Fiat is until 2030 to the pure electric car brand

Fiat is until 2030 to the pure electric car brand-fiat

“Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will be gradually electrically. This will be a radical change for Fiat “, Fiat CEO Olivier François announced at a discussion on the eve of the World Environment Day 2021. However, François also reveals the general direction in which the brand should develop. According to Smart, Volvo, Jaguar as well as Mini, Fiat now beats the way to the pure electric car brand.

The aim is to bring through the falling battery costs “as fast as possible electro cars on the market, which no longer costs as such with internal combustion engine”. More concrete was François not. So far, Fiat has only two electro cars on offer: the Fiat 500 E and the e-ducato. In contrast, the brand still has five burner series, namely the conventional 500, the 500x and 500l as well as the panda and the Tipo.

The streamer (in German 120) called the streamer, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 as a concept car, is on the way to series production, such as FIATS brand chief Olivier Francois in a conversation, in March 2020, with AutoExpress. From the outside, the Centoventi actually looks like a futuristic further development of the panda. One of the most striking design elements include chunky wheel arches and a box-shaped overall impression. With this E vehicle, the brand would go another important step towards E-offensive.

The plans of the Fiat CEO sound comprehensible. These also pay for the future of Stellantis. Because Stellantis, the new autoogigant, created in a merger from the French PSA Group and the Italo-American manufacturer FCA, wants to become a world leader in a new era of sustainable mobility, which is the provision of mobility with unmistakable, Provided affordable and efficient transport solutions. At the latest on 08. July 2021 Do you know more. At the “Stellantis Electrification Day” there are more details on the development of the brand are to be announced.

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  1. One is missing:
    “After Smart, Volvo, Jaguar and Mini …”
    There is missing Opel!! The brand is yes (suitable for the flash logo) also oriented as a pure BEV brand!


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