Fifth conveyor call started charging infrastructure for electric cars

Fifth conveyor call started charging infrastructure for electric cars-fifth

Private investors, cities and municipalities can now return applications for funding for the construction of charging infrastructure for electric cars. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) promotes the construction of up to 7,000 normal and 3000 fast load points in its fifth funding call for the funding policy “Loading infrastructure for electric vehicles in Germany”. The applications can be up to 17.06.2020 be submitted via the Easy-Online Portal. Investments relating to hardware and network connection costs for normal and fast load points.

Also in the fifth capacity call, the web-based location tool is used, which can identify the supply gaps in the nationwide loading network. There, among other things, traffic and mobile data, user data of electric vehicles and socio-economic data flow. The areas with the charging points to be requested can be found on the following map: www.ZDM-EMOB.DE / map display / NLPUSLP5.HTML

In order to ensure fast and uncomplicated loading according to the needs of users, the federal-wide construction of DC fast charging stations is forced via the funding policy. In addition, the BMVI supports the expansion of AC normally charging stations, in the sense of the intermediate publisher, at locations where users can park longer. This funding call is therefore also supported and especially charging points on customer parking spaces. Therefore, this support call provides that promotion is also possible with uninterrupted public accessibility. The accessibility must be ensured at least 12 hours at least weekdays.

The sum of the stated efforts should ensure a nationwide and demand-based charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles in Germany. It should also be established the establishment of a dynamic market, which takes into account existing charging infrastructure and characterized by a functioning competition between providers of charging infrastructure throughout the federal territory.

The aim of the Federal Program Loading infrastructure is the construction of a nationwide charging infrastructure with nationwide 15.000 charging columns. For this, the BMVI will provide a total of 300 million euros by a total of 300 million euros. Private investors, cities and municipalities can provide funding applications. The promotion includes up to 50 percent of the eligible costs and in addition to the construction of the charging column also the mains connection and the assembly. Prerequisite for the promotion is, among other things, that the charging columns are publicly accessible and operated with electricity from renewable energies.

Further information about the Federal Program Loading infrastructure: WWW.Nov-GmbH.DE / DE / Federal Determining Loading Infrastructure / Footer Directive Foerderviews

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  1. Well then our discounters maybe still build a few quick loaders for free shop, as that was the case in large parts of Europe (without promotion, but also without a monotonous charging column ordinance of course still cheaper than in Germany with fifth capacity call). Considering that even in good times in Germany, only comparatively small oil companies have arisen, one can quite satisfy themselves in times of political and economic nonsense with small bread rolls. Nonetheless, the economic shutdown in Germany is still violent than feared (and Corona is currently only a small fire accelerator).


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