of around one and a half tons, he is well motorized and agile enough. In the city and in the surrounding area, the electric cinquecento can be moved sparklingly thanks to the deep focal point and hangs its mostly slim combustionists in terms of sport and comfort easily. The 500e drives from a standing start to 100 km / h in smooth nine seconds. For this, speed 80 is reached after a good three seconds.The somewhat spongy steering and an overzealous traction control hide but sporty ambitions. When starting and accelerating out of the curve, the electronics mercilessly regulate the performance and hardly allows slip. The electrical competition Mini Cooper SE and Honda e can make driving pleasure better. From the 100 km / h, the 500 runs out the breath. At 150 km/h on the speedometer, the 500e regulates electronically. How far do I get with an electric car? Many who want to buy or lease are asking themselves this question. The site range computer shows how far you can drive with an electric car, hybrid or plug-in hybrid purely electrically.To the range computer!

Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-price
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Fiat 500e in the test: This is good for the retro classic electrical heir

The highway is not the area of the 500e anyway. At the speed of the motorway 130 km/h, wind and rolling noises can be heard clearly in the interior, the ventilation slots pull cold wind and the range falls far below the standard specification. Fiat for the Cinquecento with a large 42 kWh battery promises a whopping 320 km range. On the highway, 500e with full battery comes about 130 kilometers, such as a test drive with GPS-calibrated cruise control at 130 km/h and outside temperatures around the freezing point.In everyday life, however, the 500e comes much closer to the factory information: Depending on the driving profile, a good 200 to 250 kilometers with a battery load are included. If you drive exclusively in the city, you can also crack the standard specification with a slight gas foot. Compared to direct competitors such as the Honda E or electric mini, the consumption of the 500e is absolutely fine. However, if you measure it on the best class VW e-up! Or efficiency kings such as the Tesla Model 3 or Hyundai Ioniq, it becomes clear that Fiat still has to catch up with electrical efficiency.

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Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-dynamics

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However, the driver has the greatest influence on power consumption. The Fiat 500E provides the driver three sensibly staggered driving modes: normal, range and Sherpa.

  • Normal: In normal mode, the Fiat 500E can call up its full performance and the maximum torque. The 500e sails when you go off the gas and only recuperate when you step on the brake.
  • Range: Range mode only enables driving via accelerator pedal. When the driver goes off the gas, the electric motor brakes and feeds energy back into the battery.
  • Sherpa: The eco-mode of the 500e is called Sherpa and reduces the performance and top speed to 80 km/h. This should enable particularly large ranges.

Load: The Fiat 500e loads so quickly

Like almost every modern electric car, the 500e can be loaded in different ways. On the domestic socket, with type 2 cable on an alternating current wall box or on the DC fast-speed loader how to find it on the highway.The 500e DC for a small car loads quickly. The small fiat sucks up to 85 kW from a compatible quick loader. The 500e invites an empty battery to 80 percent in just under half an hour. This means that the 500e is not only faster than its competitors of Honda and Mini, but also qualifies for the occasional long distance.The 500e but older car must be beaten on the wall box. AC from the Wallbox or public charging station he only accepts 11 kW and invites you from zero to a hundred percent in around four hours. Older electrical cars such as the Renault Zoe or the electro -smart scoop out the full 22 kW that are possible on the alternating current charging station – a very useful feature for occasional loaders without your own charging station that is missing from the 500e.How long load electric cars? This question is probably everyone who purchased their first electric car. The site charging time calculator shows how long your electric car or plug-in hybrid takes to load.To the charging time calculator!

Prices and conclusion

A complete charge from zero to 100 percent takes around 18 hours on the domestic socket. But if you only drive a 50 kilometer every day, you can easily load the 500 on the socket at night.The price range of the Fiat 500E is large. The cheapest version with a smaller battery and Spartan equipment is available for a good 23.000 euros, for the largest, best -equipped model you have to be around 37 according to the list.Discard 000 euros. Of course, 9000 euros in environmental bonus can be deducted from these prices, but the 500E is still expensive for a small car with a limited radius of action. A VW e-up! offers more range for far less money. VW ID.3, ID.4 and BMW i3 cost only a little more money, but drive one or the other class above the Fiat 500.With this pricing, the Fiat 500e loses its democratic claim. Apart from that, Fiat was very successful to translate the concept of a chic city car into the electrical era. If you are looking for an everyday car for the city and the surrounding area and look more at the style and less on the money, you get a brilliant small car with the 500e.This article was written by Moritz Diethelm

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Fiat 500e: price, range, driving dynamics - clickdown-range

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  1. Nice car
    But a pure city car, an impractical also and for this price in "Fiat quality" … an impudence. You could buy 11 Wuling Hongguang from China, which is really a pure city car and much more practical. Or you drive a taxi for 10 years.

  2. Another one "BEV waste"-Carre more, the world..
    "Not need". I already get one for € 23k "Top-use combustion engines" With "reliable range" of 650-700km and "Quick loading", pardon, "-Refueling" In 5-8 minutes. "Price and performance" stand here "in no ratio" And it would be this "Tax money -banned S.G. Environmental bonus" Did not give, this e-cart "become a shop keeper". At best as a family second car-"Shopping and kids taxi", "Nursing and pizza messenger"-Vehicle with "tightly limited bicycle" Maybe it would be one "Nic" can fill, otherwise it is in "Normal everyday driving life" for "the big" the driver defacto not to be used. "Too bad about money, material and resources", The one for this next outgrowth of the "BEV special waste building" in this "were senselessly sunk"…

  3. Well, Mr. Haas, "due to the lack of valid arguments"
    Now only beat blindly, "With levelless insults" verbally around ? Just like Mr. Sochgen, they have my arguments except "StarensinG BEV-ideological salads", above all "engineering" Defacto nothing to oppose the content of plausible. Other commentators basically express the same thing as I do. Who is now "Ghost driver" ??

  4. Sorry….
    …But who seriously thinks about buying such a small car for so much money. In addition a Fiat….Even if the quality has gotten better compared to the 80s (I can still remember that you are in the "Unox" Press holes in the rusty bonnet with his finger)….You don’t buy that…At most as a life style product.

  5. The right car from the dimensions
    Technically and qualitatively a drama (is a fiat). It’s a shame, because Fiat would have had something great in the street. As part of a test drive, I wanted to get out of my exit, slightly climb, backwards, backwards. Error in the drive system, nothing worked anymore. Incorrect cathedral bearings, rust on the drive shafts (is normally said), errors in electronics, missing steering wheel heating, too high consumption or. Low range in cold. From the outside, a beautiful compact vehicle, unfortunately in Fiat quality, looks at a high price, so nothing for me. So I wait for someone else to offer something similar with quality and drive further burners.

  6. Oh well
    Another disposable car more. If the battery is exhausted, you can throw the whole cart into the scrap press, it is no longer worth it.

  7. @ Mr. Sochgen
    Only 87% fell ? Logo, 10 years ago the parts were still assembled from notebooks batteries. The current prices will not increase, but rather increase. However, this requires global thinking and raw material prices. To have an eye on. Copper also rises from day to day, neodyms extremely and you are looking for solutions.

  8. Ideal for the city
    Such a car is ideal for country town commuters. There are no parking problems with the dimensions, which still fits easily into the parking lots in the parking garage. Unfortunately, the price as well as with Honda or Mini is excessive. For 10.000 euros less, it would certainly be an option for many. However, the car remains a niche product, like the aforementioned competitors.

  9. You can also express it easier
    Overpriced electronic waste: too small even for the city, too small reach, too long loading times. no thanks.

  10. Something like that is only worth it
    With the state grants. The price price is too far offset. The old 500 was so small to be attractive for everyone in terms of price. These prices for the Elektro-500 are very far away from it.

  11. 130 km on the highway
    And that with 42kWh battery … That does a good 30 kWh at 100km .. This can also be a modern Golf diesel – without having to freeze and with ranges of 1000km.

  12. The 3L Golf?
    30 kWh for 100km with 130km/h? That would be a diesel consumption of about 3l. This is a fairy tale number far from any reality

  13. Surprising ?
    Try to take the cult status of the Fiat 500 with you. If you look at the mini in the Vregleich, it has also grown to twice. The buyer will decide whether such creations arrive. It would be nothing for me…..

  14. That should be a fiat?
    We are gait a wonderful world, you can only shake our heads what else comes to us. And the Greens should not think that if they deviate from their program that they get more voters, that would be miserably whom the voters fall into it. Why is this oversized marble so expensive at all? That’s right, the economy makes this short swing to make money, tap the climate, which is so popular, is not in first place in the agenda.


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