Fiat Chrysler saves through CO2 Tesla Deal Alfa Romeo and Maserati

Fiat Chrysler saves through CO2 Tesla Deal Alfa Romeo and Maserati-saves

Already in May 2019, it became known that Fiat Chrysler will pay about 1.8 billion euros in Tesla to achieve the CO2 goals and avoid high fines in the US and Europe. Tesla benefited from this Agreement for the first quarter 2020. Because the whole profit came by a payment in a three-digit million altitude, which probably came mostly from the American-Italian autoconzern Fiat Chrysler (FCA). Furthermore, the CO2 deal with Tesla contributed to the fact that the FCA brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati can continue to exist.

The British Portal AutoTrader gave to understand that the two brands largely bear their share of exceeding the CO2 boundaries in the FCA Group. May be because Alfa Romeo and especially Maserati rather sports vehicles come to the start. Small cars of Fiat – even the electrified variants are therefore not sufficient to significantly reduce the average consumption. Furthermore, it is so that the sporting FCA brands are currently getting their own electrification rather than accelerating.

A possibility, away from the CO2 deal with Tesla, would have been the models with the highest consumption from the market. This would have hit both Maserati, as well as Alfa Romeo. Therefore, it is possible to suggest it as a rescue of the two brands that Tesla contributes its part to reduce the CO2 fleet values of FCA. According to FCA, most of the agreed 1.8 billion euros will be compensated in this year, the rest until the end of 2022. At least one buy a little time to promote the electrification of their own brands themselves. With the Fiat Concept Centoventi as well as the prospect of a new Fiat 500e, corresponding considerations seem to be in the room.

Furthermore, the cooperation of FCA and Tesla could also deepen the area. It was not until November 2019 Mick Manley to understand CEO of Fiat Chrysler that Tesla could very well deliver batteries and powertrains for future Fiat-Chrysler electric cars. According to the CEO of Fiat Chrysler, in fact, there will be a large-scale electrification initiative in the future. Especially when the fusion is performed with the PSA group. For this, Fiat-Chrysler needs a valuable ally, which is best familiar with the electric vehicle technology. This ally will be Tesla, so the FCA CEO.

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5 thoughts on “Fiat Chrysler saves through CO2 Tesla Deal Alfa Romeo and Maserati”

  1. Electrification and Alfa / Maserati? Would be at best like a transition from Formula 1 to Formula E. But are more of two worlds on crash course. Alfa and Maserati have almost exclusively defined over their highlyced burners and appropriate Associazions for racing. You have to understand them as nostalgic showcases, with whom you go to veteran or tuning shows (ie hobby theses), but the meaning of every kind has been used for any kind. Alfa and Maserati, the Oldie Department of FCA. MMN can be died quietly, in ten years they are as significant as highly polished road steam locomotives, vintage cars, analogue film and photo cameras, gramophones or other museum pieces. Everything is in the river, already knew the ancient Greeks.

  2. So we bury automobile and especially motor construction in Europe. The electro-house will stop to stop unfortunately.

  3. Because Dieseloks are technically and economically superior to the steam locomotive. And electrolocities are only because they have no battery.
    Are today e-cars economically and technically market?
    If you do not come out of the industry, you should prefer to be silent.

  4. I mean those now belong to PSA. Presumably, the French saw their distribution networks in the States and in the East as a supplement. Other synergies are not to be identified.

  5. Matthias, cheaper in the maintenance ok. These are all short-term calculations. Wait until your “3 he” exceeds the Battteriegarantie. Who buy the then at which price? In the worst case, after a few years you have to pack a new battery yourself. Hardly for 15 t velvet conversion.


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